Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Here's a peek at what I've been working on this week, and what will probably even still be on my table for BTW..

Dragonflies.  This is something else that I got on that trip to Frankenmuth last week.  A pattern for a dragonfly using seed beads and Swarovski crystals.  I don't usually like to follow patterns, but this one is different - because it's just for the dragonfly itself - which can then be added to necklaces (first photo), made smaller for earrings, - or made to fly on their own, so I can be creative with it.   I've already adapted and changed the pattern a bit - simply because a few of the sizes listed aren't common to my bead drawer.  And it worked just fine. It also incorporates a little bit of wire work, which I'm trying to stretch myself to do more of.  They are really addictive -  they only take about 1/2 hour to make - I have all of these to hang and display at Coyote today!
Had a wonderful time with the bead group again last night.  Not sure why I didn't quite adapt to all of them the first time around - because we're having a blast this time.   They try and hold them at each others houses (although mine is way too small), and last nights was at the beautiful woodland home of one the Judy's. (We have 4).  Gorgeous white and honey blonde woodwork everywhere, and a beautiful WHITE wood burning stove.  Lots of windows - and of course - beaded accents everywhere!  My kind of house!
Busy beady day at Coyote today.  Have a great one everybody!
Peaceful beading,


Lisa said...

Your dragonflies are beautiful! We had to catch some of them for my daughter's insect collection last year, and in looking them up in the insect books for identification, I was amazed at actually how many different kinds there are. Tiny little details set them apart from each other, and the colors they each posses are magnificent! I think you have captured their beauty in your beadwork. You could make a jillion of them and represent the species well!! Have fun today! :)

coolmoon said...

Thanks, Lisa. And as fun and easy as they are - I probably WILL make a jillion of them! I want to do several for the summer fair I'll be doing, and I had an idea today to incorporate a few into hair combs and/or I guess that means I'll need to make at least a few more. PLUS - I decided on my way home this afternoon, that I definitely need one hanging from my rear view mirror in my car!