Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1 show just waiting

Just waiting for Thursday at Noon.   I always freak out about time - and always end up done with plenty to spare.  I'm having to do my office work and printing from the couch (I could get used to this), and we never actually ate at the table anyway, so I'm not really being too inconvenienced. 
Still not sure I'm happy with the layout of the lights - you know how those new light cords don't quite want to unfurl from the wad it comes in - so I may still need to tweek it a bit. 


Thought this one would have a little more on it - but I like it this way too.

This may also change - the blue table below may have to become
a part of the check out table space - we'll see how it goes. 

So now we just gotta bring on the people.  The other vendors - 4 in all - still have to set up their spaces - 1 tonight, 2 tomorrow and 1 early Thursday before we begin.
It seems good to have this part done though - now I just have to make the snacks, print the signs, and do some last minute worries!  (YEAH, right!)
And here's the good news, girls - I can get to the bead table again.  So there may be beading, and mix it up mix making in the future, too!
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Peaceful beading,


Unknown said...

Love it! Good Luck.

KayzKreationz said...

I really like the lights on your table. But I like lights everywhere. :) looks like you have a great set-up.