Monday, August 12, 2013

All we need is LOVE

But unfortunately – it seems as though there are many that aren’t sharing it or feeling it these days.  This is probably not the best day for ME to be posting about this, but it’s been on my mind – so snarky people – LISTEN UP because I have a question:
WHY is it OK for you to have your little ‘tude, your little rant, and go off ON ME – but not for me to have one in return?  Am I just supposed to stand there and take it?  Everyone says it’s not about me – not to take it personally, and to let it go.  BUT – when someone is in my personal space, giving ME attitude about ME (unfounded, unwarranted and unTRUE) – then yeah – it’s ABOUT ME.  And I should be allowed to have my little ‘tude, my little rant and go off on YOU in return.  hug tweetcourtesy of Google Images

Why is everyone so MAD all the time?  I suppose it seems even more so to me these days because not only has it happened to me on Facebook – with virtual jabs and snarky words – but it’s happened in person too – and that one still has me stunned and on the ropes.  So maybe that’s why the personal jabs this morning make it even harder to accept that people just want to be mean.  And just so you know – I’m NOT GOOD at being mean. It doesn’t come easy to me. It ties my stomach in knots and makes me feel bad AND sad.  I much prefer LOVE.  And HUGS.  And HAPPY people.  I would like to think that everyone does. 

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Maybe if more people took a minute, looked up, and saw this everyday – they would stop and think about what and how they say things, and how they affect OTHER PEOPLE.  Stop being so hurtful and try harder to fill the world with love.
The actions of others this morning have made ME stop and think about how I am going to reply.  I have replied once with statement of fact and truth.  And although I want to reply with the same snark and hurt intended by the comments made – I think it will make me feel better to instead reply with:

Whether they like it or not.

As always,
PEACEFUL beading,

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