Sunday, April 3, 2011

Psychic Connections AKA a trip to the bead store!

I love bead stores.  Big bead stores, small bead stores.  Stores with beads.  Period.  Even when I had my own large store space at the antique mall, I wasn't above going on a bead store jaunt, visiting not just the other LBS's (at one point there were NINE of us), but going on road trips as well.   So - yesterday I chose to make a run to one of them - about 45 minutes away from home.  As I'm driving there, I found myself thinking of not only what I need to get when I got there, but about the WWB (Women Who Bead) girls, too.  WWB is made up of many different levels of beaders - many of them not wanting to be into, or being intimidated by, seed beads.  I was disappointed when I originally joined them that many of them didn't seem to be interested in quite the same type of beading, or interested in having me teach or SHOW them.  They were happily stuck in their little ruts, but I was bored by the lack of creative mind beading -  so I bowed out for awhile.  I've just in the last few weeks been in touch with a few of them again, and have discovered a few changes - people leaving, people joining, and a few previously uninterested beaders NOW interested in seed beads.  SOOOOO - imagine my surprise when I find a few of the WWB's at the very same LBS that I chose to visit yesterday!  And for the newest of them - it was her very first visit to a bead store.  WHAHOO!   It was supposed to be a quick trip (my space at Coyote was calling my name), but I needed to catch up on their latest projects, and what they were buying and what Robin (the newbie) was into, and well - an hour later (sigh), we're just starting to pick out what we came there for!  But all was good - I got what I needed, I left them happily browsing, and I've been invited to attend their next little bead store jaunt - to my very favorite bead shop in the whole world - Bead Haven in Frankenmuth!  We're going on Thursday (sorry, prosperity group girls), and I am really looking foward to some bead talk and comaraderie.    The WWB girls have officially added me to their email list again, so now I'll be in on ALL their little adventure plans, and meeting dates.  I think I am excited about it again.  Maybe I can even convince them to change the group name to WWSB - Women Who SEED Bead!  hahaha...
Happy SEED BEADING everyone -

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