Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Glorious gallery day

I always get so nervous about my trip to The Lansing Art Gallery.  I don't know why.  I've been showing and selling my things successfully there since before Christmas (and for a year or so awhile back, too).  And I ALWAYS have a wonderful experience, so I don't know why it's so nerve wracking.  Partly because it's downtown, and I have to find a spot to park, and put money in a meter, and possibly walk for blocks, bleh.  Just the thought always gives me butterflies.  And also probably because they are such a prestigious gallery, and I still feel unworthy.  Well - today's experience was one of the best yet!  Perfect parking spot right out front, with 20 minutes left on the meter.  One hurdle overcome.  I took in several new pieces to sell, and had several to pull that hadn't sold.  There were a couple I had planned to pull that they asked me to leave, because there were patrons 'seriously' considering buying them.  She said if the gallery had a popularity contest - I would win!, because everyone loved to touch, and try on my jewelry.  Bonus ONE!  Then it came up in conversation about how much fun it is to work there as a volunteer, and all the fun things they have for them to help with and do.  I asked how you go about doing that - and that's all ya pretty much have to do - ASK!  There IS an application - she's supposed to be sending me that today.  I think I'll be putting in about 5 hours a week - doing whatever needs doing at an art gallery.  One of the positive aspects to that is meeting all the customers, as well as making other business contacts.  Just being there is often the added bonus for making that sale.  The customers LOVE speaking to the actual artist, so I'm super excited about that aspect.  Bonus TWO!  AND - I presented them with my class proposal - to teach a beading class on a Saturday, as well as my references and experience, etc.  They are definitely on board, and it will probably happen in the fall (summer is reserved for kids activities) She also asked me if I had something that could be taught as a "series".   I'm sure I can come up with something, and the possibility of having my name as an instructor connected to their gallery is one of THE most exciting things about todays trip for me.   Bonus THREE! 
I was so excited - I stopped on the way home a bought new shoes AND a new handbag!  :0D
Peaceful beading and a wonderful day everyone!  It sure has been for me!

A very messy Bead Table Wednesday

Although I think that's the point!  I think the point is to catch everyone mid project, to see just what their table looks like on a normal Wednesday.  Most of us wait until said Wednesday and just snap a photo of what's there - NO MATTER WHAT.  I've noticed though, that some people post photos of things that were taken days, weeks and even months ago.  That's ok, too, I guess - show and tell is a part of it as well - but that 'photo on the fly' moment is what's the most fun about it.  So here's what MY table looks like today, warts and all :
This is my box of 'Vinery' beads (you can ignore the mess surrounding it!).  Now that I know I'm participating in the Summer Art Market again, and hope to find a few other venues as well, I've decided to create a few more of these pieces.  I've got a few of them going to the gallery TODAY - so those will be unavailable and hopefully SOLD by then! 
Not sure how well these would go at the bookstore - I've got more than enough jewelry inventory there right now, anyway, but may try a few pieces if Connie decides to have an outdoor fair again this year. 
Have a great Wednesday everybody.  Hope the weather is cooperating where ever you are.  Mother Nature sure has been having her way with most of us this year!
Peaceful beading,
Oh, and P.S.  -  Guess what SOLD yesterday?  Joyful Buddha!  Color ME joyful! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bead night silliness

My bead group was last night, and I thought I would 'play' with the girls a little bit.  As I may have mentioned in the past, we have FOUR Judy's in our group.  I've always thought it should have been a factor in naming our group - something like "Night of the Judys" "The Judy Group" or whatever.  Well - it ended up being WWB - Women Who Bead.  BORING!  So I still keep the Judy thing going, with stuff like silly Judy jokes and last night - honorary Judy names.  I actually made name tags for each of the non-Judys, making our names mingle with Judy - mine was She-Judy, our host Catherine's was Ca-Judy, there was a Ro-Judy (Robin), a Eli-Judy (Elizabeth), and a Ela-Judy (Elaine).  I thought it was fun, but unfortunately for me - it took half the night for me to get them to understand the significance of the JUDY part.  The other Judys (of which 3 were present) just don't think it's a big deal.  Or they don't get my sense of humor, one of the two.   Oh well.
This week is one of those busy weeks that I don't like.  Something going on EVERY single day.  I did manage to relax and bead a little bit yesterday, but still had a few errands to run, and of course, group last night.  Today - Coyote, but I'll be done by 4.  So that shouldn't be too bad.  Tomorrow is probably the only other day I'll have time to do anything at the bead table (hopefully I'll have time for Bead Table Wednesday), but DO have to squeeze the Art Gallery in for the afternoon.  They FINALLY contacted me.  Seems they're using a new email address.  Way to let your artists know, there, peeps.  Anyway - Thursday, Coyote EARLY.  Meeting before meeting before store time.  (two meetings of two different types - yet 1/2 the people are in both meetings.  I know.  We're weird).  Friday.  HAIR day.  I've got my stylist working overtime, working on finding just the right shades of hair color and highlights.  I'm rethinkin' the cut though.  I just like what I've got so much - and it's versatile.  I can curl it, or wear it straight.  And it flatters my big round face.  I don't know.  I do trust her, so I may just let her go and see what happens.  After all - it'll grow back.  Right?   Then Saturday - the Cool Bead Open House at Coyote!  Prepping the freebies, and special signage and making the space spiffy is what this week is all about!  I think on Sunday I may be able to finally breathe....
Hope everyone had a safe and peaceful Easter.  Ours was very nice - and I got to actually PLAY with the two year old - we played with PlayDoh, and with her plastic easter eggs.  She is special to me, and seems to be very fond of me for some reason.(For those of you who don't know me - I don't usually DO children).   I think it's cuz any child that will choose hot pink and black sparkly animal stripes for her Easter dress is MY kind of kid!  Besides - we're sisters in the color department.  Her favorite color if you ask her?  PUH-ple!  Who could not love the sweet little face of miss Lilly Grace?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hoppy Easter!

Have a wonderful day with family and friends.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Big changes.  Little changes.  Good changes.  Bad changes.  And I usually don't like CHANGE.  But it seems that that is all I've been doing lately, and I'm wondering (at 3:00 AM on the dot) if that has anything to do with the sudden CHANGE in my mood.  I've all of a sudden, over the last day and a half, fallen into that low, funky, why bother mood that I just love so much.  Wondering why I bother to create such beautiful pieces (and I'm sorry to boast, but they are), when they will probably, inevitably, ultimately end up in a box somewhere, forgotten.  I suppose I'm feeling this way partly because of the disappointment at not receiving a commission check from the Art Gallery this month.  Which means I didn't sell anything last month. And having them not even respond to my email regarding bringing new and different pieces.  NOT EVEN RESPOND!  Unprofessional.   I suppose it also has to do with the change from having my own store, that I could change at will, and do what I wanted with, to having to ask permission to add a display, or change my space.  Not liking that part, as much as I love Connie - it's hard to get used to.  And I get a little testy when I know that what I want to do will only make things better, and yet have limits set.  Still not my ideal situation, but will have to do for now.  I've already made changes to the space you see on the right - so I probably should take an updated photo.  Added some more unique hangers, removed one of the purple square racks.  I will also be adding a second rod across the window, so maybe once that's complete.  With the open house coming next week, it would be nice to have it done beforehand, but wow.  I may not have a chance.
There are also some personal changes coming up for me, ones that I'll have to live with for awhile if I don't like them.  Changing the hair - both style and color, in one fell swoop next week.  Adding some bold highlights that many would (and will) feel are better suited to someone younger - but I'm tired of the gray - both inside and out. 
One of the biggest changes, and one that is probably also causing the malaise - I've decided to take a break from my once beloved Thursday group.  Again with the politics.  Again with the bored.  And this time, a comment was made that I was being irresponsible by not paying attention to what's going on around me.  OH, I'm paying attention. And it's depressing.  And it's inevitable. And there's not one damn thing little old me can do about any of it except try NOT to dwell, NOT to bitch, and be happy and abundant.  Which is what the group starting out being all about.  But as we've gained members, we also gained a few actual politicians, and it all went downhill from there.  I plan to write them a letter, letting them know how I feel and why, and wish them well.  And I may go back again at some point.  But I was left with such disappoint, and almost an angry feeling afterward yesterday, that I just decided it's not worth it anymore.  I want desperately to be a happy, healthy, prosperously ABUNDANT person that there is just not room in my life for crap I don't like.  Head in the sand?  Maybe.  Sure.  But throw some beads in there with it, will ya?
This is probably one of those journal type blog posts that shouldn't get posted - I'm mostly venting, reacting to the changes all about me.  But - isn't that what a blog is all about?  Voicing how we feel about our little world around us, and about the big world we call life? 
I thank you for taking the time to read it.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspired by Kate

Need I say more?  I think I'll be finishing this one, too - with my favorite, spiral rope. 
Next up - Serpentine/Pyrite.  Goin' green.....
Really should stop and start the get ready process of my day today.  Hair.  Makeup.  CLOTHES.  Why is it that the older I get, the more all that seems like such a chore?  I used to LOVE doing all that.  I even toyed with going to hair school at one point.  I'm hoping that the big change I have planned next week will recharge my joy for dressing up and going out.  I've kinda been hibernating this week, only venturing out to a retail store or two, and the post office.  Don't have to get all fancied up for that.  And I've enjoyed my hibernation.  Just look at the work I've gotten done - FOUR cab pieces completed, start to finish, since Saturday afternoon.  Now that's practically marathon beading!  But - now it's Thursday, and I have to face the world.  And normally I would enjoy Thursdays.  It's usually my favorite-est day of the week.  My prosperity group meeting, followed by time down in the store amongst my beads.  But lately - group has gone political and I've gone bored.  I can think of a SKILLION (thanks, Kate!) other things I'd rather be doing than listen to a political debate (I don't find politics interesting or helpful in any way), and am hoping to have the guts to politely suggest we don't 'go there' this week.  There's nothing prosperous or abundant about bitching about how the politicians are screwing us.  I hope I can get them to agree to keep it to a minimum this week....
PEACEFUL beading everyone...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who says jewelry can't inspire bigger things?

Check this out!  Found this on a trip to the paint department at Lowes today - Valspar paint has dedicated an entire sample booklet to matching and coordinating wall colors to this BEADED bracelet!  How cool is that?
Inside are muted shades of gray, blue, and my fave of course, purple!  To which my husband replied: "just because it's your favorite color, doesn't mean it's mine.  I'd rather not live in it".   I hear, but I doubt that I obey....
Anyway - just thought it was kind of cool that they would use this as a color sample item.  (No credit to designer though-wonder who's it is?)
On a separate yet still beaded note - "Inspired by Kate" is almost finished.  I MAY have to make this a full fledged piece though - not sure that stopping at just a pendant will do it justice.  We'll soon!

Bead Table Wednesday - with peanut butter on it!

I have to stop eating breakfast while I'm working!  LOL

Here is what's on my bead table this Wednesday:
No name yet.  A pendant in the rough...since those little orange size 15's from Kate McKinnon were sort of the inspiration, I'm thinking "Inspired by Kate".    Love how it's turning out so far...stay tuned for the finished piece!
Peaceful beading everyone,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another pendant

It was really hard not to add a black ribbon necklace to this one and wear it today!  I love how it turned out, despite spending an entire day frogging (rippit, rippit) and redesigning.  It was sooooo worth it.  I'm hoping "Petoskey Pride" will be a quick seller!  I've still got one more oval Petoskey stone cab I can work with.  I'll see how quick this one goes first....
Well, back to the bead table to create another pendant.  The next one is a BIT more colorful.  Here's the preview pic (from the pile of Frankenmuth purchases).  I'll be using that Crazy Lace Agate pendant on the right as a cab, and adding all those bright oranges and golds and purples.   Got a few others in mind too...this is fun!

Cool Change Pendants

Here are the first two pendants - all tagged up and ready to go!  I'll try them this way for awhile - some at the Gallery, some at the Market this summer, some at Coyote.  If they don't go that way - I can always complete them, and make full fledged pieces out of them, making them seem brand new again.  I kinda like this idea though - so I hope my buying public does too!
And on a completely different note -
Belly rubs for everybody!  (apparently he feels I need to be paying attention to him and not my blog).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ideas, and plans, and events, Oh, My!

I think my purchase of Sherry Serefini's new book "Sensational Bead Embroidery" has created a monster.  I am currently in love with embroidering cabs!  And while working on yet one more yesterday, I had this thought that the hardest part of all of my pieces always seems to be how to FINISH them; what kind of strap, string, or fancy necklace do I make to hang it from, and do I have all of the right beads, and accents and parts to do it with?  Then it dawned on me.  DON'T.  Just sell them as pendants, and offer a variety of ribbon, chain, and other types of simple things for the buyer to wear them on, as well as offering to 'finish' it for them if they would like to pay just a bit extra.  GENIUS!  I hope.  And since I've been so indecisive about "In Need of Calmer Seas" and how to finish IT - I won't!

It will be the first that I will offer as just a pendant, with many color and texture options offered for necklace pieces. The fact that it is just the pendant portion keeps the cost down, while still offering a unique and different pendant that they can put on any chain or ribbon or cord or whatever that they want!  I made these really cool little "hang tags" and will now be having fun FILLING all of them.  And here's another thought that comes to me mid blog stroke  - I wonder how receptive the Art Gallery customers would be to them? Hm. I have to call them next week, anyway. 
So that was the idea portion of the blog.  Here's the PLAN:
The art market.  Do I?  Or Don't I?   Like I said, I did fairly well last year, but not as well as I'd hoped. But it was my first year.  And although we are underneath a covered park pavilion, the weather still needs to cooperate for people to be out and about. The first one of last years began with heavy rain and tornado warning, the last one with strong winds that blew over all but the heaviest of displays.  Plus,  I don't feel that they did their part in advertising the event as they claimed they would...BUT - at the same time, they sent a poster with the application form that I myself can easily copy and do my own advertising with.  As well as the fact that I am now in a totally different venue with my beads, and am in a more likely position to attract people that may be interested.  The fee did go up slightly - but is still very affordable since they provide the tables and location.  Also - my name and face will be familiar to any returning shoppers, something that ALL of the vendors from last years event claim is important with that type of crowd.  So I THINK, by way of blogging, I just talked myself into another year of market vending.
And last but not least, the EVENT - having an open house to introduce myself to the Coyote crowd was my idea, and they loved it.  I thought that was genius, too.  We're having fun with it, coming up with ways to get people in the door, to come and stay and have fun - but by doing so - I TOTALLY made a huge amount of work for myself!  I'm going to have to take an entire week off if I want to get done with all of the freebies and demo samples, and be prepared.  Not to mention my whole new personal make over, which I'm keeping the details of under wraps until after the 'do is done!  So why do I DO this to myself?  Mostly - cuz I love beads, and want to share my passion with the world.  Partly - cuz I'm crazy.  Just a lil bit.  But in a good way....
Off to the 'beading board', peeps!  Have a peaceful, beady Sunday,

Friday, April 15, 2011

Forgotten creations

I totally forgot about this piece when I posted about the Seahorses this morning.  This was part of my ocean exhibit at the East Lansing Art Gallery a couple YEARS ago - and it's now packed away in a box.  I need to get her out and give her another chance to shine -especially now that Seahorses seem to be becoming popular. 
Here are some of the other 'beachy pieces' that were displayed with the above one (Playful Sea).  I still have all but one of area of Michigan just isn't a popular beach jewelry venue, I guess.  Time to break them out again though - summer will be here before we know it...

There are actually a few more that I will save for another day....I think I can do a whole TABLE of beach stuff at this rate.  The only one of these that has sold so far is the center one - A Day at the Beach, with the Swarovski Starfish pendant.  Let's hope this year is beachier for jewelry sales!

What's to Sea?

As in Sea Horses.  I've been seeing them in jewelry making, decor and a lot of inspiration stuff lately.  I'm even getting ready to read a book - "Poseidon's Steed" - about sea horses.  Are owls getting ready to be replaced by something a bit more mythical?  A bit more mysterious?  We shall SEA.....
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The anti bead

or - simply a day without beads.  It wasn't intentional.  I took practically the whole kit and kaboodle (well, ok, two trays and box) with me to Coyote today, but it just didn't happen.  And what with the glitches, and freezes and problems that I had with this technological miracle called the Internet today, it's probably just as well.  Because I have a feeling it would have been a two steps forward and three steps back kind of beading day today, anyway.
So I bead BLOGGED instead.  I've been reading through some of my favorites, catching up on happenings, wishing that I was the world traveler (Kate) consummate hostess (Marcia) and animal rescue specialist (Cynthia) that some of them strive to be.  Alas - I'm pretty much a homebody.  Well, within a 60 mile radius body anyway.  I'm seriously considering an extended trip to Florida in May, though.  I'm being drawn strongly to going down to help my parents make the snow bird trip back up to Michigan that is becoming a drag for them.  I will have to move some things around, and could possibly miss my TWENTY NINTH wedding anniversary - but I can't get it off my mind.  Something is telling me that I need to go.  It's just figuring out how to get there.  I don't have a reliable car.  I don't really want to leave my husband without his Jeep (don't think he'd let me anyway), nor do I want to drive alone for all those many hours on unfamiliar roads.  Fly?  Not my cup of tea.  I'm not comfortable flying - and I make no excuses - it's my size.  At the same time, I'm amongst the part of the U.S. population that believes that the current TSA frisking and security rules have gotten way out of hand, and will not participate in the madness.  So I sit here instead - longing for Florida.  Settling for Michigan.  Freezing instead of breezing.  
Looking forward to a quiet beady Friday.  Maybe I'll figure out what to do with "In Need of Calmer Seas".  It's at the neckpiece point - and the original thought of a peyote spiral now seems like way too much work, especially since I don't have all the proper sizes involved, which would mean a 40 minute trip one way to the bead store.  Hell-might as well just go 20 more and end up in Frankenmuth again!  SO -  I hope I'll have an epiphany in the middle of the night as I often do, or at least wake up ready to come up with some fresh ideas.  And I gotta finish those class kits, dang it.  The class is on SATURDAY!
Peaceful beading everyone.  Here's to beading brighter tomorrow....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bead Table Wednesdays unexpected turn

Not even I can predict what will end up on my bead table.  If you would have asked me Monday (and I think someone did!) I would have said Dragonflies....BUT - because of the dragonflies, and the search for the perfect beads to complete more, I came across these 3 partially surrounded coral cabs that were started probably about 6 months ago.  They were each separate - not attached to each other, and far from a thought for a completed piece.  I think I can thank Sherry Seraphini for that.  I purchased her new book on Monday - Sensational Bead Embroidery - which is full of wonderful cab work and awe inspiring projects.  So it must have inspired me.  The perfect project popped into my head the minute I laid hands on them, especially after combining them with Amethyst.  It will be a cuff bracelet - the name is "Dawn".

Peaceful Bead Table Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Here's a peek at what I've been working on this week, and what will probably even still be on my table for BTW..

Dragonflies.  This is something else that I got on that trip to Frankenmuth last week.  A pattern for a dragonfly using seed beads and Swarovski crystals.  I don't usually like to follow patterns, but this one is different - because it's just for the dragonfly itself - which can then be added to necklaces (first photo), made smaller for earrings, - or made to fly on their own, so I can be creative with it.   I've already adapted and changed the pattern a bit - simply because a few of the sizes listed aren't common to my bead drawer.  And it worked just fine. It also incorporates a little bit of wire work, which I'm trying to stretch myself to do more of.  They are really addictive -  they only take about 1/2 hour to make - I have all of these to hang and display at Coyote today!
Had a wonderful time with the bead group again last night.  Not sure why I didn't quite adapt to all of them the first time around - because we're having a blast this time.   They try and hold them at each others houses (although mine is way too small), and last nights was at the beautiful woodland home of one the Judy's. (We have 4).  Gorgeous white and honey blonde woodwork everywhere, and a beautiful WHITE wood burning stove.  Lots of windows - and of course - beaded accents everywhere!  My kind of house!
Busy beady day at Coyote today.  Have a great one everybody!
Peaceful beading,

Friday, April 8, 2011

Here's the haul!

First stop:  Bead Haven in Frankenmuth: 
Top left:  Accent czech glass to complete the piece I'm working on.

Center left:  Thanks to the little tiny size 15 seed bead bright ORANGE pops of color I got from Kate McKinnon, I decided to get what I needed to create something spectacular with them.  I also got several different strands of the center drilled grape leaves I like to use.  Those are getting hard to find!  I love the Purple Crazy Lace agate pendant piece I got, too - and funny - as we were all shopping, out of all the beads in that huge entire place -  three of us girls managed to end up with pendants from that same bowl of Purple Crazy Lace Agate!  
Next photo on left:  my favorite Swarovski color:  Crystal Golden Shadow, along with dagger beads and some Preciosa crystal that accent them.  The dagger beads were chosen WAY before the Swarovski & Preciosa were added to the pile.  A future project in the making, for sure.
So that was my haul from Bead Haven.  Next up - Beadin' Mon, which we didn't realize until yesterday was easily accessed on our way home!  I imagine we'll be regulars every Frankenmuth trip from now on.
I only purchased a few things there - basically cuz I didn't have much left to purchase beads with!  LOL  She had lots of cute little polymer clay beads though, so I picked up some purple daisies and matching butterflies, as well as a cool COPPER clasp like I'd never seen before.  I also picked up the hoops for a new earring project I have in mind.
                                                        Keep reading....there's more goodies below:

 The coolest thing about that trip - was the bags she put our purchases in. Below RIGHT - you'll see a little jute handled bag made from RECYCLED BEAD MAGAZINES! Now, I would never, EVER part with, or maim in any way, ANY of MY precious magazines. But - some people aren't that attached to their reading material, so this person from the Flint area came up with a unique way to reuse them. I'm going to show the bag to the book store owner, and try to find out what the cost is of these - we may be able to rid ourselves of some old metaphysical mags and catalogs the same way....
Bead happy everyone!  I know I AM!!  Especially after yesterdays trip.  And here's the best part: On shopping trips in the past, I always felt (a little) guilty spending the money that I spent on beads that should be going to bills, or to buying more stock for the store.   Yesterday's trip?  No guilt.  Not one bit.   I had manifested pretty much every penny of that money from either bead and jewelry sales, or other unexpected avenues.  I didn't have to skrimp - and for the most part - I didn't!  (Most of the semi precious was still a little too rich for my blood).  It was a good week overall, despite the loss of my friend (which I still haven't found out anything about).  I hope to continue the momentum - I have a class coming up at the end of next week (which I still need to prepare for, EEK!), and am expecting my next commission check from the Gallery.  It's all good.  :0)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big beads!

What fun we had in Flint and Frankenmuth today!   There were 8 of us - so we had to caravan in two vehicles!  Much fun and bead shopping had by all, as well as a great lunch (a little White Zin with the beads anyone?)  On the way home, we found this cute little place just off the path called "Beadin' Mon" - I LOVE how it was decorated  - and the parking lot was packed when we arrived, which is always a good sign!  Here's their website if you want to check them out - I don't think they do any mail order, but seemed to be doing a bang up local business - with a class in session, and many many more scheduled - all with LOTS of students already signed up!  I think I was in business in the wrong town!  LOL  Anyway - here's their URL - enjoy!
Bead stash pics tomorrow! (ALL for me....hehehe)

Tribute to Sally

I awoke to some sad news this morning - upon scanning the names in the obituaries, I was saddened and surprised to see the name of a long time friend and customer - Sally Holliday.  Smilin' Sally.  Dog loving Sally.  Spiritual, metaphysical like minded Sally. I hadn't seen her since summer, and now I regret that I hadn't stopped in to one of her book filled haunts lately.   I don't know the details, so I hope to be home from my excursion in time today to make a few phone calls.  So this is my little 'remembrance' of her - sorry folks - it will just make me feel better....
Sally LOVED books.  She was the manager of "The Book Burrow" - a small little part of our Capital Area Library where gently used and well loved books were sold and traded.  She was very well read, and was so interesting to talk to.  You could almost always find her with a book or reading material in her hand. And her spiritual knowledge was tremendous - we always knew we could call Sally if we needed answers, especially regarding aromatherapy.   Sally also LOVED animals, and was an animal rescue advocate.  When you visited Triple Goddess - the metaphysical bookstore where Sally also worked - you could also expect to see one of Sally's well trained dogs hanging out.  And her SMILE! bright, so big and genuine. 
How will I ever be able to enter 3G again without that smiling face to greet me, or even attend one of our favorite events - Blues on the Square, without seeing her with her head bobbin' and smiling and loving every minute.  I'm not sure why she chose to cross over at this point in time - and hope to get the details later on today.  I'll miss having her come and visit my new bead shop space at Coyote - I especially thought of her when putting together my Open House invites, knowing how excited she'd be about my new venue.  I'll miss her enthusiasm and encouragement.
So sad to lose a friend.  But I'm sure she's very happy -  in a wonderful place full of books, blues, dogs, and light....and it brings me just a little bit of peace.
I'll miss you, Sal!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - with a name

Here is the pendant piece from this  morning - almost complete.  "In Need of Calmer Seas" (see the little row boat?) ended up being more seaswept than Native American - where I THOUGHT it was going at first.  I still have to add in the Amazonite chips, and add the bail, the silk cord, and the ceramic and handmade peyote tubes to go with it, so it will be a full fledged piece.  If it's done in time and I feel it's worthy - it will go to the Art Gallery.  If not - who knows?  Not adding new items on Etsy anymore, so I'll have to try and find another outlet.  (My own website you say?  haha.  Funny).
Great day for beading here in Michigan - rainy, gray, cold and blah outside.  Bright, light and BEADY inside!

Bead Table Wednesday....and stuff

I'm not sure when or how it happened - but in the last week or so, I've become addicted to cabochons.  All of a sudden everything I want to create, the idea starts with a bead embroidered cab.  So here is one of the first - there are others in progress, but this is the best - this is Prehnite, with iris metallic, teal metallic, and off white beads worked in.  I just added the squares around the edge - and will now add what I THINK will be the final round of prehnite rondelles and seed beads.  Thinking this one may be a pin, or I may just add a simple peyote bail and sell it as a pendant alone.  I had pretty good luck with those in the past - brings the cost down a little, because you're not adding the extra necklace portion, and allows the wearer to 'mix it up' by using whatever chain, ribbon or thing they want to wear it on.  AND, I already have about 5 more (6 counting the poor neglected fairy head) cabs awaiting my attention.  HOWEVER - those may all be put aside after tomorrow.  Tomorrow is field trip day!  A trip to one of the best beads stores anywhere, EVER - Bead Haven in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Heading there for the day (about 1 1/2 hours away) with 6 other bead-iful ladies, for a day of fun, food and of course, beads. So I know I'll be picking up HUGE lots more beads, and getting loads of new ideas in the process.   And Frankenmuth is a fun place for a bead store, because it's a tourist town, with other places and boutiques and shops to visit as well.  I doubt we'll even TRY to hit Bronner's - which is what Frankenmuth is known for.  The Christmas store - acres and acres of Christmas ornaments, gift items, toys, and wonderful holiday spirit - year round.  But it takes HOURS just walk through, and all my bead money would be gone, cuz even though I don't need Christmas ornaments any more than I need beads - I STILL BUY THEM!  So I think we've all agreed to skip Bronners, head straight for the HAVEN, and then downtown for food and other shopping.  I sure hope the weather's better than today,'s ugly out there today.
Bead happy, everyone!  Off to the bead table I go...

Monday, April 4, 2011

And to make matters worse....

Have you ever been asked to make a MAJOR change to a piece of jewelry that you made to sell?  I'm pretty sure many people have - so what do you do?  Are you so unattached from your work that you simply make the change and accept the thanks and money, OR - are you like me - sensitive and OFFENDED when people want to make a change so drastic that it takes away all the character and LIFE from the piece.  I got a call today from a customer that wants the above piece changed - shortened -sure, I can do that, no problem.  AND THE BUDDHA REMOVED!   GACK!  I'm sorry - I may have been a bit short with her when I replied "But it's the NAME of the piece (Joyful Buddha) and the INSPIRATION for the entire thing!"  She SAYS she is going to come by Coyote tomorrow to talk about it, and as another beader has pointed out - it will be better for ME to remove the Buddha, because then I can create something else with it, but still.   Other than asking to have things resized - I can deal with that - anything else is just an insult!  If you want something plain and more normal - GO TO WALMART! 
This entire piece was designed, coordinated and MADE around that Buddha face.  I can't even GET the etched bar pieces anywhere anymore, and finding another toggle like that may be pretty much impossible, so making another one is well, - also impossible.  Besides - I RARELY copy and duplicate my pieces.  I do one of a kind, unique, ART work. 
This, on top of the sadness from this morning, as well as an equally sad family matter that also occurred today, has left me tearful, and ready to just go to bed and pull the covers up over my head.
Here's hoping that tomorrow is a much better, and brighter, day....


Today I'm just...sad.  I love blogging.  And Facebook.  And commenting and having a voice.  And I get 'freedom of speech' and all that - but again - because I know I've posted this before - if you don't have anything nice to say - shut your stupid mouth!  To berate, belittle and HATE on someone for voicing their view about a blog is just.....SAD.   I'm not going to call YOU names (but oh, how I want to), or berate YOU for your rant at me (minus the 'stupid mouth' comment).  But unfortunately, what I am going to do is probably stop commenting, and ultimately, blogging altogether, which means once again losing my voice.  Because I just don't have time for the hate.  I am a positive, life loving person. I'm a lover, not a fighter.  All I can do is hope that the sad, sad person that doesn't even KNOW me,  that felt they needed to spew venom at me in print, finds some love someday.  I send them light.....
My own blog will continue - whether anyone reads it or not.  It seems to be the only place I can voice my opinion safely.    So my task of the day - and I ask that it be yours as well...
Please don't hate.  Do something kind for just one person.  It will make both of you feel better, and be just a teeny tiny start in stopping the hatred that has become such a sad part of our world....
So out into the world I go....I wish happiness for all I meet today.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Psychic Connections AKA a trip to the bead store!

I love bead stores.  Big bead stores, small bead stores.  Stores with beads.  Period.  Even when I had my own large store space at the antique mall, I wasn't above going on a bead store jaunt, visiting not just the other LBS's (at one point there were NINE of us), but going on road trips as well.   So - yesterday I chose to make a run to one of them - about 45 minutes away from home.  As I'm driving there, I found myself thinking of not only what I need to get when I got there, but about the WWB (Women Who Bead) girls, too.  WWB is made up of many different levels of beaders - many of them not wanting to be into, or being intimidated by, seed beads.  I was disappointed when I originally joined them that many of them didn't seem to be interested in quite the same type of beading, or interested in having me teach or SHOW them.  They were happily stuck in their little ruts, but I was bored by the lack of creative mind beading -  so I bowed out for awhile.  I've just in the last few weeks been in touch with a few of them again, and have discovered a few changes - people leaving, people joining, and a few previously uninterested beaders NOW interested in seed beads.  SOOOOO - imagine my surprise when I find a few of the WWB's at the very same LBS that I chose to visit yesterday!  And for the newest of them - it was her very first visit to a bead store.  WHAHOO!   It was supposed to be a quick trip (my space at Coyote was calling my name), but I needed to catch up on their latest projects, and what they were buying and what Robin (the newbie) was into, and well - an hour later (sigh), we're just starting to pick out what we came there for!  But all was good - I got what I needed, I left them happily browsing, and I've been invited to attend their next little bead store jaunt - to my very favorite bead shop in the whole world - Bead Haven in Frankenmuth!  We're going on Thursday (sorry, prosperity group girls), and I am really looking foward to some bead talk and comaraderie.    The WWB girls have officially added me to their email list again, so now I'll be in on ALL their little adventure plans, and meeting dates.  I think I am excited about it again.  Maybe I can even convince them to change the group name to WWSB - Women Who SEED Bead!  hahaha...
Happy SEED BEADING everyone -


As I've hopped around all the blogs in the last few days, the one thing that has stood out for me - even on Kate's, who's in Paris - is the talk about CLASSES!  It seems as though there are more classes being offered, taken, taught, created and FILLED than ever before!  And many of them are - YAY YAY YAY - SEED BEAD project classes!  This makes my heart very happy, since some of you may recall a recent post of mine that wondered on the fall of the seed bead.  I am delighted that they immediately seemed to pick themselves up and brush themselves off and take another swing at the beading public.  I know I had a wonderful surprise with my new beaders at Coyote - after just ONE simple stringing class - some of them are clamoring for 'more detailed' stuff - the stuff like "I do".  The seed bead stuff.  Which I love to teach even more than simple stringing (boring but necessary).  And it's strange, because in the FOUR years of having my shop inside the antique mall - I think I taught TWO seed bead classes (heck, I think I taught TWO classes, PERIOD).  And then there were probably only 1 or two people in each one.  So I am ELATED that there is already interest in my wonderful passion for those little bits of glass at the new place.  And they'll be getting what they ask for -  I'll be starting them out with Peyote beaded beads probably in June....
And speaking of seed beads - as much as I enjoy making my "chunky charm" bracelets - that was the one component that seemed to be missing from them.  So on Friday - I came up with THIS....
Instead of chain with charms - I did a section of seed bead fringes.  Turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself....
TTFN and Bead Happy!