Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mid stream

Just a quick update for all my loyal fans (lol!).  Third day of three about to begin - the first two were EXCELLENT - with Thursday being the busier and spendier day of the two, surprisingly enough.  As today is Saturday, I'm expecting it to be the busiest of the three.  ALL of us are doing very well, and we've had no parking issues, or complaints so far (well, ok, one - a man that clearly wasn't happy about hauling wife to 'craft shows' complained about the parking (they were the ONLY ones here, so there was lots), and the Christmas music.  Trust me.  If I wasn't holding this event - I wouldn't be streaming Josh Groban through Pandora either.....(gotta love some Josh Groban at Christmas, though, right?)
I have taken a few photos - but because the cord to get the photos OUT of the camera and to the computer is buried somewhere, they will have to wait until the AFTER party.  I'll post many when we're done.
Having a great time.  Realizing it is just as hard to hold something like this in your own home as it is to schlep everything somewhere else.  But at least I can take my time putting unsold items away (of which I hope there are few!), and putting the furniture back to rights.  My husband will be glad to get his TV back, even if it's just to stream Netflix.
Have a great weekend all!  Don't forget to comment to be in the running for the Mix It Up bead mix giveaway coming up on turkey day.  Time is running out!
Peaceful beading,


KayzKreationz said...

Sounds like your show is going well. Congrats. Hope today beats them all.

OneGreatBag said...

Everything looks beautiful, Sheryl. I couldn't be happier with my treasures! :)