Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New look coming

Since there are – and will be – so many changes coming to the blog, I think a WHOLE NEW look will be in order!  So watch out – in the next few weeks – it’s gonna be a whole new blog!  Still same bat-name – still same-bat channel (aka blogsite) but changing’ it up for the better!


If you follow me at all of Facebook, then you know I’m about done with my Etsy shop.  SATURDAY is the last day to save BIG – 40% (coupon code BUBYE40).  PLUS – the shipping is still way too low.  But what the heck.  I’m selling out – and that’s the idea.  I HAD over 8 pages of beads listed 3 weeks ago.  I’m now down to 4.  That’s about 1/2 the stock.  Whahoo.  And thank YOU!  I really appreciate it!

What I DON’T appreciate right now?  SUMMER is almost over!  WHERE did it go?  Or was it ever here?  I swear we spent half of June ducking


for cover from the rain AND the mosquitoes (pun intended)  and half of July indoors with the AC on, and then August we were freezing.  No in between until just recently.  Fall is fast approaching, if the chilly nights and early darkness have been any indication.
Normally, fall is my favorite time of year; it’s my birthday season, and the most colorful one too.  This fall – it’s also my BUSIEST one.  Wow.  It’s kinda fun to be in demand – but I hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew.  ONE more semi free weekend before all systems go toward sell, sell SELL!  As well as the teaching.  So along with all the other changes I plan to make to the site, I will also be adding a classes and events page.  Which means lots of updating and editing for me – cuz most of the time, I can’t even keep up with the additions and changes!  I know one thing that’s changing that I hope to make better, and that’s the art galleries.  I’ll be leaving both of the current ones this month.  ONE of them today.  Six months with no sales means it’s time for a new venue.  As far as Shiawassee – I’ve had sales, and it’s a beautiful facility – but it’s a really, REALLY long way away.  So I guess for this holiday season, I will concentrate on local shows to get my name out there.  And this blog.  And Facebook.  I do believe Facebook has done more for me than any other social media forum so far.   I love it, and use it as a marketing tool on a regular basis.  If you haven’t liked my Cool Moon Creations Facebook page – LIKE!  Smile
Hope you’re having a beadiful week – my beady brain has been super sparked lately – I’ve done all three of these in the course of the last couple weeks….
LastBloomSum.jpgTucson Turquoise.jpgMambofull.jpg







Fun, huh?  I LOVE doing the freeform embroidery cabs.  So addicting.   Can’t you tell?
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Selling yourself

It’s not always easy to market ME.  It’s always been a struggle.  But I’m getting better at it.  The link below is to an EXCELLENT article by Warren Feld from Land of Odds Beads in Nashville….I relate to many already – and plan to try and implement some of the rest.  If you are a designer/artist/maker of STUFF that you want to sell – it’s a MUST READ:
Also – LOOK UP again – I’ve added a second page for the jewelry – just to spread it out a bit more;  I’ll probably still add to and change BOTH of them – so make sure you check them BOTH out occasionally. 

Here’s a quick “peek” at what I did yesterday – “Those Baby Blues” – apologies to J. Giles Band…
001$30.00  by PayPal, personal check or if you’re local – cash is ALWAYS WELCOME, BABY!

Off to create with some fall color this afternoon – then to enjoy another fun and informative Astrology Discussion Group night.  I forget how much I learned – and still have crammed in my brain – from those classes….
Peaceful beading,

Monday, August 19, 2013

And I wasn’t even wearing pink!

Wearing pink is what one successful jewelry seller has said is one of her keys to success as shows and art fairs.  And I’ve tested her theory – I’ve had both success – and not so much.  I personally think it all comes down to drawing people in – and keeping people in.  BE FRIENDLY.  Hiding behind a book and not greeting people is NOT a good way to make a sale.  Now mind you – I DO take a book – or more likely crossword puzzles and sometimes even a bead project - to keep me busy during those lulls and sometimes just plain DEAD hours during shows.  But the MINUTE a customer walks up to my table, and into my space – I’m saying hello, pointing out highlights and sale items, and making sure they know I’m available. 
And yesterday – it took me ALL DAY to finish that darn puzzle!  It started slow – and ended, well….wow.   AWESOME DAY.  With AWESOME SAUCE on top!
And it got even better when I came home to see how many of my wonderful Facebook and blog friends had been SHOPPING in my Etsy shop yesterday! YAY!  I DO have to go buy more mailers!  LOL!
001I was a little more subtle with my display yesterday – back to my tried and true pale yellow, ACCENTED with my pops of purple. 

002I003004It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day, no breeze to blow down our displays, and after the first dead 1/2 hour – a pavilion FULL of shoppers for most of the afternoon.  005The interesting thing for me – that even though I had sale and clearance items – they weren’t my biggest sellers.  In fact – I sold TWO of the items that just came back from Shiawassee Art Center - rio.jpgTreasures of the Sea Bracelet

Everyone was cheerful, happy and apparently very willing to part with their hard earned dollars yesterday – ALL of us had a wonderful day.


So even though I wasn’t wearing pink to bring in the sales – one thing I can tell you from experience – and it spoke volumes yesterday – NEVER start breaking down your table early.  Or if you do – only take away unneeded display items like florals or small signage.  My BEST customers yesterday were a mother and daughter that showed up JUST before closing – and just kept buying and buying until well after the 4pm end time.  And that’s just fine by me!  The event organizer even got in on the fact that I was still there – and was my last sale of the day!   AND that mother and daughter booked a home party girls night out! 
Had I started packing up early I never would have had that last $100 worth of sales.  THAT’S one of MY secrets to success.
Well – gotta run, girls.  Off to the post office to mail SOME and buy mailers to mail MORE.  Keep those sales coming, kids.  I appreciate it so much.  And while the current traffic is nice, it probably won’t prompt me to keep the shop open.  I MAY extend the close date, but the current sale and shipping discounts are the magic ticket – and the sale ends 8/30.  Still plenty of time to save –
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

This n’ That

Not really sure where this blog post is going to lead today – as the title states – I BABBLE! 
THIS:  I am spending another busy day prepping for my August Art Market tomorrow.  It is supposed to be an absolutely GORGEOUS day – mid 80’s temps, with low humidity, low breeze, and NO RAIN.   Trying to divest myself of some older stock – some that’s been around since I had the shop!  That was almost 3 years ago!  So I’m experimenting with the signage – and the display.  Some will say Clearance with red slash marks, SOME will be a flat clearance price.  I even have ONE tray of buy one get one FREE!  I have lots of ideas and designs waiting to flow out of my head and onto that bead table, and I gotta make ROOM!  I may have to break down and buy another tray tote! 
I DO know one thing I plan to change about tomorrow – I will NOT be doing the PURPLE table display again!  It was fun for one market – but don’t want to over do.

001WAY TOO purple.  And I LOVE PURPLE!
Because my racks are purple, though – I’ll tone the table cover back to the yellow again.  Easier on the eye.  Probably more like this:

005This was my outdoor set up in DeWitt a few weeks ago.  One of my best….(rubbing knuckles on chest)…..

As always – I’ll post photos and my success when all is said and done.

THAT:  ETSY.  Closing the shop soon – 2 weeks from today.  There is a coupon code – BUBYE40 – to use at checkout.  40% off.  FORTY PERCENT.  And as if that wasn’t enough – I broke down and lowered the shipping on all of it – so I’m practically giving it away.  I debated about it – even said I wouldn’t do it, and got snarky comments in return to my decision – which prompted the previous blog post.  BUT – (and here’s where my opinion differs from my husbands’) – I would rather make a few bucks – have some money for MORE beads (for ME) and lattes – than let it sit, and sell nothing.  I didn’t used to feel that way.   But I’ve had time to see how things have played out – and seen and heard from other bead sellers about their experiences and what they’ve done.  I’m not super wild about having to lower my costs – and I’m sure some will find fault with THAT too.  But it is what it is – for two more weeks.  Still some great semi precious strands and focals left (8 pages worth last I looked) – so head over there – make me have to buy more mailers!  LOL!

It looks to be a beautiful Saturday out there – make the best of it!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, August 12, 2013

All we need is LOVE

But unfortunately – it seems as though there are many that aren’t sharing it or feeling it these days.  This is probably not the best day for ME to be posting about this, but it’s been on my mind – so snarky people – LISTEN UP because I have a question:
WHY is it OK for you to have your little ‘tude, your little rant, and go off ON ME – but not for me to have one in return?  Am I just supposed to stand there and take it?  Everyone says it’s not about me – not to take it personally, and to let it go.  BUT – when someone is in my personal space, giving ME attitude about ME (unfounded, unwarranted and unTRUE) – then yeah – it’s ABOUT ME.  And I should be allowed to have my little ‘tude, my little rant and go off on YOU in return.  hug tweetcourtesy of Google Images

Why is everyone so MAD all the time?  I suppose it seems even more so to me these days because not only has it happened to me on Facebook – with virtual jabs and snarky words – but it’s happened in person too – and that one still has me stunned and on the ropes.  So maybe that’s why the personal jabs this morning make it even harder to accept that people just want to be mean.  And just so you know – I’m NOT GOOD at being mean. It doesn’t come easy to me. It ties my stomach in knots and makes me feel bad AND sad.  I much prefer LOVE.  And HUGS.  And HAPPY people.  I would like to think that everyone does. 

(Courtesy of Google Images)cloud love

Maybe if more people took a minute, looked up, and saw this everyday – they would stop and think about what and how they say things, and how they affect OTHER PEOPLE.  Stop being so hurtful and try harder to fill the world with love.
The actions of others this morning have made ME stop and think about how I am going to reply.  I have replied once with statement of fact and truth.  And although I want to reply with the same snark and hurt intended by the comments made – I think it will make me feel better to instead reply with:

Whether they like it or not.

As always,
PEACEFUL beading,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cool Moon Jewelry Page!

Yahooo!  It worked!  Look UP – and you’ll notice a new tab that will take you to the Cool Moon Jewelry page.  I’ve listed a few of my favorites, as well as my email address to contact for PayPal purchase info.  I HOPE this will bring me some added lookers – and BUYERS – for my jewelry.  Not sure what I’ll do about the beads yet – I may add a third page of the most popular strands – ones I’ve already got photos of, after the Etsy site is down.  Which will probably be September-ish.  I MAY try to have one more clearance sale beforehand, but honestly – I’ve had TWO – NO ONE took advantage of the first one, and only TWO the second one.  Not sure it’s worth the hassle of setting it all up….

Still working on that end of September SmittenDust project.  I am not usually so wishy washy about that stuff – but because we have beginners, AND altered art lovers, I want to try to make it simple and altered art-y at the same time.  I haven’t spent ANY time at the bead table today, which isn’t helpful I suppose.  Just needed to take a break after finishing my last big piece:
Sunrise Canyon.jpg

I also created TWO pair of earrings to go with “All That Jazz”All that Jazz Full.jpg for our veterinarian to choose from – and whattaya know – she chose BOTH!  Yippee.
I love when I can manifest JUST what I need – we were really, REALLY low on cash this week before payday – and selling both pair will keep us in gas and me in lattes until Friday!  LOL!
Wonderful beading ideas are forming….I’ll be excited to blog about them as soon as they fall out of my head and into the beads!  Until then….

Peaceful beading,
TTFN  and don’t forget to go check out that jewelry page!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Where there’s a will…there’s a way

Well, it may not be as simple to add a “Buy it now” button and sell things here on the blog as I thought, but I think it can still be done – sort of.  I THINK I can add a second page to my blog that will feature the pieces and the prices.  And since I DO have a PayPal account, I’ll just simply have to have people email me from the blog to get payment info.  If there’s another way to do it – I am not computer literate enough to figure it out!  (I’ve watched PayPal’s tutorial on adding the button – but not sure how to apply it individually for each piece – or to Blogger).  I hope to have that up and ready in the next week or so – while I’m still thinking out and working out the idea for my next SmittenDust class in late September.    My original plan from the last post didn’t work out so well (I just don’t think our beginning beader Smitten gals are ready for the embroidery yet), and I want something different.  I’m working on a PEARL and embellishment added version of the Bella Kisses - Bella Kisses Earrings.jpgBellaKisses-Leaf.jpg

as well trying to ‘vintage’ them up a bit.  They do have a name (Not Your Mother’s Pearls…).  The rest is in my head…somewhere. 
And oh – MARIPOSA UPDATE – we made it to the second round!  I will be sending the piece off to Fire Mountain Gems in the next week or so, for them to judge and photograph IN PERSON.  So excited that we made it in.  I just got the big catalog that features all of LAST year’s winners – those are some BIG, BIG beading shoes to fill….so much talent. 

Here’s one more up close photo and then I’ll be keeping it under wraps until the winners are announced:

Wish me luck!  Somehow I feel that the magic in my garden this summer-the butterfly I held, all the hummingbirds, even a hummingbird moth -  is my sign that she’s a shoe in!
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, August 1, 2013

JEWELRY page coming SOON

If you are here looking for Cool Moon Creations unique one of a kind jewelry – THANKS for stopping by!  You may find a few pieces hit or miss on previous blog posts right now – BUT – FEAR NOT.  I am muddling through figuring out how to add an actual separate page – AND a BUY IT NOW PayPal button!  So you’ll be able to just click and purchase.  That easy.  For now, though – here are a few of the pieces that will be available – and if you are indeed interested in purchasing one (or more!) of them – just email me – I can give you the info you need to either use PayPal or send me a check in the mail:

002.jpg  Peacock pendant $15.00
BellaKisses-Leaf.jpgBella Kisses Earrings – $18.00

Blossom.jpgBlossom Necklace – $85.00
Breaking the Surface1.jpgBreaking the Surface necklace: $65.00

Earth Moon Cuff.jpgEarth Moon Cuff Bracelet: $90.00
Full Metal Khaki.jpgFull Metal Khaki SET – $75.00

rio.jpgRio Earrings – $30.00

Who Loves Petoskey pendant.jpgWHO Loves Petoskey Pendant on Ribbon- $45.00

There. That will give you an idea of what my style is like, as well as price range.  I am open to custom orders (paid in full FIRST), and can change ear wires to posts, etc.  I RARELY duplicate (the Bella Kisses earrings are an exception) – basically ONE OF A KIND.  There will be lots more coming, kids – I just gotta find time to figure it out!  Email me at if you are interested in purchasing – or have any questions regarding my work.
Peaceful beading,