Wednesday, July 27, 2016


As you may have already guessed from the date of my last post - there hasn't been much to blog about in Cool Moon land.   No-show shows, rained out shows, a bit of brain freeze in the idea department.

So no news is no news for the blog.  Gonna give it a rest for a bit.  Hope I can come back after what I HOPE will be a good rest of the show season (Saturday in Williamston looks to be perfect - low 80's sun, and low humidity), maybe with another new look, and a lot more to say.

I DO have a fun up north trip planned with a friend (hubby couldn't get time off - and that's not gonna stop me!)  so maybe I'll throw in a fun follow up to that.

I'll understand if you give up on me.  I'll be grateful if you stop back once in awhile to see if I'm still here.   I DO link my postings to Facebook, so if you're a friend, it'll give you the heads up.

Now off to finish pricing those garage sale items!  PRAY FOR NO RAIN.

Peaceful beading,
TTFN but not forever....