Saturday, November 3, 2012

Short and sweet

You guys are not gonna like this beader - I FORGOT to take pictures of the girls during the party.  Dang.  I had the camera right there too.  I also forgot to do the door prize drawing for the items I wanted to give away.  Double Dang.  I am going to have to start actually having an organized check list for these things if I have them regularly.  We were just having so much fun - each person had good questions, and needed a bit of help, and wanted to know more about the seed bead work I do, all of which needed my full attention.  BUT - ONE of those ladies is signed up for a seed bead class after the first of the year - and I'll tell ya - all it takes is ONE to get others excited about it.  And it's the same one that got the group together for today, so she seems genuinely interested in beading and learning more.  She's already a knitter - it seems to go hand in hand for so many.  Looking forward to teaching her - but kicking myself for forgetting to take pictures!  I really wanted to share it all with you.  Drat.
I DO have one photo I can share from today's event though- Zeus was patiently awaiting their arrival!  LOL!  (Honestly - I think he may have been watching Terry get in the Jeep and leave without him again).    Silly dog. 

So anyway - party done.  Six ladies - two grandmas, a daughter, and three granddaughters.  A fun afternoon was had by all - you'll just have to imagine the rest!  ack!
Don't YOU forget about the mix it up giveaway I'm having - I'll be drawing ONE name from all the comments made to ANY blog I post from now until Wednesday, November 21.   I will start throwing the mix together - and IF I REMEMBER - I may post a teaser photo or two.  Somebody needs to remember to take their Ginko Biloba!
Peaceful beading,


Zia Parks said...

LOL! LOL! Glad your party went off with the hitches aparently they make the best party's even more great! Zia Parks, I'm from the bead cafe group

Skye said...

So happy to hear I'm not the only one with a crappy memory >.< lol Oh.. and that you had a great time ;) Yeah, glad to hear that too :) lol

And definitely do a check list, and have your stuff for the draws sitting right out front and center so everyone can see it... so the odds of someone remembering it are pretty good ;)

coolmoon said...

Yeah, I think that was my problem, Skye - all my giveaways and phone and camera were on a table BEHIND me. Since I have no eyes in the back of my head, well...Thanks for commenting! You're in the hat! (You too, Zia!)

Unknown said...

Oh heavens, you crack me up! I've done that soo many times, kicking myself for not taking pics. One idea for you is to pick up a couple of throwaway cameras, and leave them on the table, and let everyone take turns taking pictures. That will give you some different perspectives as well.

coolmoon said...

Except that with throw aways I can't run right to FB or my blog and share them. THAT, along with a file that I'm trying to keep with events like this - I'm not startin' out very good. Thanks for commenting, Shirley. You're in the running!

mamaowlaz said...

hehehe - I just got back from a daylong ride and the camera bag was slung over my shoulder the whole day-- I just forgot to pull it out for even one picture.. so I completely understand

KayzKreationz said...

Well, glad you had fun even if you did forget the photos. I always do that myself. Get too caught up in the fun. LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great party!