Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are you getting hungry?

It's almost time for the SOUP!   Tomorrow night at midnight those of us participating in the 3rd and final Bead Soup Blog Challenge of 2012 FINALLY get to reveal!  I can't wait - because I've been wanting to WEAR a few of my pieces - and although it probably wouldn't have been a problem- it would be just my luck to run into someone, or be in a situation where someone would photograph me wearing them - and then post it - resulting in an early reveal!  I couldn't take that chance!  All the waiting is almost done....
And speaking of waiting....I'm waiting to hear from THREE different people about THREE different aspects of my life - I'm waiting for people to get back to me regarding sponsorships of the holiday show.  It's so affordable - just $45 to put them on the back of the 1,000's of brochures AND on the website, as well as various print ads.  But for some reason they're hesitating.  Also waiting to hear from one more vendor who is in need of a home to sell his wares for the show.  He stopped by to check out my space yesterday (less than 5 minutes notice did not give me time to even do the dishes in the sink).  He said he would 'let me know'.  Yeah, while you're thinking about it, buddy - I've got a deadline to meet.  If the paperwork gets turned in without your description - I guess that's your fault and not mine. 
And last but not least - I'm WAITING to hear from the Capital Area District Library regarding whether or not I got the job I interviewed for yesterday.  It sounds like a fun job, and it's just 10 hours a week - something I can handle, not too overwhelming, still leaves time for the bookstore, and most importantly - for beading.  I hope to hear from ALL of them by Tuesday.  If not - checks and money are being delivered, and life is going on.  Period. Dot.  End of story.
And - if you have been a Facebook friend, and are prone to sharing photos and quote after quote after quote - I probably just unfriended you today. Out of the 10 or 20 and sometimes MORE that were being posted one right after the other - I agreed with, and felt I could LIKE only 1 or sometimes 2.  Give it a rest.   It's akin to spamming my email box with junk - and I hated it.  Sorry. 
So anyway - be sure to stop back again tomorrow night after midnight.  Soup will then be served....
Until then - I CAN reveal "Oasis".  Finally done.   Ready for selling.  $90.00.  I can list it on Etsy as reserved if you're me by email ASAP, because I also plan to reveal it at the Marketplace on Sunday....

Pretty cool, eh? 
Peaceful beading,


Jewelry By Jessica said...

The necklace turned out really pretty. I love the lizard charms :)


coolmoon said...

Thanks, Jessica! I am pretty pleased with it. It's not something I will ever wear myself though (for a change), so it's gonna be for sale SOMEWHERE. I haven't decided where yet.
Are you taking part in the BSBC?

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh my it's gorgeous!!!