Sunday, November 18, 2012

The show is over

And it ROCKED!  We ALL had great sales - and surprisingly to ME - I had the best.  Usually my friend Tracy and her vintage Christmas and antique items sells the most, but because she had to downsize a bit to squeeze into my space (compared to the entire lower level of a home she used to have), she couldn't provide quite as much inventory.  She did have to bring MORE on the second day, but for some reason, her sales fell off on the 3rd.  The first day of the show was the best, and we didn't have nearly as many visitors on Saturday as we expected.  There were SO MANY other shows and activities around town that day - I think everyone was just overwhelmed trying to squeeze them all in.
So here is a before and after of Tracy's space - aka my little used formal living room:

Her piles of bags and boxes holding all the pillows, quilts, stockings and vintage fabric items

The piles were everywhere....
And then:
The magic happened.  Tracy can wonderfully transform just about any space
into a vintage wonderland - in less than three hours I might add.

 The front table by the window was literally EMPTY after the first day.  She had to raid her booth at the antique mall and bring us more on Friday! 
Her embroidered Christmas pillows with the beautiful fabrics and fun sayings are always popular.  "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle" was this year's hot seller!
There were also some very nice handpoured SOY candles made by my friend Pam. Her table fit perfectly exactly where we wanted it, and her use of the hearth was a nice touch too. Everyone had fun smelling them (there were so many different scents!) and many chose to purchase more than one at a time.  And it smelled heavenly in the house too!

Then there was my faithful fellow bead and jewelry lover Sally.  Her jewelry is so different than mine.  So classic.  Very vintage.  Lots of chain, and crosses, and she loves to use the semi-precious gems like I do too. HER best seller - some very unique, very cool ZIPPER bracelets. An actual zipper modified and edges smoothed with a few charms added. 
Voila. I think there were just a few left on Saturday.

And as you may recall - my space was the entire dining area:

Just as I suspected, those scarf charms were quite popular, too, and in fact I had to sit down on Friday night and make more!  I think I have 5 left out of about 15.  I definitely need to find some components to create more, and am even considering using unconventional, non-bead findings like shower curtain rings and big washers from the hardware store as loops for the next batch. 

Didn't sell as many Christmas items as I would have liked.  STILL can't move those ornaments with the covers, so I guess they become a part of my own inventory until I decide to gift them someday.
I did sell a few of the new spiral rope icicles, and a pair or two of trees, snowmen and angels.  For the most part though - this table still looks just like this. :o(

I did, however, experience some wonderful sales, the best of the 5 of us actually, and sold the "She Holds the Key" necklace to my brothers ex-wife.  She got me in the divorce, and we see each other regularly!  LOL!  It looks wonderful on her, and she brought me some key earrings yesterday so I can add a few charms to match.
We also had my friend Judy and her repurposed Goodwill sweater items.  She takes old worn out sweaters, cuts them up and designs very nice hats, fingerless gloves, and even baby booties with them.  All washable - and very affordable.  She was here to talk about them on Saturday - and they flew out the door.  Sadly - no photo.  She was a last minute add on, and I just didn't get a chance to snap a photo.
All in all - a wonderful time.  I spoke with Sally this morning, and she was ready to do it again already!   I on the other hand, have done nothing more strenuous than change my clothes, put some venison cubes in the oven with some onions and soup, and work a crossword puzzle.  I'm POOPED!
Happily pooped.
Can't believe that's the holiday season is upon us.  What happened to 2012?
Here's to a wonderfully happy and successful 2013!
Peaceful beading, TTFN


Sally Anderson said...

Congratulations on a very successful show! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Well done. I am very happy for you. Enjoy your holiday. You have definitely earned the opportunity to relax.

OneGreatBag said...

The show was wonderful! I love my candle and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my necklace. You are one of the best things I got in my divorce! LOL <3

OneGreatBag said...

The show was wonderful! I love my candle and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my necklace. You are one of the best things I got in my divorce! LOL <3

Bobbie said...

So glad your show was a success! Imagine me doing a happy dance and clapping wildly for you!!

KayzKreationz said...

So great that your sale/show went so well. All the pictures of the set ups are great. And I love the Key necklace and the story with it.