Thursday, August 1, 2013

JEWELRY page coming SOON

If you are here looking for Cool Moon Creations unique one of a kind jewelry – THANKS for stopping by!  You may find a few pieces hit or miss on previous blog posts right now – BUT – FEAR NOT.  I am muddling through figuring out how to add an actual separate page – AND a BUY IT NOW PayPal button!  So you’ll be able to just click and purchase.  That easy.  For now, though – here are a few of the pieces that will be available – and if you are indeed interested in purchasing one (or more!) of them – just email me – I can give you the info you need to either use PayPal or send me a check in the mail:

002.jpg  Peacock pendant $15.00
BellaKisses-Leaf.jpgBella Kisses Earrings – $18.00

Blossom.jpgBlossom Necklace – $85.00
Breaking the Surface1.jpgBreaking the Surface necklace: $65.00

Earth Moon Cuff.jpgEarth Moon Cuff Bracelet: $90.00
Full Metal Khaki.jpgFull Metal Khaki SET – $75.00

rio.jpgRio Earrings – $30.00

Who Loves Petoskey pendant.jpgWHO Loves Petoskey Pendant on Ribbon- $45.00

There. That will give you an idea of what my style is like, as well as price range.  I am open to custom orders (paid in full FIRST), and can change ear wires to posts, etc.  I RARELY duplicate (the Bella Kisses earrings are an exception) – basically ONE OF A KIND.  There will be lots more coming, kids – I just gotta find time to figure it out!  Email me at if you are interested in purchasing – or have any questions regarding my work.
Peaceful beading,

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KayzKreationz said...

Too cool. If you figure out how to do the new page with the Paypal button, let me know. I was trying to figure it out and gave up. Don't know whether I was just too tired at the time or what, but I'd love to have a separate page on my blog for people to buy from. I can't even figure out how to do it on Facebook. :(