Saturday, July 5, 2014

ZNet Reveal part TWO

 if you're just reaching this blog to HOP - the post JUST BELOW this is the REVEAL post.
I couldn't wait to blog again about all the other great challenge participants pieces!
I just finished 'hopping' through ALL of the blogs of the other designers.  A.MAZ.ING.  If I didn't comment on your blog - it's cuz Wordpress hates me, or some other wonky reason.  Otherwise, I expressed my awe at every one!  

I noticed that MOST of the other girls also included photos of the pieces that were in the Creative Spark EMag.  So just in case you don't want to - or couldn't access it for some reason - here are the pieces that were included in the current issue of Creative Spark:

These are my 'Daytime Casual' pieces - more of my "Enlightened Denim" line that I'm addicted to creating!  Another wrap bracelet - I used elements of copper and leaves as well - because Michigan beaches include those elements, along with waves, wind and beautiful shores.  The earrings?  BELT LOOPS!   SO fun!  I'm scouring garage sales and RAIDING CLOSETS for just the right denim to play with for these.  FUN!

I wish I would have noticed how bad this photo was - I may have to do something a little better and repost later, because these are so much prettier in person.  These are my 'nighttime dressy' pieces - "White Sand Beaches" - a bridal set - this is the WEDDING portion of the necklace.  A little more subdued, sedate, and a bit vintage, but still that pop of sparkle - sunset style.  If you remember from the reveal post, this bottom portion is removable at the s hook/links - so the sparkle can be added for the after party!    And by the way - those purple barrels were my faves - and I will be ordering MORE from ZNETSHOWS to use again and again!
So there you have it.
My ZNetShows summer design challenge.
Can't wait for the next one!  I'm DEFINITELY IN!  
Peaceful beading,


Donetta said...

I love that your sets are so completely different! The Enlightened Denim is perfect for casual occasions, and the purple and white pieces...beautiful for evening. We did very similar things with our purple and white beads!

coolmoon said...

I know! I was so excited when I saw in Creative Spark that someone else did indeed hold that same creative spark - and yet do something completely different with it! I love when that happens!
And speaking of happening - I kinda had a little mini re-do of that white/purple set now that we've revealed. I hadn't taken the time to test 'wear' it, and discovered yesterday that it really was TOO LONG. So I've shortened it up, but still kept the same basic flow and design. I bet the untrained eye couldn't tell - but it's now so much better, AND I have left over PURPLE BARRELS! YAY!

Becky Pancake said...

I like the more casual focal too. Making it multi-wear is great.