Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tribute to Sally

I awoke to some sad news this morning - upon scanning the names in the obituaries, I was saddened and surprised to see the name of a long time friend and customer - Sally Holliday.  Smilin' Sally.  Dog loving Sally.  Spiritual, metaphysical like minded Sally. I hadn't seen her since summer, and now I regret that I hadn't stopped in to one of her book filled haunts lately.   I don't know the details, so I hope to be home from my excursion in time today to make a few phone calls.  So this is my little 'remembrance' of her - sorry folks - it will just make me feel better....
Sally LOVED books.  She was the manager of "The Book Burrow" - a small little part of our Capital Area Library where gently used and well loved books were sold and traded.  She was very well read, and was so interesting to talk to.  You could almost always find her with a book or reading material in her hand. And her spiritual knowledge was tremendous - we always knew we could call Sally if we needed answers, especially regarding aromatherapy.   Sally also LOVED animals, and was an animal rescue advocate.  When you visited Triple Goddess - the metaphysical bookstore where Sally also worked - you could also expect to see one of Sally's well trained dogs hanging out.  And her SMILE! bright, so big and genuine. 
How will I ever be able to enter 3G again without that smiling face to greet me, or even attend one of our favorite events - Blues on the Square, without seeing her with her head bobbin' and smiling and loving every minute.  I'm not sure why she chose to cross over at this point in time - and hope to get the details later on today.  I'll miss having her come and visit my new bead shop space at Coyote - I especially thought of her when putting together my Open House invites, knowing how excited she'd be about my new venue.  I'll miss her enthusiasm and encouragement.
So sad to lose a friend.  But I'm sure she's very happy -  in a wonderful place full of books, blues, dogs, and light....and it brings me just a little bit of peace.
I'll miss you, Sal!

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