Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Must be the full moon eclipse

Cuz people BE crazy.  If you are a regular reader, you may have already seen the comment made to my last blog post.  I don't really want to give them the time of day - but I was impressed with the time they took to spam me.  Not a quick little one or two line no nonsense spam - but an entire page full.  Wow.  Good job, SPAMMER.
Now for my new blog post - a few posts back I included a photo of the piece I'd been working on with Petoskey stones- newly forming, not nearly finished, I was and still am thinking of naming it "A Tribute to Michigan - sunsets, shorelines, and copper mines".    I worked on it a bit, but never really liked the size of it:

So yesterday - upon contemplating what to do with it - THIS is what ultimately happened.
It is now three separate pieces.

I like this much better.  I should have a finished piece later this evening.
Not quite sure what will happen with the other two pieces yet - I'm thinking one will be a brooch that could be worn in accompaniment to the pendant - but the third may have to go back to square one, with a completely different theme.  OR - since I'm heading for Coyote tomorrow (in search of answers regarding the Mystery bag) I COULD just buy more flat back Petosky stones.  Hm.....

I also worked on a new key piece this week.  I wish I had another show to do before the holidays, because I think these could be a KEY part of my sales. 
Oh well.  Let's hope that keys are still a big thing when I start shows again in the spring.....and speaking of SPRING - it seems so far away when you consider that it's almost December!

Peaceful, holiday spirit-full beading,

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