Saturday, July 28, 2012

It may be awhile

Strange doin's at the Stephens household this week.  First I had that horrendous bout with a nasty bug, which I then gave to my husband - and we're both still holding on to a cough that won't quit.  He has even chosen to NOT attend the reception of our beautiful niece and her husband today - which surprises me, since it's HIS side of the family.  
We're also experiencing another internet outage - forcing me to actually get up, and get OUT of the house everyday and drive to the coffee shop around the corner.  I suppose I don't really NEED to check my status updates, or my email, for what could be days - but I consider the updates and email that I get from family, friends, and beading contacts IMPORTANT - and I don't like to miss them for too long.  Or maybe it's just an addiction.  Either way - here I sit at Biggby, again, for the 3rd time in two days. Which can also be expensive, since I don't really like to take advantage of the wifi without partaking of a beverage, or two, or.... :o/.
What's the internet issue?  We wish we knew.  Our providers' customer service people keep coming up with the most outrageous excuses - and yet have not come up with a solution this time around.  (This isn't the first time - but it IS the longest time without).  We may need to consider kicking them to the curb - so you may need to watch for new contact info coming from me - AND I may have to waste yet one more box of business cards by having to change my email address - AGAIN.
As for the Bead Soup Blog Party - I'm going to have to put off hopping until I can do it from home.  Sitting here at the coffee shop is not a comfortable (cozy - but not long term) OR secure - so it isn't condusive to lots of photos and 'hopping' from site to site easily AND quickly.  SOOOO bummed.  But - since we were supposed to be out of town today anyway - I'm hoping all will be good to hop very soon.  And I WILL have this resolved by the time I'm ready to do my own reveal at the end of August. 
What a week.  Glad it's almost over.  But gotta tell is absolutely gorgeous outside.  So I'm going to sign off, go home, take advantage of having no internet (so no excuse to sit in front of the screen), grab a book, and sit on the 'veranda' all day.  And maybe (probably!) BEAD.
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a few things

When you're done skimming through the babbles, take a peak at a few of the changes I've made to the site.  Mostly to the photos in the boxes on the right, and I did some tweaking of the profile this morning, too - it's no longer just "About Me" but rather probably much MORE than you wanted to know about me.  Also - take a quick scroll to the bottom of the page and check out "The Daily Puppy".  It changes constantly - so scroll/stroll'll be in AWWWWWW of every photo.  So cute!
I've also updated the jewelry photos with some different work, as well as added another one of my favorite things about my garden space - the HUGE Jackmanii Clematis climbing the trellis is my front yard.  Love that it's front and center for all the traffic going by to see.

As I posted yesterday, I DID decide to set "Chiclets" aside for awhile, in favor of a few other works I've had going.  This is where I am with "Rebirth".  This one hasn't made a blog appearance in awhile.  He hasn't really changed a whole lot.  I've decided to make it more of a collar piece, so I dug out three more cabs and embroidered them, and am now concentrating on edging the big focal piece.  May be awhile before this one takes on it's final shape, but I'm getting there:

Lots of semi precious energy involved with this one:  Pietersite (recognition of beauty of the soul), Yellow Calcite (used in Crown Chakra work, it facilitates awareness and appreciation of the creative forces of nature), Jasper (protection during spiritual and physical travel), Bone, Pearl, and who knows what else will end up in the collar accents.  I'll be adding white bugle fringe to the bottom of the focal section too.   This piece will definitely have a LOT to say when it is done.  And truthfully - I didn't even look up the properties and energies of each of those until just now, yet see that they fit perfectly with the whole 'rebirth' theme.  See what I mean?  Intuitive beading.....that's my thing.

And last but not least, Zeus was a little put out the other day that Bella got to be a part of the blog experience, and he didn't.  So here he is, in his "feed me" stance in the kitchen.  He can stand and stare at me (or my husband) in this way for minutes on end, throwing in a low, hilarious growl for good measure.  Sometimes we tease him just to hear him beg!   Poor baby.  You'd think he was starving....and if you're reading this on Thursday the 26th - it's also his TENTH birthday!  I know, he still looks like a pup, right?  Daily exercise and lots of love.  He lives it.  Everyday.

Wow.  That was a FEW things, wasn't it?
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My bead soup is brewing - in California!

As I've mentioned many times, my Bead Soup Blog Hop Challenge Partner is Sally Anderson, and she's way out there is sunny Californ-I-A.  This is the soup that chose to wing it's way to her:

I can't wait to see what she does with the them, but I thought the bright, sunny, summer-y-ness (is that even a word?  I bet spellcheck doesn't think so) said California, so off they went.  Our reveal date isn't until the end of August, so she still has plenty of time to cook up something great - and I know it will be. 

I especially loved the focal - I had planned to use it in a project of my own at one time - but it kept getting shoved farther and farther back in the stacks, so I decided to let someone else give it a whirl.  The clasp was a last minute, seat of the pants choice - it was sitting out on my desk when I was putting beads together.  Only when I decided to use it for this did I remember that I had MATCHING Sterling tubes in my left over store inventory boxes - so off I went to dig - and found them!  Perfect match.  

And in case you've forgotten (or were trying to block it out - :0) )  - here's what I got from HER:

Beautiful corals, oranges, and one of my favorite colors to work with - TURQUOISE! 
Here are the focal and the KILLER clasp (I've always wanted one of these):

I've completed two things with my soup mix so far - and plan to create at least two more.
So fun.  Can't wait to see all the beautiful things that are created by everyone - all around the world.

Don't forget - the FIRST of the three hops begins this Saturday, July 28th - at MIDNIGHT EST.  Grab some caffeine, and get your hoppin' fingers on - cuz the party's gonna go on all night!  I have the link to Lori's page in the box on the upper right hand corner that you can use to access it - I'll actually include the other participants of my reveal date IN my blog reveal when the time comes.
I, unfortunately, don't get to blog hop for the first reveal until sometime on Sunday - we'll be leaving bright and early Saturday for an out of town special family event - our niece and her new husbands' wedding reception.

Jason & Sara chose to elope - but we still insisted on a celebration, so it's going to be a beautiful day of fun, Harleys, hogs (they'll probably have another one roasting-their favorite thing), home and family.  And for once I DON'T have to bring the deviled eggs!
Happy hoppin,

Monday, July 23, 2012

Germ free blog post- I hope

Sorry I've been remiss with posting this week - I've been down for the count with a nasty summer cold.  I'm a little 'different' when it comes to cold remedies - I am allergic to anything with an antihistimine, and 'sensitive' to many others, so taking something for relief is somewhat of a crap shoot. 
I did manage to finally feel well enough to bead a bit more on my "Chiclets" this morning:

Slowly but surely.  I may tuck it away for a bit though - I have several other projects that are demanding my time too.

I was going to have Bella tell you about this next thing, but since it's another 95 degree in the shade day outside, we can't get her out from in front of the AC vent:

So anyway.....
Don't forget the FIRST reveal of the Bead Soup Blog Party Challenge is THIS coming Saturday, July 28th.  I'm not revealing until the LAST date - August 25th - but there will still be lots and lots to ooh and aah over.  I'm bummed that the first reveal is Saturday - we have an out of town family commitment that day - so I won't even get to START to hop until Sunday!  I sure hope I feel better by then.  I know it's only Monday, but when you feel like crap, sometimes you think you'll feel like that forever....blah.
Peaceful, HEALTHful beading everyone,

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Chiclets are multiplying!

I'm pluggin' along on my Chiclets bracelet project that I started at The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild's class on Wednesday with Rachel Nelson Smith:

A whole TWO inches!  Whahooo!  Haven't decided yet whether I'll complete the entire three strand bracelet as Rachel designed it, or just stick with a one strand.  If I do the three strand - it's liable to not be done until 2013!  LATE 2013!  lol
As I might have mentioned in my previous post, my friend Sharon Erwine and I chose our own beads rather than purchase the kit from Rachel - so we needed to come up with a few supplies we didn't have on hand - specifically - the Chaton and Roses Montees.  Chiclets is chuck full of 'em!
I ordered the Roses - those came in about 4 days.  Sharon ordered the Chaton's.  Those, well....
those didn't.  Ever.  We were hoping that they would be a part of the END of the project, an embellishment not needed while in the class.  Alas - they were part of STEP #2!  Oh well.  We managed to substitute with Roses Montees for class, and then discussed on the way home whether or not to look further for a supplier for the Chatons, or to simply substitute - and this is what Sharon suggested: 

Magatamas aka teardrop beads!  PERFECT!  I'll be using these for the accent of the amber/rose chiclet spinner bead.  Cute.  Take that, Chaton Montees!
I also need to get back to my BSBC (bead soup blog challenge) beads and create something else with more of the beads provided by my partner Sally.  I still have an entire MONTH before the reveal, but I'm afraid one of my many projects (I have 3 in various stages of progress) are going to totally push them to the bottom of the stack.  At least my biggie, including focal and clasp - is done.
Hope everyone is faring well with Mother Nature, where ever you are.  Unfortunately for me, the constant into and out of air conditioning over the course of the last MONTH has given me a case of the sniffles - ok, more like the hacking and coughings - so I'm trying to be still, be cool (without AC) so that I will be well.  I have yet one more Art Market event in Okemos on Sunday - sure don't like to be spreading germs - guess I better put a bottle of antibiotic hand cleaner on the take list....
Peaceful beading,
Stay coooooool,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A day with Rachel Nelson Smith!

Finally.  After a long 4 year break, I was able to once again attend a wonderful Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild class - presented by the wonderfully talented Rachel Nelson Smith, of "Seed Bead Fusion", and "Bead Riffs" fame.    Rachel is so bubbly, so gracious, so easy to work with.  LOVE her big giant pony bead demos! 
I wanted to post a photo of the finished project, but you'll have to use the link above and go to the classes and events section under RNS's class descriptions - today's fun piece is entitled "Chiclets".  It's a unique, three strand, peyote and RAW creation embellished with montees, montees, and more montees.
Class took place from 9am (we didn't actually start beading until 10) until 4pm (we were at a stopping point at 3:30)  We took about 45 minutes for lunch (Qdoba)  in between.   THIS is how far I got during all that time:

I KNOW, right?  It doesn't look like much!  But really - it was a little more than some of the other class attendees did - it isn't as easy as it looks - or sounds.  I hadn't worked with RAW in several projects, and expected it to come right back to me when I started.  Alas - maybe more like remembering how to ride a bike - it was a slow process, but I got there.  FINALLY.  Not sure when - or IF - I'll finish it in RNS's original design - but I do hope I at least finish something wearable - someday.
A fun day - for all of us.  Even my friend Sharon, who drove us, in construction and rush hour traffic - in the rain.  :0(  :0)
Hoping to be able to attend next month - next MONTH - when Sherry Serafini! makes an appearance.
Peaceful beading,

Monday, July 16, 2012

My mojo brought a friend

At least that's what it seems like this week, because boy, are the ideas just pouring out of my head.  Here are the beads and pretties that I put together today to accompany the cool butterfly wing pendant pieces I got last week:

Plus - "Rebirth" is a bit more complete.  This is one of the strap accent cabochons; just needs edging to attach the Ultrasuede....

But mostly - now that I've completed my big blog challenge piece, I've still got more beads and pieces and parts and FUN stuff to play with before the reveal date.  Here is a 'sneak peak" of something else I've created with all the bright bold beads received from my partner, Sally Anderson:

And then of course, I'm sure once I have attended my class at the Great Lakes Bead Guild with the wonderfully talented Rachel Nelson Smith on Wednesday - I'll HAVE to add yet one more fun project to the list. 

So there's been a whooooole lotta beadin' goin' on around here the last few days, and with the heat index expected to hit over 100 degrees AGAIN on Tuesday (goodbye outdoor concert plans :o(  )
I just may get even more done.   HELLLLLO MOJO, and Mojo's friend!  Lovin' it!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Savoring the Soup

Wow.  Once I got a taste of the creative bug the other day, I just couldn't stop.  My main Blog Challenge piece - the one that includes the clasp and the focal - is almost done.  Just waiting on more little bite that needs to be added, which should be here by Saturday.  I don't know why I decided to choose the very last reveal - because I know myself.  I should have known that I'd want to dive right in, and be so obsessed with completing it that I would barely do anything else.  It's how I roll!  lol
But - I have many more pieces and parts that were sent to me by my partner, so I've got plenty of time to play and create even more soup pieces with those.  Here's another 'tease' of what's simmering until the big day arrives.....

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be tasty!
Can't wait to reveal the whole SOUP to you on August 25th!
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simmerin' soup

I wasn't going to post any teasers - but ya caught me in a good mood. :o}
Yesterday was an extremely creative day, and I've gotten quite far.  The hardest part has been coming up with a design and color combination that I myself will want to wear, because I plan to keep this for myself.  It will definitely be a 'summer' piece, unless of course I manage to make it to my parents place in Florida this winter - then it will be the perfect vacation piece.  This 'photo' includes just a tiny peek of the focal, and none of the clasp that my partner Sally sent me - the full use of those will have to wait until the reveal, BUT I will say that neither of them are being used in the normal focal/clasp fashion.  Intrigued?  Splendid!
I've also created a second (well, it was first, actually) FUN piece - definitely summer time sizzle-y!

I may decide to post another teaser or two after all (the actual bead embroidery and beadweaving details can't be seen here either) so keep checkin' back!
Off for a day with Mom - lunch and a bit of wedding gift shopping.  So probably a day away from beads.  I'll manage - somehow.  lol.
Peaceful beading,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Only 19 days!

It only took 19 days to reach 10,500 visitors!  That's 500 people since my momentous 10,000 was reached.  Wow.  Thanks so much everyone.  Not QUITE ready to do another giveaway in honor - YET.  But it is exciting to see those numbers increase everyday.  Makes me feel wanted.  Big hugs!  (((O))))
But as long as you're here - I can tell you about ANOTHER person's giveaway - or two, or three....
Head to  and enter to win a sample pack of Nicole's beadbacking.  Good stuff, especially for those of you (us) bead embroider-ers.  :0)  THEN - follow the link mentioned in the first paragraph of Nicole's post to enter AGAIN.  AND - if you have never experienced Nicole's Beadbacking before - let them know - and they'll enter you AGAIN.  And THEN - if you FB and blog about it, they'll enter you AGAIN and AGAIN!  Wheeee!
So much love coming from my magic garden right's just a few random shots I took of the riotous color this week:

 (see the little beetle?  He's camera shy!) 

My magical Morning Glories.  I think I'm going to have to bead a morning glory or two soon.  I love them.  They've taken over the entire right column of the arch, and I MAY have to move the hummingbird feeder before it is said and done.  Amazing.

And there are FINALLY blossoms on the tomato plants.  We were about ready to feed them to the compost pile.  We should have about a dozen all at once if we can keep the critters (wild and otherwise) from chowing them first.
Back to my Bead Soup Challenge project.  Lori said today we could show teasers of small portions of accents if we wish - but I think I'm gonna make everyone WAAAAIIIIITTTT.  Hope you're getting hungry!
Peaceful, beautiful beading,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Now THAT'S more like it!

Beautiful, gorgeous, COOL, and SUCCESSFUL day at the DeWitt Art in the Park show today!  Yahooooooo! 
I didn't sell a lot of stuff, but rather some QUALITY stuff - and also got TWO custom orders!
It was another 'ugly duckling' day - the FIRST thing I sold was a bracelet that had sat on my table for weeks and weeks, half finished, I couldn't even decide if I wanted to finish it, then partially redid some, added some funky steampunk parts, and slapped a tag on it.  Hated that thing.  And yet it brought me the biggest sale of the day.  You just never know. 
We had a perfect day for this event - had it been earlier in the week, or even just yesterday, both Claudia (my tent partner) and I probably would have backed out.  But today was perfect - we got a shady spot, there was just enough of a breeze to make it interesting a few times (chasing wayward flyers and spilled jewelry), but no one was complaining.  This was a beautiful park, on the banks of the Looking Glass River, that runs in the downtown area of DeWitt - so it gets MUCH traffic.

We both already plan to attend this event again next year - I bet it grows and grows (above is just a portion of the curving walkway and vendors).  We were both a bit unsure about being 'parked' right next to the play area (neither of us are 'kid' people), but found that it was a GOOD thing - because the parents could shop, and look at their leisure while still keeping an eye on the rug rats.  Win-win.
Looking forward to a relaxing week here at home, enjoying my garden (more photos soon of the magical morning glory vine that's sort of like Jack's beanstalk), my BEADS, my dogs, and my life.  It's a pretty darn good one right now.
Bead Soup Challenge piece update:  The main piece that includes both the focal AND the clasp, is still back to pieces and square one.  BUT - I have completed something else really really funky cool with some of the other pieces and parts I got from Sally.  Of course, you have to wait until the REVEAL to see it!
Peaceful beading,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

To heck with them - THIS is FUN!

While I'm still not sure that I am understanding the new Facebook guideline for linking giveaways correctly - it seems that either everyone else IS, or they just DON'T CARE!  So here is a GREAT giveaway from Lori Anderson of Bead Soup Blog Challenge and Pretty Things fame.  Follow the Pretty Things link and comment for a chance to win one of FIVE fabulous prizes.  This is just a taste of what's in store:

LOVE the purple flower pendant, love the peach and tan pendant - heck, I LOVE it ALL! 
There's also a book, an ebook, a tote bag and I forget what number 5 is because the excitement of it all, combined with the heat, was just way too much for my brain to retain! 

And on a sort of related note - please join me in PRAYING that tomorrow will be cooler in my neck of the woods.  I will be participating in an outdoor art show tomorrow, from 11am to 5pm - the heat of the day.  No access to electricity.  And not much of wind is expected.  I hope they're right about the temps being closer to 80 than 100.   I think I can handle 80.

Back to the drawing board I go with my bead soup challenge piece.  Cut it all up this morning, and starting again from scratch.  I know I'm not the only one that this has happened to, but it is frustrating all the same.  Glad I'm in the LAST reveal deadline date (Aug. 25) and not the first!  (July 28).
Peaceful beading - don't forget to go comment on Lori's blog for the wonderful giveaway!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Well THAT'S no fun

I just finished reading a blog post, found via FB, about the LEGALITIES of doing giveaways on our blogs.  You might know.  As many of you that follow blogs like this have seen, many of US do like to do give aways.  We do it for the fun.  We do it to bring people to our blog.  We never ask of anything in return except contact information. And we get responses.  TONS of them.  But apprarently, by just giving stuff away, and then linking to Facebook that we're doing so  - we're breaking the rules.   What a bunch of party poopers.
Granted, the person writing the post (not going to post a link - you can find it in the Bead Soup Cafe group posts on the ever snarkier Facebook), is from CANADA - but she does list both American and Canadian legal guidelines, and the Facebook rules as well.  Double party poopers. 
So I guess we're going to have to figure out another clever, outside the box (and inside the rules?) way of having fun with our followers.  Thinking caps on, oh creative ones.  We can still figure out a way to make it work!

Let's do some THOUGHTFUL beading today,


Thursday, July 5, 2012

It came! It came! My soup mix has arrived!

This is the AWESOME! soup mix that my partner Sally sent me.  And here's the crazy cool intuitive part:  I PICTURED turquoises and oranges in my head TWO DAYS AGO!  And they ARE!  They are so totally awesome!  I'm glad I'm a point with all my other pieces that I can start working on something TODAY! 
Our reveal date is the last one:  August 25th.  That gives me several weeks to create something totally unique, and detail heavy - like me!  And since there are 4 shows and a Rachel Nelson Smith class BEFORE that date - I really hope that it's enough time! 
Off I go to create....
Peaceful beading,

More free beads!

Only not from me this time.  My fellow bead friend CJ Bauschka is giving away a portion of her own home stash!  Head on over to her blog for a chance to win - there will be TWO lucky winners!  Yahoo!
Also - yesterday was an extremely productive beading day - not only did I finish "Aware" (see previous post), but I've also reached a more completed point of "Rebirth":

Ready to add the backing, and then the next step is to complete the cabs for the neck portion - some nice calcite and petersiete pieces.    This will probably get back burnered though - in favor of my Bead Soup piece - as soon as my package arrives.  I'm tempted to go stand by the box and wait for the mail truck.  Which will be later than usual due to the mid-week holiday.  Waiting (aka patience) is not a strong suit in this case!
Hope everyone is staying cool and powered.  I know of a few who aren't though, so I hope it's finally electric where you are (DOT!)
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waiting for the rain

Waiting for it to rain, and waiting for our dinner to be done grilling, I started surfing through the blogs, stopped to read Lori's blog - and just realized - EEEEK!  I did NOT take a photo of what I sent to my partner Sally!  SALLY!  If you read this - take a picture of my soup mix and email it to me, willya?  OOOPS.  Sorry bout that.  I'll post a photo of what I get from Sally as soon as it arrives - in two parts, I understand.
Also while waiting in the ungodly heat (101 in July in Michigan - broke a record) - I FINISHED "Aware".  Didn't get to do exactly what I wanted to do thanks to my stressful excursion to Hobby Lobby yesterday (read my FB post - don't want to dwell anymore) - I had to plan B her.  But I like where she ended up, plan B or no:

Pretty cool.  I like her.  She's for sale - $135.00.  I'll have her at my show on Sunday - DeWitt Art in the Park. 
Venison's done!
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


THIS is why I consider myself an intuitive beader.  From lying the three new bone pieces down on a mat in this way, with no thought at the time of using them together, to the naming, to the flow of the beads - I've had little to do with the creation of "Rebirth".  I just do what it tells me.  I envisioned the shape, so I drew 'circles' on the Nicole's Beadbacking before I started - and just let the beads do the rest.  I'm loving this one even more than "Aware", which I'll get the chain for today.  I'm so happy that my creative muse, my mojo, my bead sense, whatever you want to call it - has RETURNED.  Just in time for Bead Soup Challenge!  My partner received her beads, and I understand mine are on the way.  Can't wait!  I think the face of the soup will be changing for the next soup challenge too - so many people have put just as much thought and work into the PACKAGING of the soup 'mix', that I think it's going to become just as important a part of it.  It will be exciting to see - and hopefully be a part of it again next year, too.  If you want information about, and the list of blogs to follow, for the Bead Soup Blog Hop Challenge, go here.  And be sure to check out my bead friend Inge's page - she won the bead giveaway, and did a great job using some of the beads I sent (see last blog post).  There are more beads in the prize that she still hasn't used - keep an eye on her blog - to see what else she comes up with!
My muse is also back just in time for my exciting Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild class coming up in a few weeks - with RACHEL NELSON SMITH!  Can't wait to meet her.  I understand the last time she came to Detroit for classes, she sang to the class.  I hope she chooses to do so again.  I spent much of my coveted bead time with my friend Sharon yesterday choosing beads and deciding what we still needed to order.   Going to be soooo fun!  I haven't attended a Bead Guild class since Tatiana VanIten was here about 3 or 4 YEARS ago!
I hope you all are finding ways to stay cool, and are managing to get some beading done.  Bella BEGGED me this morning to 'turn on the air, MOM!'

- so it's cool dog - and bead - worthy in here right now.  I do have to venture out into the hot world today though - thankfully in my mom's car (a bright pumpkin orange Chevy HHR) complete with AIR CONDITIONING!  I love driving "the punkin"!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, July 2, 2012

Look what Inge did!

As you may recall, I did a give away in honor of my 10,000th blog visitor a week or two ago.  Inge VonRoos was the winner, and THIS is what she did with the beads that I sent!:

 I sent her the vintage corrugated turquoise beads, the butterflies, and the small, brighter beads.  Inge added just the right matching lampwork beads (her specialty) to make it shine!  Isn't it beautiful? 
Thank you, Inge, for doing my beads the justice they deserved.  :0)

And while "Aware" (the hot pink goddess piece) is awaiting the rest of her pieces and parts (Hobby Lobby trip planned for tomorrow) - here's what I'll be starting during my beading day with Sharon today:

is the name I think it's given itself, - we'll see when all is said and done.  This is going to be quite the detailed piece - you aren't even seeing some of the yellow and bronze-y colors of accents beads that will accompany. And I'm all about the faces again.  Maybe that's what has been lacking in my work, and in my energy lately!  I LOVE working with the faces, and it's been ages since I've done so.  The light dawns!  YAY!
Hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day.  If you MUST play with those loud, nerve wracking fireworks - please do so safely. 
Peaceful beading,

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another day...another blog

Blogging again.  Babbling again.  Gotta keep myself out there so that when the soup's all on and ready, people will know me and hopefully, LOVE ME!
My posts aren't nearly as poignant and truthful as some (Lori-beautiful, and not nearly as full of photos as many (my lack of a camera on my phone is my excuse!), but I try. 
My soup partner, Sally Anderson just notified me that she received her soup ingredients on Saturday - and loves it!  YAY!  It's what we're all the most nervous about, as we found mentioned in one of the posts on our Facebook group page Bead Soup Cafe -!/groups/BeadSoupCafe/
And since I pretty much never met a bead I didn't like (although I do own some duds that will need some disguise and TLC), I'm sure I'll love what she is sending me tomorrow.  My fear is that my mojo will not be working and I'll not know what to do with them!  Horrors!
So in the meantime, trying to KEEP that mojo workin' - I've used some of the beads that I pulled from Coyote yesterday to create some new things that I'll take in to display next week.  Used turquoise of some form in all of them:


and "Flutter".

I meant to take new pictures of the 'new' space yesterday, and even took the camera with me.  But - doh.  Forgot all about it until I had the lights all turned off and was ready to scoot out at the end of the day.  Hopefully one day soon....

And on a totally NON-bead note - steaming up our first batch of green beans grown in our own garden! 

Can't wait to taste them - I bet they taste soooo much better than even Farmer's Market beans.    They'll accompany some grilled and barbequed pork chops, and a couple ears of corn, too.
Summer tastes.  aaaaaahhhh.
Peaceful beading,