Friday, April 8, 2011

Here's the haul!

First stop:  Bead Haven in Frankenmuth: 
Top left:  Accent czech glass to complete the piece I'm working on.

Center left:  Thanks to the little tiny size 15 seed bead bright ORANGE pops of color I got from Kate McKinnon, I decided to get what I needed to create something spectacular with them.  I also got several different strands of the center drilled grape leaves I like to use.  Those are getting hard to find!  I love the Purple Crazy Lace agate pendant piece I got, too - and funny - as we were all shopping, out of all the beads in that huge entire place -  three of us girls managed to end up with pendants from that same bowl of Purple Crazy Lace Agate!  
Next photo on left:  my favorite Swarovski color:  Crystal Golden Shadow, along with dagger beads and some Preciosa crystal that accent them.  The dagger beads were chosen WAY before the Swarovski & Preciosa were added to the pile.  A future project in the making, for sure.
So that was my haul from Bead Haven.  Next up - Beadin' Mon, which we didn't realize until yesterday was easily accessed on our way home!  I imagine we'll be regulars every Frankenmuth trip from now on.
I only purchased a few things there - basically cuz I didn't have much left to purchase beads with!  LOL  She had lots of cute little polymer clay beads though, so I picked up some purple daisies and matching butterflies, as well as a cool COPPER clasp like I'd never seen before.  I also picked up the hoops for a new earring project I have in mind.
                                                        Keep reading....there's more goodies below:

 The coolest thing about that trip - was the bags she put our purchases in. Below RIGHT - you'll see a little jute handled bag made from RECYCLED BEAD MAGAZINES! Now, I would never, EVER part with, or maim in any way, ANY of MY precious magazines. But - some people aren't that attached to their reading material, so this person from the Flint area came up with a unique way to reuse them. I'm going to show the bag to the book store owner, and try to find out what the cost is of these - we may be able to rid ourselves of some old metaphysical mags and catalogs the same way....
Bead happy everyone!  I know I AM!!  Especially after yesterdays trip.  And here's the best part: On shopping trips in the past, I always felt (a little) guilty spending the money that I spent on beads that should be going to bills, or to buying more stock for the store.   Yesterday's trip?  No guilt.  Not one bit.   I had manifested pretty much every penny of that money from either bead and jewelry sales, or other unexpected avenues.  I didn't have to skrimp - and for the most part - I didn't!  (Most of the semi precious was still a little too rich for my blood).  It was a good week overall, despite the loss of my friend (which I still haven't found out anything about).  I hope to continue the momentum - I have a class coming up at the end of next week (which I still need to prepare for, EEK!), and am expecting my next commission check from the Gallery.  It's all good.  :0)

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