Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best trip to the vet’s office…EVER

I knew when I held the butterfly in my hand this morning – that today was going to be excellent.  And considering my day started with the blare of our carbon monoxide detector (dang dying battery) the butterfly event in itself was a magical thing.
I guess I can thank Zeus – he’s so afraid of anything loud like sirens and alarms that he wanted out and then wouldn’t come back in the house – so I had to go OUT in the early morning hours to check on him.  I almost stepped on this beauty….

002So I picked him up, and placed him on this planter.  Here it is about 5 hours later….and he’s still here! Maybe he’s waiting for the sun to warm him.  I just think he likes it here….
Anyway – about that TRIP to the vet’s office.  Don’t worry – the kids are fine.  We just needed to go purchase their monthly dose of heartworm meds.  During our last visit for Bella’s ear infection, the vet and I talked about her love of OPALS, and I was telling her about this piece:
004she said she’d like to see it if I still had it next time we came out – so no time like the present!  Off we went with me WEARING THIS ONE:All that Jazz Full.jpg

I showed her the opal piece, which she likes – but wasn’t quite sure about.  But she LOVED the piece I was wearing, and wondered if I would sell THAT.  WHY, yes, yes I will!  And could she get earrings to match?  Absolutely.  And at some point – could I FINISH the opal piece with a beaded necklace, and she will probably take that one then too! 

So I left with more money than I entered with, feeling just a bit naked – remembering to get those heartworm pills for the dogs – and with orders for more!  Just one of the reasons why WE LOVE OUR VET!
I’ve also been asked to teach another fun make it in a day workshop at SmittenDust.  I think it’s going to be earrings this time – a bit of embroidery, a bit of embellishment, a bit of edging, a bit of fringe and a LOT of FUN!
End of September.  More details when I get the sample ready.  THIS is as far as my idea has gotten:
002I have enough of these for 12 students – all would have the same components, colors, and accents – but the creativity will come when they put it together.  I HOPE.  That’s the plan.  I want to do this one as well - Sun earring sample Photo

But with the Adult Enrichment class for this one coming up just one week AFTER the SmittenDust workshop – I don’t know if I’d have time to replenish my already completed kits.  They are the BACK UP plan…… Smile

I have nothing else planned for the day (except for filling those special orders Winking smile) – but almost wish I did – because I’m definitely having a great day today!  Hope you all are having a day full of butterfly magic too!

Peaceful beading,

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Unknown said...

What an OUTSTANDING Day!!! Blessing to you Sheryl!!!