Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rainy days and Saturdays

Well.  I don't know whether to be happy - or sad.  I think I'm sort of a little of both.

The Coyote Wisdom Fair THING - at least the arts and crafts vendors out on the lawn part - fizzled and drizzled and got rained out.
I had the option of selling a seriously reduced inventory INSIDE - up the tall narrow flight of steps, in a room filled with 3 other vendors.  In past experience of TWICE tried during events - 1.  People don't like those stairs (me included), and won't traverse them for anything short of an appointment with someone that rents the offices up there.  2.  They look in the doorway to the classroom, huffing and puffing after the trip up the stairs - and decide it's not worth coming in.  3.  Ask at the bottom of the stairs 'what's up there?' - and decide they've spent enough in the store.  ~sigh~

So here sit.  Wondering what the Universe has in mind.  Those are my peeps after all.  And I've been missing out on spending time with many of the them for one reason on another all summer long.  If everything happens for a reason -

What's up with that?

I suppose I should have kept this in mind when I made that decision this morning....

But no matter what - I don't think I'm ready to give up YET.  So - just like the title of my last blog post - I'm carrying on - BECAUSE.....

Not participating today has given me time to contemplate just a bit on what's next (I DO have about 6 more events before the end of the year, so there is still lots of opportunity) - and have decided that I am ready to part with my THREE BIG contest statement pieces.  So - 

Petoskey Shores.  $475

Mariposa $500

Night & Day (Western Skies)
$300 with optional matching bracelet and earrings.

I am very proud of all three of them, and have worn each one on a RARE occasional basis.  If they choose to find a new neck to adorn - I can only hope they love and wear them well.

Peaceful beading,

Monday, August 24, 2015

Carrying on

This has sorta been the summer of SUCK for our 'family';  funky weather,family issues, health, loss.  You name it.  The least of my worries have been my weekly art fair events - I have been lucky to have wonderful weather arrive in time for all but one so far, but unfortunately - still dismal turnouts.  I'm making a little bit at each one, but not nearly what I would have hoped compared to last year.   4 more til end of September - then on to the HOLIDAY shows.  

I really thought this piece would be gone right away:

And expected this one to be around for my upcoming psychic fair/art festival.  She, however, went home with a lovely lady who came to Meridian Market yesterday:

I'm having a hard time determining what my buyers will like this summer; last summer was the summer of bracelets.  Lots and lots of denim bracelets.  This year, just a few, and the bulk of those all to one person who loves them so much, she keeps returning for more!  

Here are a few that DID go home with their people so far this year:

Along with few earrings, and some surprising big statement pieces too - I can't complain.

 Looking forward to the next few show.  In three weeks - my first BIG out of town art fair - an overnighter with my two best fellow art fair vendors.  Slumber party art fair!  LOL.

Hope you are all having a happy, healthy BEADY good summer,

Peaceful beading,

Friday, August 14, 2015

Living with loss

This isn't my ordinary bubbly, babble-y and mostly annoying post.  This is a post about losing one of my own.  One of my babies.  One of my DOGS.  

We lost our Zeus on Tuesday.  He just turned 13 a few weeks ago, and up until just a week or so before, he was running, healthy (with a touch of arthritis that didn't keep him down) and happy.
A bout of something nasty after a dog park visit took him down, and he never recovered from it.
A tumor was discovered during the exams to find the problem - he stopped eating and lost 20 pounds in a short period of time.
It was time.  So we let him go.

 He had an 'inner dinner bell' and this was his 'feed me' face.  Priceless.  And I miss it.

Thank goodness for my princess girl, Bella.  She's loving, and happy and way more healthy than she probably should be because she's spoiled.

Now that hubby doesn't have his park and woods buddy, I think Bella is going to get a taste of the outdoor life a little more than she would like.  She does, however, enjoy the dog park POND.

She's made it easier to survive the week.  Easier to survive coming in the back door and not having our guard dog Zeus face on duty.  
She's still not quite sure about playing by herself - she loved to steal Zeus' ball and play keep away with it.  I think she's feeling a little bit of the loss herself.

But we will all survive.  

He was a great dog.  Hubby's best friend, and our faithful companion.  Zeus.  2002 - 2015

I've been able to create a little.... you'll see what I've done if you visit my Cool Moon Creations & Beads FB page...

Peaceful beading - even through the pain of loss,

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Spark time!

It's time again for another BEAUTIFUL issue of Creative Spark!  You'll find the new issue and link (just click on the cover photo) over on the sidebar.  I just checked it out myself - wow.  We all outdid ourselves with some of the most creative SPARKS of inspiration this time!  

Thanks ZNetShows for sending us more fun and COLORFUL sea glass beads to work with.  

These were the beads that I chose to work with this time around.

THESE are the EXTRAS that they threw in JUST FOR FUN!  WHEEEE!

My mission for this issue - and I chose to accept it ;)  - was to create something using upcycled/recycled pieces and parts.  Hello?  Do they know me?  PERFECT use of denim and beads.  I also had recently received some vintage jewelry (circa 1940's), and also had some great garage sale finds to play with too.

Be sure to read the summer issue of Creative Spark for all the details and REVEAL of my summer cool pieces.

BUT WAIT!  THIS is the FUN PART!  Because I had SOOOOO many ZNet Shows sea glass to play with, I created MORE than just what was submitted to the EMag.  So here's where you get a chance to WIN the lovely extra piece "3355 Blossom St."

For this piece, I used a few antique store finds - an old door hasp/keyhole plate, and a dog license, complete with the perfect "house number" for the piece.  I used ZNet Shows blue cones and teardrops (sorry I don't have the numbers handy - refer to the page seaglass bead  and look under the color blue), added a few of my own acrylic leaves, flowers and crystals, and bling. On a pretty purple ribbon  - "3355 Blossom St" is cute and summer 'cool'.
If you'd like to try to WIN this unique piece - COMMENT here on the blog OR under the link on the FB post with your favorite piece from the current issue of Creative Spark.  Doesn't have to be mine!  I almost always like one of the other girls pieces better than mine!  LOL.
Contest OPEN TIL FRIDAY AUGUST 14th.  I'll randomly pick ONE of you - and I will announce the winner and POST IT HERE AND ON FACEBOOK by Monday August 17th.

As always,
Peaceful beading,