Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A very messy Bead Table Wednesday

Although I think that's the point!  I think the point is to catch everyone mid project, to see just what their table looks like on a normal Wednesday.  Most of us wait until said Wednesday and just snap a photo of what's there - NO MATTER WHAT.  I've noticed though, that some people post photos of things that were taken days, weeks and even months ago.  That's ok, too, I guess - show and tell is a part of it as well - but that 'photo on the fly' moment is what's the most fun about it.  So here's what MY table looks like today, warts and all :
This is my box of 'Vinery' beads (you can ignore the mess surrounding it!).  Now that I know I'm participating in the Summer Art Market again, and hope to find a few other venues as well, I've decided to create a few more of these pieces.  I've got a few of them going to the gallery TODAY - so those will be unavailable and hopefully SOLD by then! 
Not sure how well these would go at the bookstore - I've got more than enough jewelry inventory there right now, anyway, but may try a few pieces if Connie decides to have an outdoor fair again this year. 
Have a great Wednesday everybody.  Hope the weather is cooperating where ever you are.  Mother Nature sure has been having her way with most of us this year!
Peaceful beading,
Oh, and P.S.  -  Guess what SOLD yesterday?  Joyful Buddha!  Color ME joyful! 

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