Friday, May 31, 2013

The morning’s true song

Morning Song Necklace.jpg

I hope you all don't mind a lengthy blog post, but I really want to share the details about the recent sale of this piece. As you may remember from my last post – I had planned to list it on Etsy.  It didn’t get that far:   I have a friend that I have met through the new age bookstore that I frequent (and sometimes work in).  That friend is BLIND.  ONLY - you wouldn't know it if she wasn't holding her cane.  She is the most beautiful, well mannered, well dressed, intelligent, honest to goodness person I have known in a long time.   I brought "Morning Song" with me to our group meeting on Thursday, just for 'show and tell', because they, most of all, those Thursday Girls, have always been my support system; anyway – my friend held it in her hands - instantly loving the energy and feel - and bought it on the spot. I helped her put it on, and held her fingers to show her how to work the bead and loop clasp.   Also -because she is blind - she wanted details of what it 'looked like'.  THIS is what I wrote for her:  “The name of the piece is Morning Song, so that should give you a bit of an idea of the color scheme.  The focal bead is, as you know, an oval top drilled piece of smoothly polished Petrified Wood - which holds the colors of a red sky in morning - peachy brown, deeper mahogany, dusky pinks and just a hint of yellow streaking.  The necklace itself is a freeform net stitched in about 5 or 6 long rows, with deep pink Rhodonite, and a mix of yellows, oranges, pinks and browns.   The big chunky pieces in the necklace and used for the clasp are a muted pink dyed jade bead.  There is a pale pink ribbon woven throughout each strand, and a final wrap around of Swarovski crystal in three colors - copper, pink and crystal- to add just the right amount of sparkle.”
It has filled my heart with so much joy, and made my spirit SING, to have her be so excited about something that she can’t physically even SEE. She is truly a beautiful person – inside and out.  And incidentally, this is the same friend that presented me with the surprise bag of beaded jewelry items several months ago, after the tragic death of her daughter.  I have lovingly worked many of the beads from those pieces into many new things – and had I known she would be ultimately be the owner of Morning Song, I would have used some in IT as well.
So anyway – sorry to babble on, but I had to share this, because it is just another reason why I DO what I DO with so. much. PASSION.  Janeile, my dear – YOU ROCK – and you make my life ROCK too!
Peaceful beading everyone

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beadin’–and readin’

It’s why you haven’t seen a whole lot of me again.  I’m splitting my time between hunkerin’ down at the bead table crankin’ out some cool new seed bead creations, and readin’ some fiction of both library and Nook variety, sometimes both at the same time!   
For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook – here’s a peak at two of the new creations -

Bloomin Big Flower.jpgMorning Song Necklace.jpg

I love the Bloomin Big Flower so much, it’s going to be a keeper.  I’ve already worn it three times since finishing it on Saturday morning.  BUT – keep an eye on the Etsy site, kids – because starting in the next few days – jewelry.  Lots and lots of jewelry – including Morning Song – will be listed.….

I’m also spending a lot more time at home these days now that my 16 year old Cavalier seems to have bitten the dust.  Hubby has tinkered with it for going on two weeks tomorrow – and although it’s running – it’s not RUNNING us very far.  Sure hope these beads – in bead, class, jewelry and book form – sure start paying off soon.  Cuz it looks like mama needs a new set of wheels!

And speaking of classes – I hope you’re planning to check out the SmittenDust blog for upcoming events.  My beading classes are being offered in June and July (with more in the works for fall), along with some other really cool STUFF.  Do you like to crochet?  How about Zentangle?  Altered art?  It’s their specialty!  Head on over to for all the details.  It’s where I’ll be teaching – and taking – lots of stuff in the future!  FUN!
Another reason for the blog delay – preparing my garden spaces.  Finally got the planting of both flower and vegetable done on Sunday, and still a few flats to pick up from the local grower to fill in spaces and pots.  My early bloomers are all doing just that…beautifully….


Enjoy beautiful, peaceful beading,

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I’m still here!

Just been kind of remiss about the blog posts.  Honestly – not much else to tell from last time – other than I want to post the info about my upcoming SmittenDust classes:

First up in June:

Unlock your Passion – Vintage Key Pendant class
Saturday, June 29th – 10am to 4pm $39 includes instructions, make your own kit and lunch

A fun lesson in beadweaving. Using beads, needle and thread you’ll learn to create peyote stitch beaded beads that will hug a vintage key base, and a pretty ribbon. Then a quick lesson in jump ring technique will add charms and some sparkle! NO previous beadweaving knowledge necessary. Students are invited to bring a meaningful small charm or two of their own to add to the piece, as well as tools such as pliers, magnifier and bead mat if desired.


Then in July there’s:


Fringe It! A fun fringe bracelet class

10am to 4pm Saturday, July 20th  $39 includes everything you’ll need, lunch and LOTS OF FUN!

This is a fun class that will not only show you BASIC bead stringing skills, but also how to take that bracelet and give it some FUN beaded fringe embellishment details. It’s two classes in one!
NO previous beading knowledge is necessary – you’ll be taught to use pliers for crimping bead wire, as well as use needle and thread for adding fringe details.
Students may bring flat nose pliers, wire cutters, bead mat, and magnifier if they wish. (Tools will be provided for use on site.)

I am also preparing for another season with Holt Adult Education – the first season didn’t go – only 1 student for each class, and they REQUIRE three.  I’ve always been on the fence about that when it comes to teaching.  Honestly, I don’t mind teaching ONE.  But most places that have to pay for class space, and do the advertising, etc. – require that there be enough to BE considered a class – which in most cases is three.  So we’ll try again in August/September – although with back to school prep – I don’t expect it to be much better.  I will reoffer the basic stringing, and the hoop earrings – and also add a spiral rope bracelet if they let me. 
So lots of class prep going on.  ALSO – lots of ETSY prep.  I had to change out all the art gallery pieces a few months ago – leaving me with a ton of art gallery quality, really detailed seed bead work to do something with.  SO – we’re gonna give Etsy another shot.  I’m getting more views, and more BEAD sales, as well as friending a few more people that seem interested.  So what the heck.  In for a penny – in for a million beads.  Be sure to check the Etsy site – for the latest – I hope to have most of them up and listed by Saturday, June 1.
Summer shows will be starting up end of June too – so expect a bit more posting when that time comes.  For now I’m still savoring my down time, my garden time (or should I say my communing with mosquitoes time) and my beading just cuz time. 
I hope YOUR time is peaceful beading time,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Did you miss me?

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve blogged.  Not for lack of time necessarily – but lack of STUFF to blog about.  I’m working on another gallery quality show piece, and spending as much time as I can OUTSIDE.  Garden space weeded  -  ready to be seeded; seedlings sprouting in the greenhouse. 

Monkeyd Bleeding heart.jpgThe favorite flower in my space – the Bleeding Heart.  The bush grew a bit differently than usual this year – a little sparser, a few less sprigs – but it’s spreading to new places.  Finally.  Now if I can just get the two spaces to converge – it will be a beautiful HUGE bleeding heart!
We’ve also had a hummingbird sighting already -  so everything' is hung and ready for the next appearance.  My garden is again blooming with magic.  I love it.
Other than that – not much to blog about I’m afraid.  No shows until the END of June.  No classes to teach until the END of June.  So a bit of a lull in the action means a bit of a lull in the blogging. 

Here’s a peek at that gallery quality piece:  ‘Bali Hai"’ –


I am almost finished with it – and should be able to finish and attach the straps to it today.  Then where she will end up is anyone’s guess.  Still trying to figure out how to find a good source for getting into some other galleries and shops in the area.  Most of ours are in Old Town – and they all have rules about not showing your work in more than one of them at a time.  And although I did finally sell a piece at the Owosso gallery – I’m finding making the journey there and back when needed to be more of a chore than an adventure.  I need a new – and more prosperous plan!  (Are you listening Universe?)
So until I have more news to share -
Peaceful beading,

Friday, May 3, 2013

Doin’ that Libra thing

As far as table display and design are concerned, I’ve ALWAYS decorated my tables.  Lights; color; flowers; small (and sometimes not so small) additions to make it my own.  BUT – I’m starting to wonder if my extra effort to create beauty on my table – is taking away from the fact at hand – THE JEWELRY.  Here are a few examples of my ‘over the top-ness’ when it comes to doing my tables for shows:  (What can I say?  I’m a Libra with Virgo in the first house!)

001 (2)



heritage 2011

I know, right?  I have had many people COMPLIMENT me on my beautiful tables, and how much fun they are to look at – but are they looking at what they’re supposed to be looking at?  THE JEWELRY?   So it seems that the last show I did, and the subsequent blog post, as well as a meet up with one of the fellow vendors from the show – has given me a lot to think about, and I’ve been doing a lot of pondering, thinking, mulling for the last few days.  Will I be happy – will I still be passionate about this gig – if I ‘change it up’.  Will creating less beauty with the table put more profit in my pocket from what’s ON the table?  I have been to many MANY art fairs and craft shows where the designer just ‘plops’ the jewelry either on the table, or lays it out on a velvet board.  Easy Peasy.  BORING.  But maybe that’s what it takes.  And as far as the jewelry goes – I’m not sure I can BE happy making simpler, carbon copy designs.  But it seems that’s what the people may want.  I realized that many of my pieces are simply too much like that – MY PIECES.  I like them.  I like big.  I like chunky.  I like elaborate and flashy.  I like people to NOTICE ME.  But apparently I’m among the minority.  I was (rudely) told by one of the vendors at the last show that my pieces are for SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  Only for people that like bling.  And who would want to wear that on a daily basis?  To which I wanted to reply ‘go mind your own beeswax and table”.  But is she right?  Do I need to be more ‘cookie cutter’ with my creations? My heart tells me that I would rather be known for my individuality  -  my OOAK-ness, and I’m afraid that no matter how hard I try – my ME-ness is going to come out in my jewelry.  No matter WHAT. 
So as I ponder and think and mull this week – I think I’m going to TRY something at my next show (or maybe two).  Just a bright cheery table cloth, a vase of flowers, and nothing but flat jewelry trays and an earring tree or two.  I may also load my two purple “picture frame” racks with things and use them at the back of the table.  But other than that – no ‘stuff’.  But as far as the jewelry – I still have a very large inventory of the ME stuff – and although I may try to mark some down, it’s still blingy and bright.  LIKE ME!
Have a wonderful weekend, beady peeps!  Now that Mother Nature has decided to bring us full on spring – it’s been gorgeous.  I’m going to have to break out the summer clothes very SOOOON!
Peaceful beading,