Tuesday, July 3, 2012


THIS is why I consider myself an intuitive beader.  From lying the three new bone pieces down on a mat in this way, with no thought at the time of using them together, to the naming, to the flow of the beads - I've had little to do with the creation of "Rebirth".  I just do what it tells me.  I envisioned the shape, so I drew 'circles' on the Nicole's Beadbacking before I started - and just let the beads do the rest.  I'm loving this one even more than "Aware", which I'll get the chain for today.  I'm so happy that my creative muse, my mojo, my bead sense, whatever you want to call it - has RETURNED.  Just in time for Bead Soup Challenge!  My partner received her beads, and I understand mine are on the way.  Can't wait!  I think the face of the soup will be changing for the next soup challenge too - so many people have put just as much thought and work into the PACKAGING of the soup 'mix', that I think it's going to become just as important a part of it.  It will be exciting to see - and hopefully be a part of it again next year, too.  If you want information about, and the list of blogs to follow, for the Bead Soup Blog Hop Challenge, go here.  And be sure to check out my bead friend Inge's page - she won the bead giveaway, and did a great job using some of the beads I sent (see last blog post).  There are more beads in the prize that she still hasn't used - keep an eye on her blog - to see what else she comes up with!
My muse is also back just in time for my exciting Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild class coming up in a few weeks - with RACHEL NELSON SMITH!  Can't wait to meet her.  I understand the last time she came to Detroit for classes, she sang to the class.  I hope she chooses to do so again.  I spent much of my coveted bead time with my friend Sharon yesterday choosing beads and deciding what we still needed to order.   Going to be soooo fun!  I haven't attended a Bead Guild class since Tatiana VanIten was here about 3 or 4 YEARS ago!
I hope you all are finding ways to stay cool, and are managing to get some beading done.  Bella BEGGED me this morning to 'turn on the air, MOM!'

- so it's cool dog - and bead - worthy in here right now.  I do have to venture out into the hot world today though - thankfully in my mom's car (a bright pumpkin orange Chevy HHR) complete with AIR CONDITIONING!  I love driving "the punkin"!
Peaceful beading,

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