Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a few things

When you're done skimming through the babbles, take a peak at a few of the changes I've made to the site.  Mostly to the photos in the boxes on the right, and I did some tweaking of the profile this morning, too - it's no longer just "About Me" but rather probably much MORE than you wanted to know about me.  Also - take a quick scroll to the bottom of the page and check out "The Daily Puppy".  It changes constantly - so scroll/stroll'll be in AWWWWWW of every photo.  So cute!
I've also updated the jewelry photos with some different work, as well as added another one of my favorite things about my garden space - the HUGE Jackmanii Clematis climbing the trellis is my front yard.  Love that it's front and center for all the traffic going by to see.

As I posted yesterday, I DID decide to set "Chiclets" aside for awhile, in favor of a few other works I've had going.  This is where I am with "Rebirth".  This one hasn't made a blog appearance in awhile.  He hasn't really changed a whole lot.  I've decided to make it more of a collar piece, so I dug out three more cabs and embroidered them, and am now concentrating on edging the big focal piece.  May be awhile before this one takes on it's final shape, but I'm getting there:

Lots of semi precious energy involved with this one:  Pietersite (recognition of beauty of the soul), Yellow Calcite (used in Crown Chakra work, it facilitates awareness and appreciation of the creative forces of nature), Jasper (protection during spiritual and physical travel), Bone, Pearl, and who knows what else will end up in the collar accents.  I'll be adding white bugle fringe to the bottom of the focal section too.   This piece will definitely have a LOT to say when it is done.  And truthfully - I didn't even look up the properties and energies of each of those until just now, yet see that they fit perfectly with the whole 'rebirth' theme.  See what I mean?  Intuitive beading.....that's my thing.

And last but not least, Zeus was a little put out the other day that Bella got to be a part of the blog experience, and he didn't.  So here he is, in his "feed me" stance in the kitchen.  He can stand and stare at me (or my husband) in this way for minutes on end, throwing in a low, hilarious growl for good measure.  Sometimes we tease him just to hear him beg!   Poor baby.  You'd think he was starving....and if you're reading this on Thursday the 26th - it's also his TENTH birthday!  I know, he still looks like a pup, right?  Daily exercise and lots of love.  He lives it.  Everyday.

Wow.  That was a FEW things, wasn't it?
Peaceful beading,

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