Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beadin’–and readin’

It’s why you haven’t seen a whole lot of me again.  I’m splitting my time between hunkerin’ down at the bead table crankin’ out some cool new seed bead creations, and readin’ some fiction of both library and Nook variety, sometimes both at the same time!   
For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook – here’s a peak at two of the new creations -

Bloomin Big Flower.jpgMorning Song Necklace.jpg

I love the Bloomin Big Flower so much, it’s going to be a keeper.  I’ve already worn it three times since finishing it on Saturday morning.  BUT – keep an eye on the Etsy site, kids – because starting in the next few days – jewelry.  Lots and lots of jewelry – including Morning Song – will be listed.….

I’m also spending a lot more time at home these days now that my 16 year old Cavalier seems to have bitten the dust.  Hubby has tinkered with it for going on two weeks tomorrow – and although it’s running – it’s not RUNNING us very far.  Sure hope these beads – in bead, class, jewelry and book form – sure start paying off soon.  Cuz it looks like mama needs a new set of wheels!

And speaking of classes – I hope you’re planning to check out the SmittenDust blog for upcoming events.  My beading classes are being offered in June and July (with more in the works for fall), along with some other really cool STUFF.  Do you like to crochet?  How about Zentangle?  Altered art?  It’s their specialty!  Head on over to for all the details.  It’s where I’ll be teaching – and taking – lots of stuff in the future!  FUN!
Another reason for the blog delay – preparing my garden spaces.  Finally got the planting of both flower and vegetable done on Sunday, and still a few flats to pick up from the local grower to fill in spaces and pots.  My early bloomers are all doing just that…beautifully….


Enjoy beautiful, peaceful beading,

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