Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who says jewelry can't inspire bigger things?

Check this out!  Found this on a trip to the paint department at Lowes today - Valspar paint has dedicated an entire sample booklet to matching and coordinating wall colors to this BEADED bracelet!  How cool is that?
Inside are muted shades of gray, blue, and my fave of course, purple!  To which my husband replied: "just because it's your favorite color, doesn't mean it's mine.  I'd rather not live in it".   I hear, but I doubt that I obey....
Anyway - just thought it was kind of cool that they would use this as a color sample item.  (No credit to designer though-wonder who's it is?)
On a separate yet still beaded note - "Inspired by Kate" is almost finished.  I MAY have to make this a full fledged piece though - not sure that stopping at just a pendant will do it justice.  We'll soon!

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