Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I’m still here!

Just been kind of remiss about the blog posts.  Honestly – not much else to tell from last time – other than I want to post the info about my upcoming SmittenDust classes:

First up in June:

Unlock your Passion – Vintage Key Pendant class
Saturday, June 29th – 10am to 4pm $39 includes instructions, make your own kit and lunch

A fun lesson in beadweaving. Using beads, needle and thread you’ll learn to create peyote stitch beaded beads that will hug a vintage key base, and a pretty ribbon. Then a quick lesson in jump ring technique will add charms and some sparkle! NO previous beadweaving knowledge necessary. Students are invited to bring a meaningful small charm or two of their own to add to the piece, as well as tools such as pliers, magnifier and bead mat if desired.


Then in July there’s:


Fringe It! A fun fringe bracelet class

10am to 4pm Saturday, July 20th  $39 includes everything you’ll need, lunch and LOTS OF FUN!

This is a fun class that will not only show you BASIC bead stringing skills, but also how to take that bracelet and give it some FUN beaded fringe embellishment details. It’s two classes in one!
NO previous beading knowledge is necessary – you’ll be taught to use pliers for crimping bead wire, as well as use needle and thread for adding fringe details.
Students may bring flat nose pliers, wire cutters, bead mat, and magnifier if they wish. (Tools will be provided for use on site.)

I am also preparing for another season with Holt Adult Education – the first season didn’t go – only 1 student for each class, and they REQUIRE three.  I’ve always been on the fence about that when it comes to teaching.  Honestly, I don’t mind teaching ONE.  But most places that have to pay for class space, and do the advertising, etc. – require that there be enough to BE considered a class – which in most cases is three.  So we’ll try again in August/September – although with back to school prep – I don’t expect it to be much better.  I will reoffer the basic stringing, and the hoop earrings – and also add a spiral rope bracelet if they let me. 
So lots of class prep going on.  ALSO – lots of ETSY prep.  I had to change out all the art gallery pieces a few months ago – leaving me with a ton of art gallery quality, really detailed seed bead work to do something with.  SO – we’re gonna give Etsy another shot.  I’m getting more views, and more BEAD sales, as well as friending a few more people that seem interested.  So what the heck.  In for a penny – in for a million beads.  Be sure to check the Etsy site – for the latest – I hope to have most of them up and listed by Saturday, June 1.
Summer shows will be starting up end of June too – so expect a bit more posting when that time comes.  For now I’m still savoring my down time, my garden time (or should I say my communing with mosquitoes time) and my beading just cuz time. 
I hope YOUR time is peaceful beading time,

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