Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Musings

First - a little note about the last blog and the tree thing - they did a better job than I expected them to do, and even had someone come along and clean up the cut wood.  So it's a thinner but still beautiful stand of trees.   Yay for Mother Nature....

NOW - This part of the blog I probably shouldn't be blogging.  Or at least posting.  I should probably get a journal to write in, to vent in, to rant in, to be upset with everyone around me in.  But here goes:

I think the year 2014 spoiled me.  It was a magical year.  From start to finish (I keep track) it was custom creation requests, individual sales, practically every piece posted on FB was sold to a friend, I was winning contests, my art fair opportunities and sales were awesome - and I WAS ON FIRE.   

For one stinking lousy year.

And then it was gone.   Last year was a lousy horrible make me want to give up everything year.
In fact, I almost did.  No custom order requests, few sales all year - whether it be friends, shows, fairs, wherever - I was left in the dust.  No winning.  No nothing.  A DUD.  And I lost one of my fur children on top of it all, leaving a huge hole in my already shaky heart.  NOW add to that some so called friends that had the nerve to tell me (at an already particularly bad part of the year and life) that no one wanted my jewelry anymore, and I needed to find 'something new to do'.  That statement - that PERSONAL attack (at least that's how it felt) about threw me for a loop, and yes - threw me into a depression to go along with drab, dreary winter months.  Thank goodness for TRUE friends - the few that have been there at shows, offered me solace, ears, and occasional girls days out - LIFE SAVERS for sure.  AND I discovered coloring books, and love to work crossword puzzles - they were my sanity, along with that tiny little inkling in the back of my brain that still leaks beads - the one that said "SCREW YOU!" I'm beading anyway, and spent the entire winter, on and off - creating THIS - for ME - just because I wanted to:

I had hoped that 2016 would bring fresh promise.  I don't have quite as many opportunities lined up, but I'm not giving up on the art fair gig just yet. I kept beading like mad, and have some very unique pieces to show for it, too.    I tried to start out the year in the same fashion as those previous - with my home open house - a two day event this time -to cover those Sunday working or Saturday plan bases of all my friends and family.   Facebook invites.  Postcard invites.  In person invites.
I didn't keep it quiet.
ALAS - it's the last home open house I'll have.  FEW friends (again, those that are true blue - and I CHERISH YOU) and ONE family member.  On ONE day.  The second day was a total bust.
I tried to keep my chin up.  I still had another spring event in the wings at a place that has been near and dear to my heart for so many reasons:  Coyote Wisdom.

Unfortunately for me - I believe that dearness, that thought that I had people there to support, that loved me, loved my work, always say they WANT my work - only exists in my brain.
ONE CAME. Again that one true blue friend I can always count on for support. And the afternoon store clerk did make a purchase.  THAT'S ALL.

 I wonder if anyone knows (or cares) what kind of work goes into a show like this.   Having all this (there were 3 more tables) lugged up the stairs, and unpacked, designed, laid out perfectly.  
To be admired by NO ONE.
It is heartbreaking to realize that no one cares.

It makes me wonder if they would care more if I put $5.00 on everything.  Never mind getting what I'm worth, what my other art friends are worth, just sold it all cheap as if it meant nothing.
If that would make customers happy.
I know it would again break my heart to know that no one respected ME, respected MY work, (and trust me - although it's a passion - it is hours and hours and hours of WORK) or even respected the art world.
But maybe that's why they don't show up.

The 2016 outdoor art fair season officially starts on June 11.  I am crossing every finger, every toe, every strand of beads that it only goes UP from here.  I think I have decent prices based on what others around me are charging.  I KNOW I have a unique product that no one else around me is selling.  I am ALWAYS friendly, and love talking to happy customers.
Now I just need to get them to stop and look.  AND BUY.

My friends and I have pondered what that secret formula is for getting people
to buy at art fairs.  We were in a group for awhile that spoke much about some customers seeming to think we are like carnival workers, like a caravan, carousing and being rude during the off time, trying to cheat people with our wares during the day. Customers that are rude and disrespectful, while we have to put on those happy faces and thank them for stopping by.

Is it really all worth it?

2016 will tell me that.

And I hope I have many loyal, happy, wonderful customers that will tell me YES. IT. IS.

Until next time,

Peaceful beading,