Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mystery solved

The mystery of the bag full of silver, gold and beautiful jewelry is solved.   The friend that gave it to me was passing on items that had belonged to her daughter, who died in an accident this summer.  I wondered if that might be the case, but it didn't seem like the kind of items that her daughter would have liked.  I thinking they may have been things that she had been gifted with, and didn't necessarily wear, and that's why so many of the pieces - including the one that I made - still looked so brand new.  I still haven't actually spoken with my friend (she's on an extended vacation in Mexico), but plan to do something nice for her in return.  I know how much she misses her daughter, and want to try and honor that somehow...

I finally finished "A Tribute to Michigan - Sunsets, Shorelines, and Copper Mines".

 Love how it turned out, and wish I could have had this piece for the art gallery.  Oh well.  There's always 2013....I think I'm going to post a photo of this piece to the Pure Michigan Facebook site - just to see what they say about it. It would be nice to have them post it and have it go viral, wouldn't it?!
I could also put it on Etsy, but honestly - I am thinking that Etsy is a waste of time again.  Just not getting the hits, the views, or the sales.  I've asked for opinions, and had people provide me with tips, tricks, strategies - everything short of a miracle.  Nothing seems to be working.  Hooray for you if you are managing to sell things on a regular basis on Etsy - cuz I'm sure not.  Ack.

So many things to do - I can't believe how little time I seem to have to get things done, for a person without an actual 9-5 JOB - there just aren't enough hours in my day even now.  Of course - not everyone insists on having a block of time to play everyday like I do.  It's a must.  And what keeps me sane....
Hope you're finding time to play for your sanity this holiday season.
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Must be the full moon eclipse

Cuz people BE crazy.  If you are a regular reader, you may have already seen the comment made to my last blog post.  I don't really want to give them the time of day - but I was impressed with the time they took to spam me.  Not a quick little one or two line no nonsense spam - but an entire page full.  Wow.  Good job, SPAMMER.
Now for my new blog post - a few posts back I included a photo of the piece I'd been working on with Petoskey stones- newly forming, not nearly finished, I was and still am thinking of naming it "A Tribute to Michigan - sunsets, shorelines, and copper mines".    I worked on it a bit, but never really liked the size of it:

So yesterday - upon contemplating what to do with it - THIS is what ultimately happened.
It is now three separate pieces.

I like this much better.  I should have a finished piece later this evening.
Not quite sure what will happen with the other two pieces yet - I'm thinking one will be a brooch that could be worn in accompaniment to the pendant - but the third may have to go back to square one, with a completely different theme.  OR - since I'm heading for Coyote tomorrow (in search of answers regarding the Mystery bag) I COULD just buy more flat back Petosky stones.  Hm.....

I also worked on a new key piece this week.  I wish I had another show to do before the holidays, because I think these could be a KEY part of my sales. 
Oh well.  Let's hope that keys are still a big thing when I start shows again in the spring.....and speaking of SPRING - it seems so far away when you consider that it's almost December!

Peaceful, holiday spirit-full beading,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rent or loan?

Have you ever had anyone ask you about LOANING them your jewelry?  Whether it's a piece from your viable inventory, or even a piece that you own - it could be a risky proposition.
I've been approached with the request - and because I trust the person (she was one of last weekend's show vendors) I will probably just loan her a piece if she finds one suitable.  She DID, however, suggest RENTING it.  And I had seriously thought about offering some type of rental when I had the shop.  A credit card number and a deadline for return or it is charged the full amount of the piece.   Rental would be about 1/3.   Not sure why I never implemented.  Too many options for error, I suppose.
Not sure Judy will even find a suitable piece among my choices.  It needs to be blingy.  And RED.  I'm not a red girl.  Wearer - or creator.  Not that I don't like it, I do even wear it occasionally.  But I don't have much red jewelry, and the red box and the black (believe it or not) are the smallest of the seed bead stash drawers, followed by white, yellow, and then true true green.  Not a fan.  Forced myself to create something tonight with a pretty deep green bead that I picked up for some reason.  Tis the season for green - and - Green and White.  As in MSU Spartans.   There are some serious green and white freaks around here.....
Hope everyone found great sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I've never been a fan of either of those, either.  And I love to shop.  Just not to the death.  Or on line so much.  I'll order beads from reputable vendors, and the occasional outfit from Roaman's or a couple other favorite stores.  But not a big online credit shopper.  I guess I'm just old enough to be considered old school.  We still have old fashioned tube TV's - even if we no longer watch them much (ditched the dish).  We dry our clothes on the line when the weather's good, along with many other things that people consider old fashioned.  We don't even have smart phones.  Just prepaid flips.  I know.  LAME. But I think it makes me appreciate them all the more...
Happy Monday!
Peaceful beading,

Friday, November 23, 2012

I think maybe they were at Hogwarts


It took almost two months.  I thought maybe they were the result of a reshipment from the Etsy seller, who was getting just as frustrated as I was about the fact that they hadn't arrived.  Sure, they were coming from China. And had to go through New York.  The week before a hurricane.  But they SHOULD have made it through.  But the date on the box was the original date - OCTOBER 14th.  So I think they took themselves on a little scenic detour.  Hogwarts?  The Wood?  Where ever they've been - they're now happy here at their foster home - and awaiting new homes when I decide what to make with them.  I'm pretty much done with shows for the year, so anything I make will either wait until spring to be shown and sold - or show up listed on Etsy. 
And speaking of Etsy - if you haven't been to my shop in awhile - I admit I had been remiss in listing.  In fact, it, too had probably been close to two months.  I had a few sales here and there, and another attempt to please a picky client, with the result being another refund.  But as of today - more JEWELRY has been listed, in the form of a whole new section called ShesPink.  All of the pink themed pieces I've had around for the last season or so, enough that I could do an entire Breast Cancer Awareness themed table.  "Aware"

 is particularly view worthy - it is assymetrical - vibrant and full of netting, peyote and sparkly crystal on one side, the other side - a simple string of seed beads, accented up the strand by silver rings surrounding crystals.  Starker.  But just as alive.  The perfect statement for that special survivor.  Awaiting it's new home.  It's listed at $135....
Well, the brave hunter has returned from our nearby wood.  Guess I better go prepare his feast....
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

And the winner is...

MOONLIT FANTASEAS!   Don't have time for a big huge post - got food to finish, and a 3 hour one way car ride WITH my mother in law to look forward to, but wanted to show you a photo of the giveaway stash that she won - and I hope to hear from her very soon!    The random number generator popped out number 41, if anyone is interested, and their were 56 names to choose from - some of you as many as 12 times (KAYZ!) 
Thank you ALL for entering - I think it's just as much fun to offer the giveaway as it is to enter one, and will probably do one again after the next Lori Anderson Blog Hop in 2013.  I still have a huge selection of beads left from my shop inventory, and I still keep buying (beaders will understand this), so I need to destash - and this is a fun way to do it!

Here's a photo of the fabulous prizes you've won, Moonlit Fantaseas!

They'll be winging their way to you as soon as you respond to my email. 
Peaceful Thursday, Thanksgiving, Turkey Day and beading to everyone!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last chance for giveaway

This will probably be the last post of the day - so comment for your chance to win!  Deadline is midnight tonight - and I'll draw the lucky winner first thing when I get around in the morning.  Here is a teaser photo of the pile of goodies I came up with:

It's huge.  It's colorful.  It's definitely a mix of everything - findings, focals, accents, and several seed bead mixes.  Can't wait to find out who wins!

Comment!  Don't wait!  Go there now!

Peaceful thankful beading,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Mystery Bag

About 3 weeks ago I received a simple text from one of the Coyote clerks informing me that a friend had left 'a bag' of beads and stuff at Coyote for me.  She didn't realize I wasn't working there anymore, so they tucked it away, and I tucked the info into the back of my mind.  Finally - today I had a chance to pick up 'the bag', which I honestly expected to be a sandwich or gallon size bag of old, worn out, garage sale finds that people like to bring me.  I always accept them graciously, and have indeed been able to repurpose some of it.  So imagine my surprise when I was presented with this:

Not your ordinary zip bag now, is it?  And HERE is what was inside:

Can you believe it?  Semi precious, crystal, STERLING, 14K gold, a sterling polishing kit, 2 rosaries, and much, much more.  MOST of it is absolutely stunningly gorgeous, and I don't even know if I want to tear it apart.  Some is the normal garage sale stuff, not sure what I'll do with it - but this is just like CHRISTMAS!   I NEED to contact the friend that left the bag, but can't seem to locate her contact info, and every single person that I can think of that might have it is out of town for the holiday.  Ack. 
I don't plan to do anything with any of it until I talk to my friend about the origin, especially since THIS is one that I made as a special order for someone several years ago:

Even my husband said the minute I pulled it out of the bag - "Didn't YOU make that one?"  Yes, honey, I believe I did - but not for Janeile.  I'm pretty sure most of the items in the bag DID NOT belong to my friend, so I am rather anxious to find out how she came by it, and why she chose to gift it to me.  I definitely need to repay her - either with something beady - or what ever she wishes. 

Those are REAL pearls, folks, and the focal piece is a potion BOX.  See the little clasp on the left?  Those are hard to come by these days.  And that faceted crystal!  OMG!  This is just way too much beady goodness to accept for free.

Off I go to create that Mix It Up bag.  Fun! FUN!
Peaceful magical beading,

Only two more days

Time is running out on the giveaway sign ups - right now there are about 20 of you (mr. obnoxious spam commenter doesn't count) in the hat for the Mix It Up bead mix.  Sorry I haven't posted any photos of what you might be getting - honestly - it will be a big surprise for me, too!  I haven't had the time to really sit down and put together an awesome selection - but THAT is job one for this afternoon.  You really won't be disappointed - I have TONS of items to choose from - that's what makes it so hard!
I'm still taking it easy after the show - I did get my inventory put away, but there are still some furniture items that need to be put back where they belong.  I really, REALLY need to get busy taking photos of the holiday items I want to list on Etsy - but I'm wondering if those will be just as big a waste of time as the Halloween.  Nary a view.  Let alone a sale.  Blah.  I'm also having a bit of an issue with a return purchaser who purchases now and asks questions later, like hole size, and faceting.  THEN she asks for a refund when it's not perfect.  At least she asked BEFORE I shipped them this time....
The good news is - thanks to the wonders of Facebook - I'm still doing a few sales among friends for the holidays.  I'm getting ready to deliver this little cutie today.  I plan to make a few more, but they will probably be gifts rather than purchases.  Fun to make, regardless....

And if Melanie from Earthenwood is reading - YES - I got the lock and key from YOU.  Gotta get back to Rustbelt!
Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  I'll be spending tomorrow cooking and baking - but don't worry - I'll check and make note of all those comments.  Can't wait to find out who wins the goodie bag!
Peaceful THANKFUL beading,

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The show is over

And it ROCKED!  We ALL had great sales - and surprisingly to ME - I had the best.  Usually my friend Tracy and her vintage Christmas and antique items sells the most, but because she had to downsize a bit to squeeze into my space (compared to the entire lower level of a home she used to have), she couldn't provide quite as much inventory.  She did have to bring MORE on the second day, but for some reason, her sales fell off on the 3rd.  The first day of the show was the best, and we didn't have nearly as many visitors on Saturday as we expected.  There were SO MANY other shows and activities around town that day - I think everyone was just overwhelmed trying to squeeze them all in.
So here is a before and after of Tracy's space - aka my little used formal living room:

Her piles of bags and boxes holding all the pillows, quilts, stockings and vintage fabric items

The piles were everywhere....
And then:
The magic happened.  Tracy can wonderfully transform just about any space
into a vintage wonderland - in less than three hours I might add.

 The front table by the window was literally EMPTY after the first day.  She had to raid her booth at the antique mall and bring us more on Friday! 
Her embroidered Christmas pillows with the beautiful fabrics and fun sayings are always popular.  "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle" was this year's hot seller!
There were also some very nice handpoured SOY candles made by my friend Pam. Her table fit perfectly exactly where we wanted it, and her use of the hearth was a nice touch too. Everyone had fun smelling them (there were so many different scents!) and many chose to purchase more than one at a time.  And it smelled heavenly in the house too!

Then there was my faithful fellow bead and jewelry lover Sally.  Her jewelry is so different than mine.  So classic.  Very vintage.  Lots of chain, and crosses, and she loves to use the semi-precious gems like I do too. HER best seller - some very unique, very cool ZIPPER bracelets. An actual zipper modified and edges smoothed with a few charms added. 
Voila. I think there were just a few left on Saturday.

And as you may recall - my space was the entire dining area:

Just as I suspected, those scarf charms were quite popular, too, and in fact I had to sit down on Friday night and make more!  I think I have 5 left out of about 15.  I definitely need to find some components to create more, and am even considering using unconventional, non-bead findings like shower curtain rings and big washers from the hardware store as loops for the next batch. 

Didn't sell as many Christmas items as I would have liked.  STILL can't move those ornaments with the covers, so I guess they become a part of my own inventory until I decide to gift them someday.
I did sell a few of the new spiral rope icicles, and a pair or two of trees, snowmen and angels.  For the most part though - this table still looks just like this. :o(

I did, however, experience some wonderful sales, the best of the 5 of us actually, and sold the "She Holds the Key" necklace to my brothers ex-wife.  She got me in the divorce, and we see each other regularly!  LOL!  It looks wonderful on her, and she brought me some key earrings yesterday so I can add a few charms to match.
We also had my friend Judy and her repurposed Goodwill sweater items.  She takes old worn out sweaters, cuts them up and designs very nice hats, fingerless gloves, and even baby booties with them.  All washable - and very affordable.  She was here to talk about them on Saturday - and they flew out the door.  Sadly - no photo.  She was a last minute add on, and I just didn't get a chance to snap a photo.
All in all - a wonderful time.  I spoke with Sally this morning, and she was ready to do it again already!   I on the other hand, have done nothing more strenuous than change my clothes, put some venison cubes in the oven with some onions and soup, and work a crossword puzzle.  I'm POOPED!
Happily pooped.
Can't believe that's the holiday season is upon us.  What happened to 2012?
Here's to a wonderfully happy and successful 2013!
Peaceful beading, TTFN

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mid stream

Just a quick update for all my loyal fans (lol!).  Third day of three about to begin - the first two were EXCELLENT - with Thursday being the busier and spendier day of the two, surprisingly enough.  As today is Saturday, I'm expecting it to be the busiest of the three.  ALL of us are doing very well, and we've had no parking issues, or complaints so far (well, ok, one - a man that clearly wasn't happy about hauling wife to 'craft shows' complained about the parking (they were the ONLY ones here, so there was lots), and the Christmas music.  Trust me.  If I wasn't holding this event - I wouldn't be streaming Josh Groban through Pandora either.....(gotta love some Josh Groban at Christmas, though, right?)
I have taken a few photos - but because the cord to get the photos OUT of the camera and to the computer is buried somewhere, they will have to wait until the AFTER party.  I'll post many when we're done.
Having a great time.  Realizing it is just as hard to hold something like this in your own home as it is to schlep everything somewhere else.  But at least I can take my time putting unsold items away (of which I hope there are few!), and putting the furniture back to rights.  My husband will be glad to get his TV back, even if it's just to stream Netflix.
Have a great weekend all!  Don't forget to comment to be in the running for the Mix It Up bead mix giveaway coming up on turkey day.  Time is running out!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


All those little things I had left to do to be ready for tomorrow caught up with me in a BIG way today.  My legs, feet and back are aching - and I'm not even the one that did most of the cleaning!  I'm so grateful to my friend Sally, who is also a vendor in the show, for doing some of the heavier, scrubbier jobs that are hard to get done.  She DOES clean houses for a living, but I never wanted to take advantage of her friendship by asking her for help that way.  So she just pitched in and did it - no questions asked.  Definitely need to do something special for her - there are sparkly places in my house that never were sparkly places before!
Still a little nervous about the last vendor left to set up - need to somehow squeeze a 6 foot table in a 5 foot space.  But something tells me not to worry - I will TRY.  I am now sitting with my feet up, and attempting to keep my thoughts on something besides the few little things left to do - which I want to leave til morning - but don't want to end up aching again either.  The show goes until 9pm tomorrow night - I need to last until then.
Had hoped for some bead time tonight, too - but now I'm thinking just rest and a book may ease my mind even more.  I have a vendor dropping off merchandise LATE tonight - I have a feeling she'll be waking me up when she calls me!
May not get back to you all before the day starts - or again before we're done on Saturday night, so be sure you comment for your chance at the Mix It Up bead mix giveaway - last chance will be NEXT Wednesday at midnight. 
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1 show just waiting

Just waiting for Thursday at Noon.   I always freak out about time - and always end up done with plenty to spare.  I'm having to do my office work and printing from the couch (I could get used to this), and we never actually ate at the table anyway, so I'm not really being too inconvenienced. 
Still not sure I'm happy with the layout of the lights - you know how those new light cords don't quite want to unfurl from the wad it comes in - so I may still need to tweek it a bit. 


Thought this one would have a little more on it - but I like it this way too.

This may also change - the blue table below may have to become
a part of the check out table space - we'll see how it goes. 

So now we just gotta bring on the people.  The other vendors - 4 in all - still have to set up their spaces - 1 tonight, 2 tomorrow and 1 early Thursday before we begin.
It seems good to have this part done though - now I just have to make the snacks, print the signs, and do some last minute worries!  (YEAH, right!)
And here's the good news, girls - I can get to the bead table again.  So there may be beading, and mix it up mix making in the future, too!
Comment for your chance to win!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, November 12, 2012

If you can't say something nice...

I wish everyone would stop and think about the rest of that adage before they speak.  DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.  
I've had two people in the last two days - one I know and one I don't - say mean, hurtful, sad things to me.  And trust me, as a sensitive, lover not a fighter Libra - cut me and I bleed. 
Now, I know I've been known from time to time to rant on about people and how they frustrate me, but I don't think I have ever, EVER - said something cruel or hurtful to someone's face, virtual or otherwise.  It's just not in my make up.  Plus, I'm so careful about what I say most of the time, for FEAR that I will say something that will offend someone.  And on the rare occasion that it might happen (it seems I'm on a roll this week), my stomach gets tied up in knots and I feel very sad.  So I've only made just a little progress on the room today - and found that one of the tables that fit in my head - does not fit in reality.   So I had to do some juggling, and some more culling of pieces that I plan to put out.  Let's just hope I have such great sales the first day that I can put out some of the pieces I had to take out, and then do it again on the second!  Wouldn't that be special? 
So what have I been doing with my time today?  Playing with PicMonkey.  LOVE the Monkey, and am learning more and more things that can be done with him everyday.  Plus I love what he says as you choose things.  Great site - and best of all - it's FREE!  Here's a sample of what I played with today - some backgrounds, frames, and adding my name to each one - something I've always wanted to do, especially now that so many of my pieces are floating around on the internet thanks to Facebook and Pinterest.

Pretty cool, huh?
Wish me luck with the rest of the week.  I still have to finish my space, and make the goodies I plan to sell, as well as the ones that we can eat, run a few errands, mail an Etsy sale that came in the middle of the room prep, and hit the credit union for petty cash.   I need time to stand still for a minute!
Don't forget to comment for a chance at the Mix It Up bead mix giveaway on Thanksgiving.  I haven't forgotten - I swear.  I just can't get to the bead table anymore, so I can't add to the bag!
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, November 11, 2012

ONE table down....

3ish to go.  I have a full round dining table, a 5 foot table, a card table and at least 2 small accent tables yet to set things out on.   I did the Christmas corner first, and LOVE how it turned out:

Cute, huh?  It's hard to see in the photo - but I ran a cafe curtain rod from corner to corner of the shelf so that it is diagonal across the space - and hung the beaded ornaments from it.  Pretty ingenious if I do say so myself.   One of the hardest parts about getting the tables all ready is figuring out how and where to turn on the accent lights so that they are easy to get to each time.  I've been pulling, dragging and maneuvering tables all day!  The dining table has been clothed, stacked and covered, and the card table that held ALL of my inventory had to be switched to the other side of the room - which meant MOVING all the inventory.  But - so worth it.  The five foot table works much better in that space, and it has been clothed and stacked and lit as well. I also cleaned windows, ran the sweeper and ran to the basement for holiday decor at least 3 times.  I think that's enough for one day! 
So, girls - I'm pooped.  And since I'm in mid-decorate - I don't even know if I will be able to bead to relax - I don't think I can find the table!
More photos coming soon - I should have the 5 foot table done tomorrow.  Tracy comes to vintage-ize the entire living room on Tuesday, Sally comes to transform the nook next the fireplace and one wall of the family room into a classic and understated jewelry showroom, and Pam will add the glow of candlejar candlelight on Thursday morning before we kick it off at noon.
I am going to take a nap!
Peaceful beading - don't forget to comment for your chance at the Mix It Up prize.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Just a tribute

Busy prepping the house for next weekend - the weather is gorgeous and WARM - so yard cleaning (Patty Gasparino - we could have used your children), and putting up holiday lights and decorations have been the job today.  I also delivered my art pieces to the Shiawassee Art Center today.  Always a small world - I walk in to the check in room, and there is a fellow vendor from The Schoolhouse days!   She does wonderful stained glass items - can't wait to see them.  The public reception and kick off for the holiday event is next SUNDAY - if I'm not completely wiped out from the 3 day, I may try to attend.
And now for that tribute - on a sad note, amidst the prep and the cleaning, I received a phone call that my brothers beloved Bruiser - his wife's Yorkie that turned into HIS Yorkie from the day they met - has passed away today.  We believe, as do the folks that did numerous tests at the vet clinic at the college, that he was a victim of that horrible dog treat salmonella outbreak from the summer.  Bye, Bruiser boy.  We will all miss you - Mark most of all. 

Photo credit goes to Holly Mayes, Photos from the Heart (and incidentally, also Mark's wife).

Don't forget to make a quick comment to be in the running for the Mix It Up bead and component mix giveaway on Thanksgiving!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heads up and a warning

I'm afraid someone has decided to start spamming my email from this blog - and may start doing some nefarious things to the blog itself.  I think I made a mistake by actually answering them and telling them to GO AWAY, and they may take offense. (aw. poor babies).   So if you get nasty messages from me - they are not.  If you start seeing blog posts that don't sound like me, and aren't bead/garden/dog or ME related - they probably aren't.
WHY do people get such a kick out of doing things like this?  ARGH.
I'm actually taking a few hours OFF of show prep this evening and am going to start catching myself up on Sons of Anarchy.  Season 4 is FINALLY available through Netflix.   Hello, Jax Teller.  It HAS been awhile.....

Comments to this blog COUNT in the give away.  Just wish it was a happier post.  Idiots.
Peaceful SPAM free beading,

Bless my mess?

Or does it look like a jewelry store puked in here?  My husband is being VERY accommodating right now - one week before the show, bringing things up from basement for me, and agreeing to put up CHRISTMAS lights BEFORE deer season!  I'm trying very hard not to stress, which makes me physically ill, so starting early.  It helped that my fun beady friend and fellow show vendor Sally stopped by yesterday to chat - and ended up helping clean (she cleans houses for a living), move some furniture for easier traffic flow, AND - getting a hold of a box of items that I hadn't planned to include in the show.  I now have TWICE the inventory I planned on thanks to her - but my husband is on HER side surprisingly enough - put out as much as I can, because you never know what people might want.  And since it's here at my house - it's not like I have to rush to put it all away when the show is done, and in fact, I may try to leave a small table up for friends that wanted to come and couldn't make it.  Sort of a 24/7/365 shopping experience!  lol!

Took a few photos of the 'before' - I can't WAIT to show the after.  I DO tend to obsess about my displays, and again, because I am here at home, I can start early and obsess to my hearts content.  Today I headed to Hobby Lobby for earring wires, and walked out with TONS of holiday show displays, boxes, bows, bags - all 50% off!  Who can resist that deal? 

I didn't used to share the messy 'before' photos - but what the heck.  If it's good enough for so many of the Bead Soup Cafe girls - it's good enough for me!
This corner was totally changed from the original idea.  Yesterday, there was a blanket chest in this spot.  Pretty - but not nearly large enough to hold what I hope will be MOST of the holiday items.  So Sally, being the cleaning and organizing wizard that she is - offered to help move the chest, AND clean the floors and hardwood too.  Ok, Sally.  But you may be sorry....:0) 
The space holds a card table much better - and I think I can 'stack' things nicely.  Got some killer stacking boxes at Hobby Lobby today - wait till you see....
This is my bookshelf, and also the shelf I keep all my shipping supplies on.  That's what's under the cloth.  I will use the top two shelves to showcase some of my more expensive pieces, as this is the spot where the 'checkout' table will be, so they'll have to ask before trying on or touching those.  Normally I'm a pretty trusting person, but I've been told that literally 1,000's of people could pass through in the 3 day period - and that there have been issues with that in past, unfortunately.  :(  So better safe than sorry...

Pile of necklaces that Sally so kindly pulled out of the 'if' box.  Where I'll find to display them, I've got no clue.  But I have a whole week to figure it out!

And here are the stacking boxes I found today!  The tops of the boxes are red glitter, which MATCH the red glitter 'Believe' piece that I use to display with during the holidays.  I'm not sure why, but I went totally WILD with this animal holiday pattern, and got boxes, bags, tissue paper, bows - with the same pattern.  COOL MOON indeed!  People will definitely remember where there got items wrapped in animal holiday tissue paper!

The "Believe" will probably go on the big round table - but since it gets used for actually WORKING at (not eating - working) during the week - that will be the last thing that I decorate.  I have a big, round RED tablecloth that will adorn it.  Those snowflake cut out squares there are FELT placemats that I got at Homegoods for about a buck.  Man, I love that store....

So right now - it's a big fat mess. BUT - everything is priced, initialed (there are 4 of us, so we each need our respective initials on the tags), and I have SOME semblance of an idea of how the traffic will flow from room to room.    Tracy Kraft of Vintage TK crafts and linens dropped off ONE load of her items last night - hard to tell what's in those bags - a lot of pillows, embroidery, vintage fabrics, aprons - and a whole host of vintage items.  She's an antique dealer - there will be MANY vintage holiday treasures.  I'll for sure get a photo of the AFTER.   

It's been fun remembering that we have to go through the back of house to get to the room that's used on the other side of the dividing screen.  I have to turn around and backtrack every time! 
Anyway - it really is a mess right now.  Can't wait to see how the AFTER turns out.  Sally is predicting over $1,000 in sales.  I'll just be happy if people show UP!
Don't forget to comment for a chance to win the mix it up bead mix on Thanksgiving!  The next thing on my 'to do' list is to sit down and find MORE things to add to the mix.  You won't be disappointed.
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tis the season

Have you ever made a Christmas or holiday decoration to sell or show or gift or just for fun?  That's the 'mode' I'm in right now - gearing up for the 3 day, and for gift giving with what's left afterwards.

I've had these (there are 3 more as well) for a few years.  It's funny - but people will go to someplace like Bronner's in Frankenmuth and spend a fortune on ornaments - but find $15 for a locally made, hand beaded ornament is too pricey.  I've even tried marking them down to $12.00.  Still no dice.  For the show - they're back up to the $15 - which is still dirt cheap when you consider the TIME involved.  Will they ever understand that concept?

Here are a few others I've made - the round wire ones in the center, and the snowflake on the right are new this year - the others, again - had around for a few.  I think I only have a couple of the snowflakes on the forms left.  But I have FORMS left to make them with.  Still debating that since these last few have been around for so long.

THESE are all new in the last week - thanks to Sally Bohner Anderson for turning me on to her Pinterest TUTORIALS page - these are quick and easy, especially if you are already familiar with spiral rope.  I of course have already experimented with bead size, repetition, and color.  ME?  Follow exact instructions?  Probably NEVER!  LOL!

And as if I didn't have enough projects to work on -

ALL of these trays - the boxes in the front, as well as the slide trays in the back are PROJECTS.  Waiting to be done.  BUT - I've been seeing some interesting things done with Micro-Macrame recently involving adding beads, and realized that it's something that's not being done to death in my area like some of the other techniques.  SO - I ordered a book from
It should be here by the end of the week - so I'll have even MORE to work on.  I haven't ordered any of the supplies yet - the special board or cords - I'll practice with some good old fashioned styrofoam and some hemp cord first just to be sure I'll be able to master it.  Believe it or not, there ARE a few bead techniques I haven't been able to grasp - like bead crochet, and kumihimo.  Both look similar when complete - both completely flummox me.  Go figure.
And don't forget to leave your comment here for the mix it up bead giveaway drawing on Thanksgiving.    I'll be filling THIS bag and then some with some fun and fabulous prizes!
See?  I've already started....
Looking forward to a fun week of beading and reading.  Thanks to the party girls yesterday, my house is a lot closer to being ready for the Sampler show, so I won't have to work so hard - now I just have to KEEP it that way!
Peaceful beading,