Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another pendant

It was really hard not to add a black ribbon necklace to this one and wear it today!  I love how it turned out, despite spending an entire day frogging (rippit, rippit) and redesigning.  It was sooooo worth it.  I'm hoping "Petoskey Pride" will be a quick seller!  I've still got one more oval Petoskey stone cab I can work with.  I'll see how quick this one goes first....
Well, back to the bead table to create another pendant.  The next one is a BIT more colorful.  Here's the preview pic (from the pile of Frankenmuth purchases).  I'll be using that Crazy Lace Agate pendant on the right as a cab, and adding all those bright oranges and golds and purples.   Got a few others in mind too...this is fun!

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