Monday, June 1, 2015


As in -  simply the fact that there will be NO further Fire Mountain competition.

Wasn't so lucky this year.  Not sure what her next step will be - probably as a big statement show piece at my summer art fairs.  I'm also renaming it 'Western Skies'.

As in: LOTS OF COMPETITION.   Battle of Beadsmith - the FIRST of the reveals and voting (and I'm in the last group of 4) - begins next week. I've seen many sneak peaks of what people are working on - yowza.  Lots of beautiful beadwork coming to a voting site near you (I'll be sure to post a link).   Here's the sneak peak of my piece - and what I hope will be a favorite among the voters.  

As in ON-GOING competition:   I've still got a few weeks left of the Shiawassee Art Gallery Juried Competition to go before I find out whether I've won, and/or whether I've SOLD Spirit Dreams.

And as in a challenge rather than a competition - the upcoming issue of Creative Spark is in the works.  I've got some cool summery sea glass heading my way - and plan in mind for a fun piece - or two.  I bet this is going to be a great issue!  Stay tuned for the link and details!

And last but not least - AS IN I've also got several summer art fairs and shows coming up that will have me competing for sales with MANY, MANY other awesome vendors.  I've got so many denim pieces made.   Are you ready to be "Enlightened"?   Hope to see you at one or two shows!

So what have YOU got to compete with this summer?

Peaceful beading,


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