Tuesday, June 30, 2015

And we wait

I am HORRIBLE at waiting.  Still no word from Steven at Beadsmith about ROUND 2 voting forms!
Gotta find something to do to stay busy - good thing there's lots to bead!  LOL.

I've just completed another new cuff (I can't STOP!) and have placed it in the jewelry listings section. There are a few other new pieces as well if you want to quick take a peek.

Hope the rain stays away from where you are today - unless of course - you need it.  You can have ours.  I much prefer sunshine - and so do my flowers!

Peaceful beading,

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sparks, Battles and Etsy, oh my

Just a few updates on what's what with ME!

The ETSY shop is now closed.  With summer show season upon me (and it's going SWELL! thanks), and the fact that NO ONE is shopping due to Etsy's disrespect of the indie handmade artists - I give up.  I have more important things to spend my time on.

Don't forget to visit the Battle of the Beadsmith Facebook page for updates and the NEXT ROUND of voting!  I MADE IT to Round 2!  Not sure I'll ever choose to compete in this thing again - because the waiting between rounds and voting and results is EXCRUCIATING!   AAAAAAH!

Steven says I can post the photos of my work that have been revealed so far:
This is a close up or the upper section of the focal of 'Petoskey Shores".  I can't wait til this thing is over and I can WEAR IT!  I hope to my art fair in Williamston - or maybe Grand Ledge.  Wish me luck with Round 3!

It's also almost time for the next issue of the E Mag Creative Spark.  I participated this time, so you'll find my 3 contributions, as well as what I'm sure will be great stuff from the rest of the girls too. Should have the new link up by mid July!

As I mentioned above - show season is off to a ROUSING success!   LOOK what I SOLD yesterday!

Fit like I made it just for her.   :)

And last but not least, a toot of my own horn, and a feather to add to my cap:   I've been nominated as the SECRETARY on the board of the Holt Holiday Craft Show!   This is an event that I was apprehensive about the first year, excited about the second year, exhausted but happy with for the 3rd year - and now I'm ALL IN for the 4th year in a row!    I hope to have access to the Facebook page so that I can keep everyone apprised of updates and build the excitement for this years show.  Stay tuned for more info!

Peaceful beading,

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Let's WIN this thing!

The Battle of the Beadsmith is in progress!   Here's the direct link to MY group's voting form -

Round 1 Group D open to 6-21
and also:
Round 1 Group C open to 6-23 Tue
You MUST vote in ALL the groups as they arrive on site for your vote to be counted, so be sure to visit Battle of the Beadsmith's Facebook page to keep up with all of them.  I think he'll be posting Group B voting form link today.

And here's a peak at what I'm working with for the next issue of Creative Spark for ZNET Shows:

They sent me TWO bags of yummy sea glass beads - and I've incorporated many of them into my SUMMER DRINK theme pieces.

I've ALSO created a piece that won't appear in the magazine - but ONLY HERE ON THE BLOG!  And I'll be giving it away too!   Trying to come up with some clever trivia or something for ya'll to guess.  So STAY TUNED.  Should be revealing ALL - ZNET, Battle piece, and maybe MORE - by mid - July!

I've got a pretty good inventory of bracelets at the moment - but I'm confident that it will change as the shows progress - so off to prepare more Enlightened Denim for the upcoming shows - next one is Sunday, June 28th!  
Just a few of the many Enlightened Denim pieces available.

Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Battle Begun

Just a quick blog today between deadlines and guidelines - the Battle of the Beadsmith 15 pairings for my group have been posted.  The voting form is still to come.  If you'd like to see my piece - and the piece I'm competing against - go the Steven Weiss' Battle of the Beadsmith Facebook page.  CLICK HERE.
While I'm confident that I'll make it to the NEXT round - I've seen other pairings - and other pieces - and let me tell ya - the competition is FIERCE.  If you click around a bit (I think you can even if you not a member?) you'll see all sorts of beautiful pieces.  My guess for winner over ALL this year -


I'm also nearing the end of the 6 week Shiawassee Art Gallery show that included my "Spirit Dreams" piece.  I go pick her up on Sunday, so she'll be available for sale at my next BIG art show in July....

Back to the beads, girls.  And enjoying a RARE rainless perfect afternoon here in Michigan.

Peaceful beading,  TTFN

And P.S.  Be watching for my blog for the next ZNET Shows design challenge for the Creative Spark E mag.  Glad I've got a few more weeks to play with my choices - not turning out as I envisioned and may hack them up and start from scratch..... Toodles!

Monday, June 1, 2015


As in -  simply the fact that there will be NO further Fire Mountain competition.

Wasn't so lucky this year.  Not sure what her next step will be - probably as a big statement show piece at my summer art fairs.  I'm also renaming it 'Western Skies'.

As in: LOTS OF COMPETITION.   Battle of Beadsmith - the FIRST of the reveals and voting (and I'm in the last group of 4) - begins next week. I've seen many sneak peaks of what people are working on - yowza.  Lots of beautiful beadwork coming to a voting site near you (I'll be sure to post a link).   Here's the sneak peak of my piece - and what I hope will be a favorite among the voters.  

As in ON-GOING competition:   I've still got a few weeks left of the Shiawassee Art Gallery Juried Competition to go before I find out whether I've won, and/or whether I've SOLD Spirit Dreams.

And as in a challenge rather than a competition - the upcoming issue of Creative Spark is in the works.  I've got some cool summery sea glass heading my way - and plan in mind for a fun piece - or two.  I bet this is going to be a great issue!  Stay tuned for the link and details!

And last but not least - AS IN I've also got several summer art fairs and shows coming up that will have me competing for sales with MANY, MANY other awesome vendors.  I've got so many denim pieces made.   Are you ready to be "Enlightened"?   Hope to see you at one or two shows!

So what have YOU got to compete with this summer?

Peaceful beading,