Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waiting for the rain

Waiting for it to rain, and waiting for our dinner to be done grilling, I started surfing through the blogs, stopped to read Lori's blog - and just realized - EEEEK!  I did NOT take a photo of what I sent to my partner Sally!  SALLY!  If you read this - take a picture of my soup mix and email it to me, willya?  OOOPS.  Sorry bout that.  I'll post a photo of what I get from Sally as soon as it arrives - in two parts, I understand.
Also while waiting in the ungodly heat (101 in July in Michigan - broke a record) - I FINISHED "Aware".  Didn't get to do exactly what I wanted to do thanks to my stressful excursion to Hobby Lobby yesterday (read my FB post - don't want to dwell anymore) - I had to plan B her.  But I like where she ended up, plan B or no:

Pretty cool.  I like her.  She's for sale - $135.00.  I'll have her at my show on Sunday - DeWitt Art in the Park. 
Venison's done!
Peaceful beading,

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