Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Still alive and beadin'!

Haven't had much time for blogging lately.  And it's not that I've been super busy-
well, maybe just a little.  

It's more like my brain is running in beady overdrive!   I have sooooo many ideas pouring out of my head and through my fingers.  This one happened just yesterday, while I was 'playing with possibilities':

And this happened this week too:

(the focal tile was made by my wonderful polymer clay friend Claudia of Clawdia's Creations)

As well as having a fun First Thursday Play Date last Thursday, despite the fact that some lowlife decided to key some cars that apparently were blocking their path.  :(  

  (This is Claudia!)
And Dodie, and Middy (BOTH were first time meet in real life Facebook friends!)  And Jane, the queen of all things theatrical and the organizer of many a successful art show....

Everyone was so focused on their projects!   And on their plates - there was a whole spread full of munchie goodness in the kitchen!   NOM.  NOM.

Another exciting development - I HAVE STUDENTS for my HCE Spiral Rope Bracelet class!
I've offered classes similar to this one 2 other semesters now - with NO results.  3rd time's the charm.  And I'm hoping that these 2 hopefully NEW and excited beaders will also sign up for next weeks EMBELLISHED Spiral Rope Bracelet.  Now I just have to finish those kits and tutorial!

But I think my MOST exciting 'busy thing' this week was my Sunday trip back to Owosso for the Member Show reception.  Wow.  I didn't realize it would be such a shindig!  What a turnout - and fun afternoon.  Here's what my piece looks like on display in the show room:

Cool huh?   There are sooooo many other fabulous pieces of art that have been entered in this show, that I'm sure I don't have a chance of winning the award - but the gallery manager tells me that there WAS an inquiry as to purchasing this piece (YAY!) AND - I have sold so many things from the shop, that I need to bring them more.


This is once again, for the most part - turning into another year of Sheryl!  LOL!

Peaceful beading,

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