Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Battle Begun

Just a quick blog today between deadlines and guidelines - the Battle of the Beadsmith 15 pairings for my group have been posted.  The voting form is still to come.  If you'd like to see my piece - and the piece I'm competing against - go the Steven Weiss' Battle of the Beadsmith Facebook page.  CLICK HERE.
While I'm confident that I'll make it to the NEXT round - I've seen other pairings - and other pieces - and let me tell ya - the competition is FIERCE.  If you click around a bit (I think you can even if you not a member?) you'll see all sorts of beautiful pieces.  My guess for winner over ALL this year -


I'm also nearing the end of the 6 week Shiawassee Art Gallery show that included my "Spirit Dreams" piece.  I go pick her up on Sunday, so she'll be available for sale at my next BIG art show in July....

Back to the beads, girls.  And enjoying a RARE rainless perfect afternoon here in Michigan.

Peaceful beading,  TTFN

And P.S.  Be watching for my blog for the next ZNET Shows design challenge for the Creative Spark E mag.  Glad I've got a few more weeks to play with my choices - not turning out as I envisioned and may hack them up and start from scratch..... Toodles!

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