Wednesday, November 14, 2012


All those little things I had left to do to be ready for tomorrow caught up with me in a BIG way today.  My legs, feet and back are aching - and I'm not even the one that did most of the cleaning!  I'm so grateful to my friend Sally, who is also a vendor in the show, for doing some of the heavier, scrubbier jobs that are hard to get done.  She DOES clean houses for a living, but I never wanted to take advantage of her friendship by asking her for help that way.  So she just pitched in and did it - no questions asked.  Definitely need to do something special for her - there are sparkly places in my house that never were sparkly places before!
Still a little nervous about the last vendor left to set up - need to somehow squeeze a 6 foot table in a 5 foot space.  But something tells me not to worry - I will TRY.  I am now sitting with my feet up, and attempting to keep my thoughts on something besides the few little things left to do - which I want to leave til morning - but don't want to end up aching again either.  The show goes until 9pm tomorrow night - I need to last until then.
Had hoped for some bead time tonight, too - but now I'm thinking just rest and a book may ease my mind even more.  I have a vendor dropping off merchandise LATE tonight - I have a feeling she'll be waking me up when she calls me!
May not get back to you all before the day starts - or again before we're done on Saturday night, so be sure you comment for your chance at the Mix It Up bead mix giveaway - last chance will be NEXT Wednesday at midnight. 
Peaceful beading,

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KayzKreationz said...

Rest is probably the best thing so you're fresh for the show.