Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A new season

And so it begins.    SATURDAY is the kick off of what I hope will be a kick ASS season of shows.

Because it's the last gasp.   It's do or die.  I MUST SURVIVE.

I have some fun opportunities on the horizon (a night time market with prizes for unique lighting and display, etc), and out of town ones too - so I'm stepping up my ego, putting the question out there for HELP.   Which is hard for me.  But without my own transportation and helper (hubby not available for night time or out of town experiences) I am going to be left in the dust.

I HOPE I can find a fun, upbeat, HAPPY person with a creative mind to join me.

Wish me luck.

Peaceful beading,

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The TEST of contests

I'm not really sure why or even when I decided to start entering the beading contests.   I think I was prompted by a friend - and then somehow, miraculously, happily - I WON as a finalist my very first try.   "Mariposa" - over on the right hand side of the page - is still one of my crowning achievements.

As a rule, though,  I am not normally a competitive person.  Never a sports player - always picked LAST in school for gym teams, etc.  My only successful 'sport' is music trivia!

And honestly - I don't take rejection well.  I think that joining, entering, taking part has been a challenge to MYSELF to try NOT to be so sensitive about LOSING.  BECAUSE:

If I've got one ounce of confidence about anything - it's that I 
that my beadwork kicks major butt.  I am in the 'advanced' category that some beaders only dream about.  My love, my passion, my 
for doing bead embroidery is a part of my soul.  
The detailed, intricate work I do is a cathartic, meditative thing.  
Unfortunately, it's also what makes it an expensive, ART related thing that most people unfamiliar with art and beading, are unwilling to PAY good money for. 
I can't just slap a garage sale or flea market price on what I do.  In my area, however - that's pretty much what people are looking for.   

So in order to feed my need - I continue to create the big elaborate pieces for contests.  And then afterward, I usually show them off during show season, maybe take a piece or two to the gallery - where they ARE appreciated and sometimes purchased - and then they go on display here in my home - and sometimes on my body.

THIS particular piece was just rejected by this year's Fire Mountain's Seed Bead contest jury.

"Color Me Happy"

It's the second year in a row I've been rejected - even though I KNOW the piece I'm submitting goes beyond what I've seen others do that win.  It's a head scratcher, for sure.  

I have also decided to sit this year's Battle of the Beadsmith out, because that one?  I am coming to realize I think there are some politics involved.  THIS piece - still beloved, still worn, still AWESOME - was my 2015 entry - made it 2 rounds:

I know that there are other contests out there that I can enter.  I haven't decided yet whether to try any more next year.  This year's show circuit - which officially starts in just 8 DAYS - will be a big part of my decision about my beads period.
I will probably always have that 'need to bead' - but whether I continue to do it on a large, get out there in front of the people scale - or do it


remains to be seen.

Peaceful beading,