Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cool Moon Jewelry Page!

Yahooo!  It worked!  Look UP – and you’ll notice a new tab that will take you to the Cool Moon Jewelry page.  I’ve listed a few of my favorites, as well as my email address to contact for PayPal purchase info.  I HOPE this will bring me some added lookers – and BUYERS – for my jewelry.  Not sure what I’ll do about the beads yet – I may add a third page of the most popular strands – ones I’ve already got photos of, after the Etsy site is down.  Which will probably be September-ish.  I MAY try to have one more clearance sale beforehand, but honestly – I’ve had TWO – NO ONE took advantage of the first one, and only TWO the second one.  Not sure it’s worth the hassle of setting it all up….

Still working on that end of September SmittenDust project.  I am not usually so wishy washy about that stuff – but because we have beginners, AND altered art lovers, I want to try to make it simple and altered art-y at the same time.  I haven’t spent ANY time at the bead table today, which isn’t helpful I suppose.  Just needed to take a break after finishing my last big piece:
Sunrise Canyon.jpg

I also created TWO pair of earrings to go with “All That Jazz”All that Jazz Full.jpg for our veterinarian to choose from – and whattaya know – she chose BOTH!  Yippee.
I love when I can manifest JUST what I need – we were really, REALLY low on cash this week before payday – and selling both pair will keep us in gas and me in lattes until Friday!  LOL!
Wonderful beading ideas are forming….I’ll be excited to blog about them as soon as they fall out of my head and into the beads!  Until then….

Peaceful beading,
TTFN  and don’t forget to go check out that jewelry page!

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