Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bead night silliness

My bead group was last night, and I thought I would 'play' with the girls a little bit.  As I may have mentioned in the past, we have FOUR Judy's in our group.  I've always thought it should have been a factor in naming our group - something like "Night of the Judys" "The Judy Group" or whatever.  Well - it ended up being WWB - Women Who Bead.  BORING!  So I still keep the Judy thing going, with stuff like silly Judy jokes and last night - honorary Judy names.  I actually made name tags for each of the non-Judys, making our names mingle with Judy - mine was She-Judy, our host Catherine's was Ca-Judy, there was a Ro-Judy (Robin), a Eli-Judy (Elizabeth), and a Ela-Judy (Elaine).  I thought it was fun, but unfortunately for me - it took half the night for me to get them to understand the significance of the JUDY part.  The other Judys (of which 3 were present) just don't think it's a big deal.  Or they don't get my sense of humor, one of the two.   Oh well.
This week is one of those busy weeks that I don't like.  Something going on EVERY single day.  I did manage to relax and bead a little bit yesterday, but still had a few errands to run, and of course, group last night.  Today - Coyote, but I'll be done by 4.  So that shouldn't be too bad.  Tomorrow is probably the only other day I'll have time to do anything at the bead table (hopefully I'll have time for Bead Table Wednesday), but DO have to squeeze the Art Gallery in for the afternoon.  They FINALLY contacted me.  Seems they're using a new email address.  Way to let your artists know, there, peeps.  Anyway - Thursday, Coyote EARLY.  Meeting before meeting before store time.  (two meetings of two different types - yet 1/2 the people are in both meetings.  I know.  We're weird).  Friday.  HAIR day.  I've got my stylist working overtime, working on finding just the right shades of hair color and highlights.  I'm rethinkin' the cut though.  I just like what I've got so much - and it's versatile.  I can curl it, or wear it straight.  And it flatters my big round face.  I don't know.  I do trust her, so I may just let her go and see what happens.  After all - it'll grow back.  Right?   Then Saturday - the Cool Bead Open House at Coyote!  Prepping the freebies, and special signage and making the space spiffy is what this week is all about!  I think on Sunday I may be able to finally breathe....
Hope everyone had a safe and peaceful Easter.  Ours was very nice - and I got to actually PLAY with the two year old - we played with PlayDoh, and with her plastic easter eggs.  She is special to me, and seems to be very fond of me for some reason.(For those of you who don't know me - I don't usually DO children).   I think it's cuz any child that will choose hot pink and black sparkly animal stripes for her Easter dress is MY kind of kid!  Besides - we're sisters in the color department.  Her favorite color if you ask her?  PUH-ple!  Who could not love the sweet little face of miss Lilly Grace?

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