Monday, July 28, 2014

Whirlwind weekend!

WOW!   I think I need a T-Shirt that says "I survived my two-show weekend".  What a rush!  And a profitable one too!
I am not sure why, after all these years - I still worry, fret and OBSESS about these shows before they come up.  Especially the ones I've never done before.  Something about the unknown, I guess...
Saturday's Williamston ArtFest on the River was simply amazing from start to finish.  The rain that the weather dudes had been threatening stayed away, the temps were perfect with no humidity.  Hubby was the perfect set up helper (more info about set up later in the blog), my LOCATION was divine, and my sales -Well. Cha. CHING!  I did better at this art fair than I have at any other show ever before - EVEN those here at my house!  A few people had told me before I signed up that this particular area of mid-Michigan would 'appreciate' my work.  And boy, did they!  Some very BIG art pieces went bye bye this weekend - like Daydream Believer - I'll miss this one - but the woman that bought it was delighted and excited to own it:

A few other big pieces went too - Fairy Path was one that included some beautiful art glass from our Bead Soup Challenge goddess Lori McDaniel Anderson
The set - the earrings and necklace - were purchased as a gift by a woman for her future daughter in law.  

I also sold MUCH MUCH MUCH Enlightened Denim, and am going to be working my fingers to the BONE to make more before this coming Saturdays show.  The sales were absolutely wonderful all day long, as well as the compliments - I WORE "Mariposa" - talk about a conversation starter!  
BUT - one of the best parts of the day (cuz I still have to admit the HUGE money was the best) - I actually won a "Fine Art" award from the organizers!

I was floored and flattered.  And honored.  :)

It really was a beautiful day.  Despite the earlier worries.  One of the unknowns that always keeps me obsessing and awake at night is SET UP for these shows.  I even went so far as to set up my tables in my living room for a few days, and decide how I wanted them set up.  BUT - that can all go out the window when you learn where you are located among the other vendors.  In Saturday's case - a very HIGH traffic, gorgeous CORNER.  Which meant people coming from two directions.  So out the window goes the table plan, so that I can arrange things to be seen from two sides.  I think it worked out quite well, with the tent sides of the vendor next door forming a nice backdrop for one of my tables:

This tent display set up is one of my favorites yet, and I'm hoping to remember how I did it for the show next weekend.  And again - because I have NO IDEA where I'll be among the other vendors - I may or may not need to employ my 'corner view' display skills...  

All in all it was a wonderful day, with no drama, issues, rain or rants.  I wasn't even exhausted afterward - which made doing Sunday's 4th Sunday Market a breeze!  Literally!  It was a little windy near the end of the day, but again - the rain held off for us until we were safe back home.   Sales started slow for me, but picked up at the end of the day, with another big art piece finding it's way to a new home:

"Sunrise Song" was a piece inspired by a beautiful rural sunrise photo taken by a family member back in the spring.
My table display for yesterdays' market was also one of my best yet.  That corner shelf unit has been one of my BEST display purchases in a long time.  I am still using my signature purple, but have toned it down with the teals and beige.  I get many compliments on these colors.

I enjoy using my animal print displays though too - so I may swap in a few of those for fall.

An excellent weekend.  I'll have a pretty busy week making up some new items before Saturday.  Then I'll get a two week rest before I get to do it all AGAIN!
It will still be
Peaceful beading.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sizzling summer!

So far, half way into summer (ALREADY!) The temps haven't been sizzling - at least not until today - but boy, has my show schedule!  AND my sales!  WHAHOOO!
I am really nervous and excited about the Williamston ArtFest on the River on Saturday. 

 Not only is it a prestigious area show, but I found out today that people get to VOTE on their favorite booths!  I don't think any of my local peeps will be attending, everyone is just so darn busy - so I probably won't get many.  But if you're local.  And you're planning to stop by - VOTE FOR ME!   I will have LOTS of the Enlightened Denim pieces, as well as many of the really arty pieces that I don't take just everywhere.  The denim pieces are really popular with my local friends though - seems like every time I post a photo of a new piece on FB, it's GONE!   Not a bad problem to have - I KNOW!  :)

Here are just a few of the latest pieces I've done.  I've also completed a couple of custom ones - those are really fun too - working in just the right special parts and beads to suit the person that it's made for.  So far I think I'm doing them justice.  The hardest part is getting the right fit.  As with all bracelets and wrists - you just never know.  That's why I think the charm ones will be fun - still denim.  No fit.  No worries!  And those - well, those kinda happened by accident.  I wanted to do a simple single size bracelet,  not a wrap - and miscalculated the length.  So I cut off one end, which already had the ring and clip on it, as well as some bling.  And well - you see the result of the rest.... I've made a few more, just to see how they do.  ONE of those didn't even make it to a show.  You guessed it!  Snatched up by a friend!  LOVE YOU GUYS!

So much fun creating these!  I hope I sell MANY - cuz that means I get to make MORE!  And this morning I found an entire box full of HALLOWEEN THEME beads and charms - so hmmm.  Maybe some spooky Enlightened Denim?  BOO!  LOL!
Hope your summer has been happy and fun.  We've not had much of a chance to travel - having two dogs to find care for is expensive just in itself - but hope to do a day trip SOMEWHERE soon.  Michigan is so beautiful - all year round.

 THANK YOU for putting up with - and reading ALL - of my babbling "ME" blog.   I appreciate it - whether you choose to leave a comment or not.  Google makes that difficult sometimes - tell me.  I KNOW.    Just glad you came....

Peaceful beading,

Saturday, July 5, 2014

ZNet Reveal part TWO

 if you're just reaching this blog to HOP - the post JUST BELOW this is the REVEAL post.
I couldn't wait to blog again about all the other great challenge participants pieces!
I just finished 'hopping' through ALL of the blogs of the other designers.  A.MAZ.ING.  If I didn't comment on your blog - it's cuz Wordpress hates me, or some other wonky reason.  Otherwise, I expressed my awe at every one!  

I noticed that MOST of the other girls also included photos of the pieces that were in the Creative Spark EMag.  So just in case you don't want to - or couldn't access it for some reason - here are the pieces that were included in the current issue of Creative Spark:

These are my 'Daytime Casual' pieces - more of my "Enlightened Denim" line that I'm addicted to creating!  Another wrap bracelet - I used elements of copper and leaves as well - because Michigan beaches include those elements, along with waves, wind and beautiful shores.  The earrings?  BELT LOOPS!   SO fun!  I'm scouring garage sales and RAIDING CLOSETS for just the right denim to play with for these.  FUN!

I wish I would have noticed how bad this photo was - I may have to do something a little better and repost later, because these are so much prettier in person.  These are my 'nighttime dressy' pieces - "White Sand Beaches" - a bridal set - this is the WEDDING portion of the necklace.  A little more subdued, sedate, and a bit vintage, but still that pop of sparkle - sunset style.  If you remember from the reveal post, this bottom portion is removable at the s hook/links - so the sparkle can be added for the after party!    And by the way - those purple barrels were my faves - and I will be ordering MORE from ZNETSHOWS to use again and again!
So there you have it.
My ZNetShows summer design challenge.
Can't wait for the next one!  I'm DEFINITELY IN!  
Peaceful beading,


Helllllo ZNetShows Summer Sea Glass Challenge Reveal!   WHEW!   That’s a mouthful! 
This challenge was a really different one for me.  I have only done just one other ZNet challenge in the past, and it featured more crystal than sea glass – girl gotta love the sparkle!   But this one – this one is ALL about the sea glass, something I haven’t really worked with that much in the past. ZNetShows has a huge and beautiful assortment of seaglass – all sorts of shapes and sizes.   When we were contacted a few months back about doing another challenge, we were asked to create a daytime casual SET, and also a nighttime DRESSY set – SOME of which would appear in the magazine, and some which we would reveal in a really fun blog hop - and that’s why you’re here!  We did get to have a little bit of say in what colors we received – but once again – ZnetShows far outweighed my expectations with the assortment that they sent!  
So without further ado – since I’m sure you would like me to stop teasing and get on with it, HERE is the link to the newest issue of Creative Spark for ZNet Shows:

You’ll find each artists best challenge pieces featured in this beautiful publication, and some extra bonus fun things too.    ALONG WITH those pieces – there were other pieces created as well – and those are being revealed here on the blog.  First – here’s a second daytime casual piece – this was actually the very FIRST thing I created – and I got a little carried away with the seaglass!  I love it though – very casual (you can’t be much more casual than denim!), and very ‘beachy’.   This is “Wave Length” – a trendy multiple wrap bracelet using the most fun thing I’ve ever used in jewelry making yet – upcycled denim!

 “Enlightened Denim© - denim made better! – is a fun concept I came up with in hopes of participating in an art fair later this year that is solely devoted to artists who use recycled/upcycled/reusable materials in their artwork.  Still don’t have the details of that event yet – but I’m not waiting!   These are turning out very cool – and selling like hotcakes!    The Creative Spark feature contains yet another Enlightened Denim© Bracelet, as well as earrings to match – made from denim BELT LOOPS!  FUN!

The second part of our challenge was a nighttime dressy set – for which I chose the theme of a sunset beach wedding, followed by a dance party reception full of sparkle!   The necklace portion of the piece is perfect for just such an occasion – the portion revealed in Creative Spark can be changed  - the bottom portion of the necklace is removed from the S shaped hooks along the side, and is replaced with big time night time sparkle!    How cool is that!??
HERE is the big sparkly  blog reveal portion of “White Sand Beaches”:  

A big, firey colored Swarovski Drop pendant, accented with the same colors and style as the more subdued, and somewhat vintage looking piece she wore for the big I Do’s. 
This was a really fun challenge – and I hope I’m asked to participate again at some point.  Now it’s time to go “hop” over to the other girls blogs, and see how they challenged themselves with their selection of ZNetShows seaglass beads.   Here’s the list:  

HAVE FUN!   Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Reveal date ALMOST HERE!

THIS WEEKEND!   I hope you can plan to take time out from your busy holiday weekend, stop, grab a cool one (beer, wine, lemonade, whatever) and hit our ZNetShows Summer Challenge reveal!
We were 'challenged' with creating two distinctly different designs using the absolutely AWESOME sea glass sent to us from ZNetShows.  We DID get to give them input about what we wanted - but YOWZA!  So much better than what I imagined.  So just a tease - here's what they sent me to play with:

I managed to create two pieces for each 'theme' - daytime casual and night time DRESSY.  And then some!

I can't wait to show you what I created - and then be able to let those babies shine at my shows this summer!

See you on Saturday!  And by the way -  ALL NEW ITEMS are being added to the Facebook album in "Alabama General Store" this week - so search for them, LIKE them, and then look for Cool Moon Creations unique beaded jewelry.  Enlightened Denim, embroidered pieces, simple pieces.  Something for everyone!

Peaceful beading,