Monday, May 25, 2015

tiny buddhas and tranquility dudes to the rescue!

For those of you who don't like listening to the ME stuff, the stuff about the not so happy days, and the 'whining'  - STOP right here.   You won't like this post.

But if you are one of the tried and true following friends that will read and see me through, and may even have some comment words of encouragement and comfort then here we go...

It's been a 'why me' kind of weekend.  And forgive the "astrolog-ese" when I say I would like to blame Mercury Retrograde for everything.  LOL.    But it seems as though this is the week, weekend, and TIME for all things electronic in this house to hit the fritz.  Fzzzzt.  First  -  this laptop is on it's last legs.  Internal battery not worth a plug nickel - and it overheats during ANY video.  Ack.
Then my phone.  Don't get me started on my phone, and I still have a year left on the contact.  Even my little used Nook was giving me trouble this morning.  How will I survive???  

 I'm also all of a sudden in a beadwork sort of FUNK - finding little to inspire and motivate me after discovering another artist (although not in my immediate area) working with DENIM.  I had planned to make a trip to her neck of the woods - hit the art galleries, a street fair maybe - but she's going to have the jump on me.  So it depressed me a little to realize (as I should have all along) that what I do is not unique. (Just put Denim Jewelry in the search on Pinterest.  Ack).    Even though I will swear on both my dogs lives that I DID NOT copy anyone when I began creating these pieces - I must have seen something somewhere to put the thought - the idea - in my head.  And I ran with it.  Pretty successfully so far.  So I guess that's SOMETHING....

So as I'm having one of those feeling sorry for myself kind of mornings --- I find this in my Facebook pages feed this morning.... a wonderful quote from Neal Donald Walsch posted by the Tranquility Dudes.

"Why is this happening?" is the most useless
question in the Universe.
The only really profitable question is, "What?" As in,
"What do I choose now?" This question empowers.
The "why" question simply perplexes, and rarely
satisfies even when it gets a good answer.
So don't try to "figure it out." Stop it. Just focus on
what you now wish to create. Keep moving forward.
There's nothing behind you that can possibly serve
you better than your highest thoughts about tomorrow.
You will not have to think but a second to know
exactly why you received this message today. - Neale Donald Walsch

 I love the Tranquility Dudes.  I need to remember to go read stuff the Tranquility Dudes post more often.  As well as Tiny Buddha.  BOTH of those pages always have pertinent posts that just happen to come to me at the right time.

I am hoping that my plan to get out all my trays of jewelry and inventory for the looming summer shows will jump start me into creating wonderful again.  Only about 20 days before the first show to kick off the season.  I have a new 10x10 canopy, new weights that are more streamlined and easier to handle, and a new way to display many of my pieces - HANGING racks!

The metal grid rack in the back has a twin - and BOTH should hang beautifully from the bottom rungs of the 10x10 frame.  This will free up much table space and help lighten things up a bit!  Kind of excited to see how well they work....And the bonus is - I can test it early.  We have my old 10x10 permanently affixed to our deck now - so I can play all day!

 I HAVE done a few things this week - in between cooking for my STAY-CATION husband (who's having a grand time, by the way).  He goes back to work tomorrow.  So more bead time for ME!

(Sunset Blues.  The center section is a teaser for my Fire Mountain seed bead contest entry - something that didn't make it into the piece).

The focal piece is another lovely polymer clay creation by my artist friend and fellow art fair vendor - Claudia of Clawdia's Creations.  She has a unique style - and a cat theme that's quite popular 'round here... can't wait to see what she comes up with next.   I'm having fun playing with the pieces that can be incorporated into beadwork!  This is a tribute to her of sorts - "The Cat's Meow"...

ah.  Now I'm feeling just a bit better from 'venting' through this blog - so I'm sure this funky thing with pass - they come around every once in awhile, and thankfully, with a little help from my friends - they pass quickly and are followed by massive bouts of YAY-ness.  So something to look forward to.....

Thanks to all of you for sticking with Cool Moon and the Babbling Beader.  We truly do LOVE YOU!   MWWWWWWWWWAAAAAA!

Peaceful beading,


Robbie said...

Well, the upstart is your 'setting' up sound like it will work just great!!! So that's a the provider...remember squeaky wheel gets the oil...I had same problem with my HP battery...I couldn't sit it on my lap because it would heat up so hot!!! We did get a replacement battery, which was cheaper than a new laptop...but some specials are on for laptops. All will work out and your work is lovely!

coolmoon said...

Thanks Robbie. I'm getting ready to go delve into my inventory and show displays for the afternoon. I think I may have figured out the phone issue - it may have something to do with our wimpy home WIFI. And the laptop? Hoping for a good first show in a few weeks so we can fix or replace that too.
I'm feeling much better today - and very MUCH appreciate that you took the time to comment.
Cool Moon