Friday, August 22, 2014

A different kind of blog

Those of you who stop by often are used to this blog being babble-y.  Bubble-y.  Beadiful.  And YES.  All about ME. 
Sometimes when I write in this blog - I'm not just relaying bead news - I'm pouring out my soul.  Or simply design and beading tips.  But it's MY BLOG.   And most of you realize that blogging in general isn't just for bringing information and news to followers and perhaps even to the world - it's a means of RELEASE in some cases.  It's like a virtual journal. 
Where sometimes - probably - we shouldn't hit the publish button.  But yet we know that when we do, we have followers, friends, loved ones, and kindred spirits that are there for us.  Cry with us.  Laugh with us.  FEEL for us.  In a good way.  
In a comforting way. 

Sometimes they comment.  Most times they don't.  The visitor counter lets us know you've been there.

Then there comes that one person that uses his or her own insecurities, jealousies, foibles, and illnesses both mental and physical to HURT.  TO MAIM.  TO BULLY.  And try to feel just a bit better about themselves by hurting someone that they've       never.      even.       met.
I have been wounded by words in the past myself.  It has taken me a long time to get past the last incident of over a year ago.  We sensitive empathetic CARING souls are just built that way.  You cut us.  We bleed.  No matter our age.  Our profession.  Our lifestyle.  You found our weakness.  And you prey on it.

I am sending out loads and loads of loving 
white light and energy tonight.  

To my friend across the miles.   I hope you find this blog, and feel my heart breaking for you, but beating for you too - you have strength.  You will survive.  The outpouring of love has been overwhelming and wonderful.
But I cry too.  I know you're hurting.  May you heal ALL your troubles smoothly and soon.  If you're reading this - I sent you an email.  I hope you'll use some of the information enclosed within it.

To the person that had such hurtful, damaging words for that friend today -   I hope the laws of karma are not as harsh with you as you were with my beautiful friend.
White light to you as well.  For what it's worth.  I think you need it too.

Wishing peaceful beading to everyone.

And P.S.  A simple warning for you:  Since this is my blog, and often all about me, you may find that to be offensive in some way.  Please just unfollow me and stop reading.  I don't need to know how much you don't care.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The teaser blog

That's really all this is girls.  A teaser blog.  I KNOW I need to update and change this blog a bit.  I KNOW I promised to ADD pieces to the jewelry page.  I have to update the classes and schedule.  I KNOW I have to face it - this blog is a mess!

But for now, I want YOU to KNOW - I'm working on it.  There will be big changes coming.

More info.  More jewels.  More things to be excited about!  

I am not going to make the usual excuses of a busy schedule, summer, blah, blah, blah.  You just want a new blog!
So it WILL happen.

Here's a few actual teasers to tempt you with; so you'll check back soon.  And as always - I'll post to Facebook the minute it happens.   But for now:

ALL of these pieces are currently in my inventory for the next 4 art fairs.  Once that schedule eases up - you'll see it here on the jewelry page of the blog, and also some in an album on my Cool Moon Creations & Beads Facebook fan page.  IF you haven't LIKED me yet - Please do!

Until the BIG CHANGE:
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, August 3, 2014

We're not done WHIRLING!

As if last weekends successful shows weren't enough excitement for me - I DID IT AGAIN!

Yesterday's Grand Ledge Island Art Fair (a 40 year tradition in this area) was a rousing success - from the spot they chose for me - to the sales, sales, SALES!  It was a perfect day for a show - a little hot for those shoppers and unfortunate vendors who were out in the SUN - but me?  I think I had one of the shadiest and most beautiful spots on the island - they call it the narrows - the very tip of the island - with just 12 or so feet of grass between the sidewalk and the river on either side.  I had no idea what I was in for when I arrived:

Yikes.  Booth.  Meet the Grand River.  I was glad it didn't get stormy or windy so that it didn't HAVE TO!  LOL!

The fact that this spot also included a large tree for shade was also a bonus, after giving us just a bit of wonder at how to set things up underneath it.  Normally this 10X10 is up just a few more inches in height to accommodate 6 footers like my hubby, but the tree said not today.  He didn't stick around, so it didn't seem to be an issue.  

Then the people came - and came - and CAME!  All day long.  So FUN!

And it was another situation where people could access my space from more than one direction, but having already been there last week - I was prepared!

This was the 'sunny side' of the booth - a few of the metal charms and pendants got a little HOT, as well as the customers who stopped there.  I invited them to come on in to the shady side of the booth, and many sales ensued!
I LOVED this location, and this show, and have already signed up for next year, with promise of the SAME SPOT!  YIPPEE!

Now to create more Enlightened Denim.  THESE are just some of the pieces I've sold recently, many of them at yesterdays show.  My next show is in Old Town - a very funky, alternative community here in town - so I think the denim pieces will be a hit there too!

Guess I better get crankin on those pieces.  I would like to include at least ONE new zipper cuff (I've sold all 3) and those take a bit of work and doin'.  Only have one WRAP bracelet left too - at first those weren't quite as popular - I think it took displaying it on a display hand stand to show people how it would look ON.  BINGO!   SOLD!  YAY!

Happy Summer!  and

Peaceful beading,