Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best trip to the vet’s office…EVER

I knew when I held the butterfly in my hand this morning – that today was going to be excellent.  And considering my day started with the blare of our carbon monoxide detector (dang dying battery) the butterfly event in itself was a magical thing.
I guess I can thank Zeus – he’s so afraid of anything loud like sirens and alarms that he wanted out and then wouldn’t come back in the house – so I had to go OUT in the early morning hours to check on him.  I almost stepped on this beauty….

002So I picked him up, and placed him on this planter.  Here it is about 5 hours later….and he’s still here! Maybe he’s waiting for the sun to warm him.  I just think he likes it here….
Anyway – about that TRIP to the vet’s office.  Don’t worry – the kids are fine.  We just needed to go purchase their monthly dose of heartworm meds.  During our last visit for Bella’s ear infection, the vet and I talked about her love of OPALS, and I was telling her about this piece:
004she said she’d like to see it if I still had it next time we came out – so no time like the present!  Off we went with me WEARING THIS ONE:All that Jazz Full.jpg

I showed her the opal piece, which she likes – but wasn’t quite sure about.  But she LOVED the piece I was wearing, and wondered if I would sell THAT.  WHY, yes, yes I will!  And could she get earrings to match?  Absolutely.  And at some point – could I FINISH the opal piece with a beaded necklace, and she will probably take that one then too! 

So I left with more money than I entered with, feeling just a bit naked – remembering to get those heartworm pills for the dogs – and with orders for more!  Just one of the reasons why WE LOVE OUR VET!
I’ve also been asked to teach another fun make it in a day workshop at SmittenDust.  I think it’s going to be earrings this time – a bit of embroidery, a bit of embellishment, a bit of edging, a bit of fringe and a LOT of FUN!
End of September.  More details when I get the sample ready.  THIS is as far as my idea has gotten:
002I have enough of these for 12 students – all would have the same components, colors, and accents – but the creativity will come when they put it together.  I HOPE.  That’s the plan.  I want to do this one as well - Sun earring sample Photo

But with the Adult Enrichment class for this one coming up just one week AFTER the SmittenDust workshop – I don’t know if I’d have time to replenish my already completed kits.  They are the BACK UP plan…… Smile

I have nothing else planned for the day (except for filling those special orders Winking smile) – but almost wish I did – because I’m definitely having a great day today!  Hope you all are having a day full of butterfly magic too!

Peaceful beading,

BIG changes coming soon

Not sure HOW soon – but it’s coming.
In recent weeks, I’ve seen and been involved in a lot of chatter on Facebook about the useLESS-ness of ETSY for selling handmade jewelry and supplies such as beads – and hey – BOTH of those are ME!  It was interesting to see and hear some of the others comments about the same issues I’m having – and it makes me wonder about the future of Etsy.  Sad that we’re having to find another way to market and actually SELL what we love to do so much – but GLAD that there IS a way!
Within the next few months, you’ll be able to purchase jewelry right from this blog!  Pieces like this….

002.jpgOr these….BellaKisses-Leaf.jpg

And even this:


I wish there was a way to offer you the beads too – but there are way too many of those to list here.  I may try ‘lots’ at some point – but we’ll try the jewelry pieces first.    I’ve still got a lot to learn about this technical stuff – so it may be a few months before I dive in.  In the meantime – the SUPPLIES – the quality, semi precious BEADS that I’m known for, are still available in my Etsy shop.   The jewelry, though, has been deactivated – BECAUSE:


I’ve also got a fall show schedule that’s filling up fast, as well class and workshops to prep for.  I need every piece available to spread between the galleries, the shows and now - the blog!  Who says this bead gig isn’t a full time job!  I just wish it paid like one!  ONE DAY – it will.  Not sure I’ll ever be in the big leagues like Marcia, or Cynthia or Rachel – but I will be able to actually profit from this thing one day – I CAN FEEL IT!
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

On the fringe!

WHEEE!  WE had so much fun today at the fringe bracelet class.  Seriously you guys.  I can’t believe I actually get PAID for this!  Look at all the FUN color and design choices – and EVERYBODY finished during class!  WHOOT! WHOOT!

005Linda went with red, green, black & white – sassy!

Didn’t quite finish MINE yet – too busy helping the girls.  Hope to have it done later tonight or tomorrow….006007MOM’S.  She didn’t think she could do it.  Ha!

008009This is Dusty’s.  She ran with that fringe and it came out funky cool.  LOVE the last minute butterfly addition!010Jane’s is actually gonna be a necklace focal; she’ll be adding it to a pretty ribbon.  NICE!


Sandra’s was my favorite (sssshhh.  Don’t tell!)  Open-mouthed smile  Hers was the kit that I made that came closest to recreating the sample at the studio.  I love the lime green.  She’s already gone and bought more beads and started more bracelets.  Crazy girl!

So fun.  I just love teaching.  It’s not work to me at all, and I’m always afraid I’m not explaining things or giving people as much attention as they need – but obviously they only needed a little help from me! (MOM was the exception.  But she did it.  That was the important thing). And I always include instruction sheets – but those are for later.  In MY class – it’s hands on all the way, baby!
I hope the next class that I choose to offer is just as fun and well attended.
I’m thinking either earrings similar to these:Peacock Earrings Card Photo

Or another bracelet that incorporates old denim jean waistbands and funky ceramic bracelet focals.  But first – I must once again attempt to write AND FOLLOW my own beaded bead instructions.  WHY when I do it quickly – zip, zip, zip – does it come out great.  But when I stop after each step and write it down – I can NOT follow it and get it to come out right?  ACK!  So diving back in this week folks – wish me luck.  And then to decide which magazine will get the honors.  I’m actually thinking either Bead Style or Bead Design Studio.  Not as well known – but both worth a try.
And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the newest blog hop (I didn’t participate this time, knowing I had last weekends show, and this class and the prep work to do) – check out Lori McDaniel Anderson’s blog ( for the list of the participants – the Bead Hoarder’s Hop – creating something with beads you’ve been hoarding with NO plan (like my entire collection!); almost 200 hoppers!  Ready! SET! GO!

Peaceful beading,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Somethin’s gotta give

And although I LOVE the Jack Nicholson movie with that title – I’m not lovin’ so much the REASON I am making this declaration…
I’ve come to the realization that SOMETHING has got to give in regard to my ETSY site.  I know.  I’ve said it before.  And I’ve just let it go.  But for all the work, and photo prep, and relisting, and fee paying that I’ve done with this thing for the last THREE years – I think I’m going to toss it to the curb.  For the final time.
I’m a bit dismayed and disappointed that with all the advertising and sharing I did of my THIRTY PERCENT OFF sale – only TWO people took advantage.  TWO.
Hm.  Not sure why or what is prompting the non-sale activity, but I have listened to the experts and worked on my ‘keywords’. (ugh.)  I’ve compared my prices to other bead selling sites.  I even tried FREE shipping for over a year.  I GIVE UP.  I think the next plan is to simply start incorporating a bowl or box of strands and bags of beads into my art fair and craft show tables, and use the November 3 day show here at home to set up a whole room full of beads, and use as many as I can in my own designs, and calling it good.

Bead Tray LRSH 

I would ideally LOVE to have my own shop again – someday.  But honestly, it takes HARD work, commitment and DEDICATION that I’m not sure I have right now.  I WANT TO BEAD.  And the LAST thing that was always a possibility when I had my little shop was finding time for actual beading and design. 


There was always stock to put out, to retag, to relocate, to order, to inventory etc. 
So I’m afraid this blog isn’t full of happy, happy, joy joy today.  At least not on the Etsy front.  BUT ----
IT IS full of excitement and joy when it comes to my show success AND the fact that TEACHING seems to be the way to go for me right now.  And yes, I suppose I could incorporate a bowl of beads for sale at those session too (I always have items and kits for sale at my class events).  I am also good to go for shows from here on out with the new addition of a 10X10 canopy of my very own!
011003 (2)

My Art Fair experience last weekend was a rousing success – beautiful weather, and TONS of customers.  My little ‘create your own’ key pendant idea worked like gangbusters- so much so that I had to go buy more keys so that I can try it again next week!  YAY! 
004 (2)

So I guess maybe I’m ok with not being an actual ‘bead seller’ anymore.  I think I’m glad to have moved into the design and show end – also hard work, but not on a daily basis. 
And keep watching for TWO updates regarding some of my original design pieces – I should be hearing from FMG about whether or not I’ve been accepted to their seed bead contest for 2013 within the next few weeks, AND- I am on the last details of a two hole beaded bead original design that I will be submitting to a magazine for consideration for publication. 
I’m as busy as I wanna be.  And it’s a good thing….
Watch for Etsy shop closing announcements.  Not sure how soon it will be – I’ve got stuff that doesn’t even expire until October listed still….
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

You gotta have friends


(courtesy of Google Images)

This is a quick tribute and shout out to the true friends in my life – one of the truest of which just came 1/2 hour out of the way to pick me up, head to our favorite coffee shop, and then let me horn in on her work day afternoon, then brought me back.  Friends like that ROCK.   I will return the favor someday if and when I can – but she won’t expect to be repaid.  That’s just the way she is.


And on an unrelated note – I sure hope YOU are staying dry in whatever neck of the woods you’re in.  We are enduring yet another downpour out of what was clear blue sky just 1/2 an hour ago.  Crazy day, Mother Nature.  I hope you’re having fun with it….
Peaceful DRY beading,

Sunday, July 7, 2013


This blog (written during my latest bout of middle of the night insomnia) is first and foremost about Etsy.   Still wrestling with whether it’s even worth it to keep the shop open or not, but in the meantime – let’s have a sale!  So if you aren’t a FB follower, you may not have heard about it yet.  The coupon code that you need to get 30% OFF everything currently in the shop:  SUMFUN30.  That’s a bigger discount than I EVER gave my store customers for more than a day or two – and this one doesn’t expire until July 18th!  So hurry over there!

Now.  About this insomnia thing.



I’m noticing it seems to be a trend among many of us creative types of late – so many fellow beady FB peeps are posting that they too, are missing the zzzzzz’s.  Something in the air? The stars? 



It really doesn’t help that along with the swirling and twirling thoughts going on in my head, that the dogs have decided “YAY! She’s UP!” and are wandering the yard (in the rain), which will mean toweling and wiping X 2, keeping me further and further from the Z zone.  And that the usual antidote – reading – can’t be achieved without my Nook – which is charging in a non-accessible-when-charging place.  So I guess, I bet, I TRULY HOPE – that a nap is in my Sunday afternoon (or maybe late morning) future.
SO – because I’m awake (or maybe the reason I’m awake) is all the indecision of late regarding my fall schedule.  Still don’t have a car (fuel pumps are expensive!), so keeping in mind my husbands penchant, need, and insistence on hunting – starting with bow season in October, all the way through to second muzzleloader season in December – I’m not sure what I can safely sign up for.  And do I want to participate in the HOME based Holiday Sampler that I did in November last year?  That would solve the car issue – but the price tag is hefty (over $100) if I don’t find other vendors to share my space.  Not going to count on ANY of the girls that I had last year; they are all in different spaces in their lives right now.  And not sure I want to host someone I don’t know.  As well as – call me selfish – but I would prefer to be the only jewelry vendor this time.   I have until end of August to decide….
I also had an invitation from the Shiawassee Art Center to participate in another juried art competition.  I should feel flattered that they believe my work is worthy – but the deadline is the 18th, and I have a two day show, a class AND a party to prepare for.  I can’t submit anything that has already been displayed at the gallery in the past – so that’s what makes it tricky.  I am taking them new art tomorrow, so unless I pull one of those new pieces and hold it for jury consideration, I don’t have anything NEW to submit. And then if they reject it (it happens :/)  then I have done all that work on a gallery worthy piece for nothing – at least until the holiday market in NOVEMBER.  I have until the 17th to decide…..
Well, folks – I guess I will TRY to go and at least close my eyes, and hope for the best.  I was up at 4 – and it’s now after 6.  MAYBE – just maybe – I won’t have to see 7…..
Wish me luck, and peaceful beading,

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Key to fun!

Saturday’s “Unlock you Passion” key pendant class at SmittenDust was a rousing success!  AND FUN!  I just love teaching so much that it isn’t even like work!  And I meet so many excited beaders that are happy to be learning something new.  AND even more rewarding – everyone understood my direction, and was able to complete the ENTIRE project in the class!  YAY!  Hillary (shown below) and Jane (our birthday girl) came all the way from Kalamazoo to be with us.  Even Sue, who is actually a quilter, not a beader, created her whole piece and LOVED it! 

002003This one was mine….

This one was Jane’s – it was her birthday, and she chose to spend it with us!


005And this one was Sue’s.  Simply beautiful….

Everyone was so excited about this project, that they ALL are hoping to sign up for the next class – the FRINGE IT! Bracelet.  This will be a fun class too – teaching TWO beading techniques in one class – basic stringing, and fringe.  This class will be held at SmittenDust Studio in Dimondale on Saturday, July 20th from 10am to 4pm – and there will even be a nice lunch included!  Head to the SmittenDust blog to register with PayPal!


Sky Blue Fringe Bracelet

The blue & white one (above) is currently for sale at Absolute Gallery in Old Town, Lansing….Red white baby blue bracelet

The red, white and blue one sold a few years ago; and the pink and red one (my personal favorite) is currently on display as the sample at Smittendust!Red Pink Fringe Bracelet

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of crocheting, as well as kit prep, and trying to come up with a new original design for a magazine submission.  That has been a little tricky, since it’s based on something that was a happy accident – and now I am having a hard time actually doing it on purpose!  AND figuring out how I DID it so I can write it down!  I’m on my 4th one, but since I’ve been doing so many other things  - my hand, particularly my thumb - is a little sore!  I may have to stop and have a book marathon for a few days! 
Here are a “couple” more projects I just completed – all Shiawassee Art Gallery bound next week:

Abyssinian.jpgCloaked.jpgBali Detail.jpgSticks & Stones.jpg

Magic in Motion.jpgSummer Sky.jpg

These are just a few of the pieces heading up there for the summer.  There are also earrings, and a matching bracelet or two! 
So yeah – I think I’ve been busy!  How about you?
Peaceful beading,