Thursday, May 28, 2015

No Words

Well, ok  - maybe just TWO.


To my faithful friends for always being there to listen, love and help me manifest my dreams.

To my THURSDAY girls - for always being there to listen, love and help me through the fears ABOUT manifesting my dreams.

To the UNIVERSE.   For making the dream manifest as more real every. DAY.

Today was another 'giving' day - and it's still hard for me to wrap my head - and heart - around the kindness that so many offer me.  I was brought up to BE a giving person, but that TAKING was not something done without monetary or other compensation.  It's been hard for me to TAKE without guilt.

Last summer was a biggie for me - all those beautiful beads from so many wonderful sources.

 I took with love and 'paid it forward' to a fellow bead person - knowing that the person that had owned them (if you recall she was a bead lover/hoarder that passed away) would have liked that.  I'm STILL finding beautiful AWESOME surprises like vintage charlottes and antique beads in the bottom of those boxes.....

Unbelieveable awesomeness from my summer of 2014.

And now it's happening again. In the form of a dinner invitation from a friend soon to be permanently moving out of state.  In the form of MOM allowing me to use her car until the end of the day so that I can manifest all this greatness in all it's many shapes and sizes.   In the form of an entire box of like new/brand new display items that are perfect for my denim pieces.  I couldn't just take them - so I gave her a denim ring as a 'swap'.  And she can advertise for me.  Win/Win/Win.   And then I did repairs for someone on something I made her that was clearly a design flaw on my part.  She INSISTED on paying me for the repairs - WAY more than I was planning to charge her.  So we came to the decision that I'd make her a few more in return.  Win/Win again.     So much love and caring in my life already today-but I felt that the reciprocation on my part of the ring and the items to come was necessary for MY piece of mind.

Now - before I reveal the BEST part of the day - a little back story on "The Thursday Girls".  These girls are all a part of my metaphysical/new age family.  Our illustrious leader was the owner of the bookstore that I started working in as a retail clerk - she took a chance on me even though I had had NO retail experience.  I went on to be manager and newsletter editor for a second store owner as well, and also worked in a second store, where I also sold my wares for awhile.  I've learned so much from them, and from a few of the other girls in the group that have been with me from the start - each with their own unique gifts and insights - I cherish each one.  I've been introduced to new people through these girls too - and we've managed to maintain most of the original members - as well as a few new ones - for going on about 5 years now.  We are each others shoulders, rocks, sounding boards, and support systems.  We do abundance and prosperity manifestation, meditation, and try to keep the positive vibes flowing by reading affirmation cards each week.

So imagine my surprise today when mine was all about "facing your fears".  Exactly those fears and the dread that I've been bashing myself with over my summer sales this year; panicking that I'll sell nothing.  Freaking out that the weather will be nasty.    

It was and it wasn't something that I wanted to share - even though I knew that's what those girls DO.

And of course - never letting me down - they all provided me - each with their own take - on WHY (see MONDAY'S blog post) and how to snap myself out of what was surely self sabotage.  AGAIN.

The surprise was one of those beautiful souls - one that has had faith, hope and love for me from the start - has graciously made a "down payment" of a substantial amount on what she knows will be an awesome piece  - she'll know it when she sees it.  

Blow. Me. Away.   I tried to return it.  I tried to make her hold on to it until she actually SAW the piece she's going to want.  But no.  She insisted that it needs to help me get started on my summer sales - in however way I need to make it so.

WOW.   She will definitely be on my mind as I continue to create - one awesome LIZ statement necklace comin' up!

So much love in my life.  Remind of that the next time I get cranky and whiny,  OK?   :)

Peaceful beading,

And P.S.  JUST as I'm closing this blog - I've also got an ETSY sale coming in!  CHA-CHING!  That's the sound my phone actually made when it did!

Awesomeness from The Universe.  It really is that easy.....


lamplight crafts said...

You are welcome. You do wonderful work with beads. I just dabble mostly--still trying to find my thing. You are so blessed because you found your thing and true friends.

coolmoon said...

Thanks Renetha - I still keep those beads you sent me in a separate box so that I remember when I look through them and USE THEM REGULARLY that they are special and that I am thankful.
I think we each bead for different reasons - and it comes from different parts of us. Sometimes I don't even know where my beads will flow or WHY - they just do. It's an "inner" thing.
Hope you're participating in the next ZNet challenge. I definitely am this time (sat out the last TWO!) Can't wait.
Thanks Renetha. Have a great weekend!