Monday, August 5, 2013

Where there’s a will…there’s a way

Well, it may not be as simple to add a “Buy it now” button and sell things here on the blog as I thought, but I think it can still be done – sort of.  I THINK I can add a second page to my blog that will feature the pieces and the prices.  And since I DO have a PayPal account, I’ll just simply have to have people email me from the blog to get payment info.  If there’s another way to do it – I am not computer literate enough to figure it out!  (I’ve watched PayPal’s tutorial on adding the button – but not sure how to apply it individually for each piece – or to Blogger).  I hope to have that up and ready in the next week or so – while I’m still thinking out and working out the idea for my next SmittenDust class in late September.    My original plan from the last post didn’t work out so well (I just don’t think our beginning beader Smitten gals are ready for the embroidery yet), and I want something different.  I’m working on a PEARL and embellishment added version of the Bella Kisses - Bella Kisses Earrings.jpgBellaKisses-Leaf.jpg

as well trying to ‘vintage’ them up a bit.  They do have a name (Not Your Mother’s Pearls…).  The rest is in my head…somewhere. 
And oh – MARIPOSA UPDATE – we made it to the second round!  I will be sending the piece off to Fire Mountain Gems in the next week or so, for them to judge and photograph IN PERSON.  So excited that we made it in.  I just got the big catalog that features all of LAST year’s winners – those are some BIG, BIG beading shoes to fill….so much talent. 

Here’s one more up close photo and then I’ll be keeping it under wraps until the winners are announced:

Wish me luck!  Somehow I feel that the magic in my garden this summer-the butterfly I held, all the hummingbirds, even a hummingbird moth -  is my sign that she’s a shoe in!
Peaceful beading,

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