Monday, November 26, 2012

Rent or loan?

Have you ever had anyone ask you about LOANING them your jewelry?  Whether it's a piece from your viable inventory, or even a piece that you own - it could be a risky proposition.
I've been approached with the request - and because I trust the person (she was one of last weekend's show vendors) I will probably just loan her a piece if she finds one suitable.  She DID, however, suggest RENTING it.  And I had seriously thought about offering some type of rental when I had the shop.  A credit card number and a deadline for return or it is charged the full amount of the piece.   Rental would be about 1/3.   Not sure why I never implemented.  Too many options for error, I suppose.
Not sure Judy will even find a suitable piece among my choices.  It needs to be blingy.  And RED.  I'm not a red girl.  Wearer - or creator.  Not that I don't like it, I do even wear it occasionally.  But I don't have much red jewelry, and the red box and the black (believe it or not) are the smallest of the seed bead stash drawers, followed by white, yellow, and then true true green.  Not a fan.  Forced myself to create something tonight with a pretty deep green bead that I picked up for some reason.  Tis the season for green - and - Green and White.  As in MSU Spartans.   There are some serious green and white freaks around here.....
Hope everyone found great sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I've never been a fan of either of those, either.  And I love to shop.  Just not to the death.  Or on line so much.  I'll order beads from reputable vendors, and the occasional outfit from Roaman's or a couple other favorite stores.  But not a big online credit shopper.  I guess I'm just old enough to be considered old school.  We still have old fashioned tube TV's - even if we no longer watch them much (ditched the dish).  We dry our clothes on the line when the weather's good, along with many other things that people consider old fashioned.  We don't even have smart phones.  Just prepaid flips.  I know.  LAME. But I think it makes me appreciate them all the more...
Happy Monday!
Peaceful beading,


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coolmoon said...

Wow. Now that's spam.

lamplight crafts said...

I was also spammed by anonymous just last week; all were ads and links to sites that sell viagra. They left several comments on just about every post before I deleted them and changed to registered users only.

Note to self: Don't get anything red or green, or yellow or white for Sheryl :)

coolmoon said...

Ha, ha, Renetha. You can get me anything you want - it's the thought the counts - even the red, green, white and yellow ones.
Can't wait to do our exchange. I will be printing out your little list and carrying it with me so that I can start collecting the perfect things...
Happy day!

My Life Under the Bus said...

IS that your spam or are you just happy to see me??? OMG lol

Anonymous said...

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