Monday, May 30, 2011

Stormy Weather

Yesterdays round of serious storms reminded me that I still haven't sold this bracelet - "Stormy Weather" chunky charm bracelet - available at Coyote Wisdom (or by contacting me) $45.00.  Pretty gray glass pearl nuggets (hail), freshwater branch pearls (lightning), small freshwater pearl strings (raindrops), and some nice deep purple Sugilite (stormy sky). 
We'll be making the trip out to Mason today to survey the damage, and take photos of my parents mobile home, which was quite damaged in the storm.  They still have no power, so having just arrived here from Florida HOURS before the storm hit, are still a bit dazed and confused.  Can't unpack, can't buy food, they are at this moment driving about looking for someplace to eat breakfast that also wasn't damaged or without power.  They may end up here, or at least in our little town.  We're all ok here.  Spared again.  Thank you Spirit....
Hope there's no storms where you day!

Awaiting a name..

She is finished.  All except for the name.  If you think you have a great suggestion, as several people already have, leave me a comment, along with your contact info, by midnight on Thursday June 2.  Friday morning (June 3) I'll choose my favorite, and send the winner a big bag of beady goodies. 
The sun is finally shining here after a horrendous Sunday afternoon of storms.  My poor parents just arrived yesterday from Florida, only to have their summer home sustain some pretty heavy damage the same day.  They are still without power - I'll probably go take pictures today.  Welcome to Michigan!
TTFN everyone.  Safe travels and peaceful beading this holiday weekend....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Name that Goddess

Many other beader/bloggers have tried this - but I never have.  So here goes:  I usually have no trouble coming up with names for my pieces.  In fact - some are named before they start, just from pulling all the parts and beads together.  But this one?  This one has not even had a whisper of a hint to me since I received the pendant last year.  Even though I'm still not done with her, she hasn't spoken to me.  So now YOU get to NAME THAT GODDESS PENDANT, and possibly WIN!  What will you win?  Free BEADS, of course!  I'll throw together a surprise bag full of beady goodies for the person that comes up with the name I like the best.  And remember - I used to own a bead store, and still have quite the inventory boxed up around here.  So it won't be piddly.   Leave me a comment with a link to you or your contact info, and if I pick yours, I'll let ya know.  "Contest" ends Thursday June 2.  I'll pick one first thing Friday, June 3rd.
Can't wait to see what you all come up with!  TATA!

Great vintage!

As in vintage CRYSTALS.  I know I blogged about these a long time ago, but since I just brought the unsold ones home from the gallery, and Lisa Crone over on A Bead A Day is talking about Swarovski crystals, I thought I would reblog about them.
It's fairly easy to FIND vintage crystals.  Most antique shops will carry a few, and they'll probably be pretty inexpensive.  However - they probably don't envision them being used in quite this manner.  And when you add mostly seed beads and a few other sparkly Swarovski bicones, they really aren't as heavy as you would think.  Keep the top portion light - and watch the LIGHT bounce off your new vintage crystal inspired necklace.  The same look can easily be attained by substituting the vintage crystal for a genuine Swarovski one -
This is the Swarovski Navette focal - in Amethyst.    I got my vintage crystals at The Little Red Schoolhouse during the time I had my bead store booth there.  The last time I stopped by, they still had many available, in different shapes and sizes. 
Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope I'll have the time (and content) to blog about something this upcoming holiday weekend.  I have absolutely nothing on my calendar other than the arrival of my snowbird parents.  And I aim to keep it that way, since it is my LAST free weekend until our NEXT holiday - the 4th of July!
Peaceful beading,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Studio Redeux

I was still in a not so hot mood when I left the house this morning, and only stayed at the store long enough for staff meeting (normally I stay around for abundance group AND to bead in my space awhile).  So I'm not really sure where the energy came from - but I totally redid my home bead studio today - by myself. Moved the short bookshelf from one side of the space to the other, faced the desk into the room instead of the wall - which was ok for awhile, but got a little dark at times.  My husband really started me thinking about it - commenting that I'd need to have a better way to block things off when our new arrival gets here, not knowing how she would 'treat' my bead babies. After meeting her yesterday, though - I don't think I'm going to have to worry - she's the best behaved thing - but I still had the idea, so I did it. And I like it. It actually gave me a bit more shelf space, and made things a little easier to access.
So this is what it looked like when I left the house this morning:

And this is what it looks like NOW:

It was easier to place the lighting, and made the entire bookshelf accessible instead of only half.  I think I like it. 
As far as our 'new arrival' - that's all I'm going to say about that until she's actually here!
Peaceful beading,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I couldn't decide which project to put on Flickr for this week's BTW - I technically have two in the works.  I chose THIS ONE:

Bronze bicones, with clear/bronze cathedrals and hearts.  NO idea where I'm going with it, but then, that's half the fun of the creation!
This is the one I chose not to post:  I take it with me to Coyote when I work, and take it to my bead group.  As you can see - it's in the BEGINNING stages...still unnamed - but very Autumnal....

I also posted the finished "Stillness" - from last weeks BTW project beads. 

 I am going to attempt to do some beading today, after a 6 day bead table fast.  Not sure if I'll work on the autumn face piece, the clear/bronze thing, or come up with yet another project combo. I recently got some very cool summery abalone/paua shell pendants that need bead buddies...   all I know is that it's rainy, cold, and gray AGAIN - and I think I need my beads.
Peaceful beading,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who doesn't love free beads!?!

Check out this HUGE, GI-NORMOUS, very generous give away over on Art Bead Scene.  I wish I had a copy of the magazine, but alas - I guess I only get to enter twice!  Go check it out and get in on the fun!

Dreaming of Swarovski crystals

I know I posted photos of these waaaaay waaaay back when I first created them, but this post is for Lisa and the Bead a Day bloggers.  The top three photos are of  'The Dream'.  Simply named because I had a dream about this necklace, and had to immediately create it the same day - luckily, I had everything I needed to do so.  It also has a rather sad history, in that I actually sold it to a friend in another state who saw the photo on FaceBook, so she got the money to me, I shipped it, but when she received it - she decided she didn't like the actual color - which is more of a lavender purple than she expected.  So it came back.  And here it remains.  I had it on Etsy for awhile, but then closed the shop, so I hope it will go at one of my summer shows.  I've also done something similar to this in hot pink, which I don't think I ever photographed!  It's at Coyote, and will also join 'The Dream' at the summer shows. The bottom one is of "Bitten" which, along with several bracelets - went along with a whole Twilight theme I had going at a fall show last year.  It has been relegated to the do-over box, and will be reborn at some point.   I hope Swarovski branches out and adds more colors to the Navette line - they seem a bit limited right now, and I've already used the colors I like to work with.  Now I wish I had a photo of the hot pink and black one - if I discover I've got one somewhere - I'll post later.
Off to finish getting ready for my very first day of volunteering at The Lansing Art Gallery Should be fun, despite the parking issues.  Our downtown officials are so gung ho about bringing people down and getting them to STAY - but they make parking limited and difficult (I'm sure so that parking tickets bring more $$ to their coffers).  That's the only pain, and the reason I'm glad the rest of my volunteer days for the foreseeable future are on SUNDAYS - FREE PARKING!  YAY!
Peaceful beading,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just wondering if....

I should keep the blog or can it?  Honestly, if I want a journal, I can have a file for that on my desktop.  I thought blogs were not ONLY about writing out our thoughts and ideas, but a SHARING, and to get feedback and support from other followers. I even took the time to change the look of mine a little bit yesterday.  Thought maybe SOMEONE, ANYONE might care that I did so, and have something to say. It's been weeks since I had one iota of a comment, and I've already deleted my waste of time Hive account.  What a bust.  And what were the points all about anyway?
I'm afraid that the bead and me may soon have to part ways.  They just aren't cuttin' for me. 
TTFN if not forever

That old Black Magic

I had no idea that there really WERE black flowers.  I found these at Everlastings yesterday.  Along with some pretty Batwing Begonias, and cool, feathery Coleus.  These are named - appropriately - Black Magic Violas.  Voila! 
The midwest storms that caused so much sadness and devastation managed to bypass our area once again - just a thunderstorm with little lightning or wind.  I am thankful to Spirit this morning that we are all safe and sound - and pray to Spirit at the same time to bring comfort and swift care to those ravaged by her sister spirit, Mother Nature.
Looking forward to beading with the Judy group tonight.  That's MY official name for them, whether they 'get it' or not....(4 Judy's in a group of 10 beaders should simply not be overlooked).  I think I'm going to take my latest cab piece - still untitled - still unphotographed.  Beautiful autumn colored goddess piece.  Haven't done a face piece in awhile.    Still not quite sure most people around here appreciate the symbology.  I know I won't be wasting table space with them at the first of the 6 shows I'm doing this summer - in a little less than 3 weeks.  And I'm already ready.  I don't leave anything for last minute on purpose, and will probably 'layout' the inventory on the dining table this week just to see the flow.  Probably have way more than I can possibly display - but you just never know when you might sell so much that you need more inventory to compensate.  (It's never happened to me so far - but a girl can dream!)
Have a beautiful, peaceful beady Monday,

Sunday, May 22, 2011


While I'm waiting for hubby to get his butt up and around, and drinking my Peppermint Mocha, and listening to the beautiful chirpy birds, I decided to change things up a bit here on the blog.  I hope it all comes through ok, and looks right on everyone's browsers.   Now let's hope I can solve that annoying photo glitch - I don't want to have to start over - AGAIN!
Enjoy the beautiful day....

Sunday, beautiful Sunday

This is the second time I've attempted to write this blog today - apparently Blogger and photos are having a bit of a tiff - so I guess the photo addition will have to wait til later.....
As you may remember, if you read this blog, I posted last Sunday that it was our 29th wedding anniversary, and that we usually spend going to out of the way little farm garden nurseries, and little markets.  One of my favorites is Everlastings in the Wildwood, about 45 minutes from home.  But because last Sunday was a rainy, windy, cold, nasty mess, any traveling other than out for dinner was out of the question.  Plus - I didn't think they were open on Sunday.  BUT - I've been thinking about that favorite place I love all week long, so I looked them up on the internet, liked them on Facebook, and discovered - EUREKA! - they ARE open on Sundays.  So we're going.  I'm already dressed, the Sunday chores are being either quickly done, or put off until later.  What a perfect way to spend a pretty spring Sunday afternoon.  Followed by the last matinee showing of the new Pirates movie.  Peppermint Mocha, gardens, flowers and Johnny Depp.  Perfection.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BTW and Etsy news

I am closing my Etsy shop today. I was doing it gradually - just deleting items as they expired. But I'm getting so busy that I was forgetting about it, causing things to go inactive, and although that doesn't really hurt anything - I'd rather just have them off and done. PLUS - Etsy has been getting a lot of bad press lately. Not that I believe everything I read - but since it wasn't really working for me anyway - why put time and effort into it anymore? There are still about a dozen jewelry pieces out there - ALL of which I want for my first big summer show on June 11 - and none which were due to expire before then. So now it's done. I can sell, show, display all of my beads and jewelry and not worry about selling something that was listed somewhere. I WILL update my website and use IT to sell with at some point - not sure why I'm so intimidated by that. And I still don't quite have the tech-knowledge to do it on my own.
I have been doing a lot of thinking about where to concentrate my business, and I really think before I can branch out into WORLD WIDE notoriety ( haha ) I have to be known locally first. So, I have a magnet ad on my car, I just ordered a BANNER to drape across the front of my tables at the shows, and I am volunteering at the Art Gallery so the artsy folks will become familiar with me. And most important for me - spending time with ME.  I love my ME time - especially in the summer while surrounded by the beauty of my garden.  I also have some non bead related commitments this summer too, that will keep me on my toes - like a new monthly new age themed book club that I am hosting with a co worker at the bookstore. And working hours at the bookstore. And I'm wearing myself out just writing about all of my commitments, and those don't count the bead group days and field trips (Detroit here we come!), and in just a few weeks, the weekly 'mom' days. We try to get together and go somewhere and do something fun once a week when she's home for the summer. Bead Table Wednesday just may have to take a back seat - unless I remember to do it really early in the morning! Speaking of which - here's my BTW for this week - the start of a new project - the name of which came to me as I was posting the photo on Flickr....Stillness.

Peaceful beading, one and all....

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweetness and Light

That's the name that came to me for this piece:

Not the best photo - had a hard time showing the detail with it lying down - but this didn't really work, either.  I may try to take it outside if it ever warms up.  My poor hubby is braving the sunny yet still chilly morning to mow the lawn - it was getting to be a jungle because we've had so much rain. 
And I know not very many people read this blog - but I'm going to put this request out there anyway - does anyone know where I can find and/or purchase a copy of Joyce Scott's "Fearless Beadwork"?  It currently out of print, but I'm hoping someone may know of a shop or store or a beader somewhere that will part with a copy.  I've tried various places on line, with no success.  I heard about it - and have seen other beaders resulting projects with instruction from it - on Kate McKinnon's blog.   It looks really really excellent for those of us that love the curly, frilly, fiddly seed bead work.  I'm on a mission to find that book!   Don't even know what the cover looks like - I don't think either of our local book stores (B&N, Schuler's) will have it, cuz if they did - I already would! - but I'm checkin' anyway!  (It was originally published in 1995).  I WILL manifest this book.  Cuz I WANT IT!
This is going to be one of my last free-ish weeks.  My ONLY busy day will be tomorrow - spending the day at Coyote just beading and being there to create some customer interest.  Still haven't had ANY sales this month.  BIG change from last month.  Yikes.  Let's hope we can turn that around before June arrives.  I did have someone there ask me about a catalog.  And I'm still tossing the idea around in my head.  I've tried to do them before, but the thing about catalogs - is they are usually for items that can be copied and/or mass produced.  My work is one of a kind - and spread out from here to the north end of town and back. I would hate for someone to see something they want, only to find it already sold or committed to another location. Ideally, that was what my website was supposed to for.  But since the PayPal part has never gotten up and running (partially my fault) - I haven't really used it to it's full potential.  And I feel it would, just as Etsy has - keep me from offering the pieces at other venues.  There are some pieces that I currently have on Etsy that ARE coming off before I start summer shows - because I feel that the customers here should have the opportunity to see and purchase them.  And since Etsy sucks - well, that's what I'm doin'.  I'm sorry if I'm offending Etsy lovers with that statement - but it's not been a money maker or good marketing tool for me-despite all the work and commitment I put into it.  I STILL say Etsy is only for cliquey friends of friends of friends - it's who you know that will get you noticed and bought from.  The rest is just buried, or worse yet -stolen from as far as ideas and patterns.  I know I'm not alone in my thought about this - and I know I've written about it here in my blog before, so I'll shut up now. 
Besides - my chocolate chocolate chip muffins and my hazelnut creme coffee are done. 
Peaceful beading Monday, everyone...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wakin' up in Antarctica

It sure feels like we did anyway.  40 degree difference in temps from Thursday - when it was 84, humid and I was trying to get comfortable and cool enough to sleep.  Today - I don't think it got out of the 40's.  Way too cold to flower shop as we had originally planned, that's for sure.  In fact - had to flip the heat back on.  I was just entirely too cold.  And as soon as I'm done with this babbly little blog - I'm off to find some thick wool socks, and climb back under my pile of quilts.  Somebody remind about this day when I'm complaining about the heat.  My god, man, the heat.  I could use a little right now.  Maybe, just maybe since it IS our anniversary after all, I can get my hubby to snuggle.  (We usually require our own comfy spaces when vegging). 
Anyway - when we returned from our anniversary dinner, and before my fingers got too cold, I managed to finish yet another creation which I will photograph tomorrow, probably.  "Sweetness and Light".  Pink.  Flowery.  Pretty. 

A new week

Sorry it took me an entire week to reblog.  It really was a beautiful, albeit busy week.  Something going on almost every day (but Wednesday was sweet design heaven) and LOTS of time spent outside in the springtime warmth.  Alas - it's back to springtime wet and cold again - just in time for our wedding anniversary today.  It seems it's been that way the last couple years.  Which kind of bums me out, because we TRIED to start a tradition of enjoying the day visiting my favorite garden nurseries, strolling through the perennial gardens, gaining insight into what grows in shady, clay based Michigan gardens, and getting some unique and unusual garden growers as my anniversary gift.  Unfortunately for me-it has just been too rainy and nasty the last few years. And double whammy - it's on a Sunday this year - I think there's only one of the major nurseries open on Sundays around here, anyway.  So I am hoping it will be nice enough to maybe go one day during the week next week (I've cleared all but one day from my schedule.  I NEEDED it).  So today will probably be more like any other Sunday - I'll make breakfast (but I'll let him choose what he wants), we'll do chores like dishes and laundry - but we WILL be going out for dinner.  We have some nice restaurants around town - probably won't travel very far.  Plus - a couple places we keep talking about trying for our special day just aren't open on Sundays either.  So happy 29th!  Same old, same old - just like we like it. 
As I mentioned - I had a GREAT design day on Wednesday (and a little bit on Friday too). I hadn't realized the shear volume of designs until I started gathering pieces to photograph. WOW! I shelled out alot of jewelry last week! And I am particularly proud of this one: "A Drop of Grape".  The green leaves 'float' along the silver tubes on the sides. 

I surprise myself now and then - sometimes it takes weeks, months - forever it seems - for some designs to complete themselves (the poor Spring Garden fairy will probably be the 2012 Spring Garden fairy. lol). But this one just came together in nothing flat. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the silver ruffled bead 'cap'. I wore this one yesterday (I like to test drive some of the more detailed intricate pieces to see how they hold up and lay on the skin). PERFECT. No snags, scratches or loose ends. And bonus: I already had a bracelet and earrings done that matched it perfectly - so of course they'll be displayed together at the very first show of the summer. Whom I haven't gotten confirmation from yet. And it's less than a month away. If I haven't heard from them by beginning of next week, I believe a phone call will be in order.

So be prepared for more inspiration in the form of jewelry in the coming week. And oh, by the way - I start my volunteer work at The Lansing Art Gallery on the 24th! And then after that - I will probably be the First Sunday Gallery Walk volunteer. Those are a big deal here in town (ALL the galleries in a 40 mile radius take part) they are advertised in a big way, and bring in twice the clientele as a regular day. So many many possible contacts and customers to reach. BONUS! And since they're on Sunday - free parking. Even in the ramp. DOUBLE BONUS!
And so I leave you with another surprising but cool creation: "Snake Eyes" - note the clasp - and the pattern on the ovals - you get the idea....


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to all of YOU!

I myself, am not a mom.  Never really wanted to be a mom.  Unless you count the dog.  To him, I'm Mom.
But MY mom - and my mother in law?  Different stories.  Both raised 4 kids.  My mom as a stay at home mother that didn't drive, my mother in law raised 4 BOYS (5 if you count the almost daily babysitting of their cousin), and did most of that on her own while their dad worked long hours at GM.  I think ALL of us - my brothers and my husbands brothers (we have no sisters between us), turned out pretty well.  It was hard to not spend every Mother's Day with my mom once she moved to Florida.  Thank goodness for phones, Facebook and emails.  And we've pretty much tried to spend as many as we can with my mother in law - but, at almost 80 years old - we can't keep a good woman down!  Off she goes again, on another spur of the moment road trip, friends in tow.  She still does what she can (mows and tends her own lawn, climbs ladders, etc), as often as she can, and we don't deter her from any of it.  We are thankful she is still ABLE to do so many things at her age, and still remember doing them! 
My mom's a bit younger than my mother in law, and still has my dad to help her with things.  But she still manages to remember every birthday, every event, every important thing in the family.  And not just in the immediate kid/grandkid/greatgrandkid family.  My mom is the ROCK for everyone - all my aunts, uncles, cousins on both sides of the family.  If she can't be here for them, she's calling them, emailing them, keeping in touch with them as often as possible.  FAMILY is what my Mom is all about.  It's what keeps her ticking.
And she's finally be home to tick for summer in just 3 weeks.  I can hardly wait.  We spend a lot of time together, although not sure what we'll be doing together this year.  Over the last 4 years, she was my part time FREE summer labor at the bead shop - helping with tagging, inventory, stuff that needed to be done.
Now that I don't actually have a shop, and seem to have a handle on my little space in the bookstore, there probably won't be much for her to do in that regard.  But I'm sure we'll find something.  Maybe a few road trips, gas prices be damned, maybe just some river trail walks - but we'll have mother/daughter time, no doubt. 
And I also feel fortunate that I adore my mother in law.  I know that many women can't say that about the mother of the man they love.  And even better, my mom and she get along, too - so we do mother/mother/daughter things together often too.  Truly some of the best times of my life!
So Happy Mothers Day MOMS!  You are ALL the best!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Changes - again

In case you didn't notice, the photo on the right is new.  I made a few upgrades and changes to my Cool Beads at Coyote space, so I thought it might be nice to have a better photo too.  The changes are subtle - but the beadage is NOT!  (Just like the hair changes - subtle - but NOT!)   Much more to choose from - and hopefully even more once I can negotiate for more space.  I'm doing extreeeeeemely well there - and enjoying my time working there as well.  I may cut back just a tad on the in store availability time when I'm not scheduled to work, because all of a sudden - my summer is shot!  And since as of yesterday, I'm scheduled to work every other Saturday, and pretty much every Thursday - that will have to enough.  I ain't complainin.  I LOVE that my beads and jewelry are keeping me busy and prosperous - but I DO need my down (aka BEAD) time.
And then there's the change on top of the change:  starting next week, my husband will be working 2nd shift - 3pm to 11pm.  Big change for him - he's working graveyard (11pm to 7am) for about 15 years.  I am just grateful and have thanked Spirit repeatedly for allowing him to keep his job.  I know he was expecting to be laid off - and this will really mess with his schedule, but I think he will get used to it.  I'm making him a pros and cons list, so that he'll think about how this may actually be better for him - like MORE SLEEP.  And on a selfish note for ME - LESS COOKING.  I won't have to make dinner every night anymore, consequently costing less on groceries.  We may not see each other as much - but after being together for 29 years, I'm sure we can find some quality time to do things, and have more to talk about in the process.  One of the cons, however, was we'll be missing out on one of the things that we DID enjoy doing together - free outdoor blues music concerts.  I may still go with his mom once in a while, but it just won't be the same.  But he's WORKING - and that's the most important thing to me. 
Another selfish reason for me to think I'm going to like this new schedule - I won't feel guilty about spending my evenings with my bead group, OR starting the Book Club next month.  More ME time.  
Big changes in my life - and they all just keep getter better and better....there ain't nuthin' wrong with that!
Peaceful beading, everyone...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - barely

I just realized that I forgot to post my BTW photo! I usually do that right along with posting on the Flickr site, but with so many things to do today - well - it's still Wednesday, so here it is...

I have since added the seahorse, strung the necklace, and have started adding seed bead 'anemone' to the bottom beaded portion below the silver tubes on both sides. Looks really cute. I just cannot 'simply string' very much anymore - I either have to add seed beads, chain, charms, SOMETHING to make it unique.

Photo when done. Probably Friday.
On an added summer show note: I just found out that our big downtown City Market is going to start having "First Friday" Art Markets. I'm THERE! They are supposed to be sending me the details in the next few weeks. So between those, the other 6 shows, volunteering at the Art Gallery, keeping fresh jewelry at the Art Gallery, and keeping up with things at Coyote, not counting working THERE - I may be TOO busy. I need relaxation time this summer, especially since my deck and garden is quickly becoming the oasis I've always dreamed it would be. The tent went up today, the arch is in place. Next - mulch, flowers, chimes, lights, and ME.....
Peaceful beading,


Wow.  I have an ArtFire shop.  I've had it since 2009 - I think at the time I was sort of experimenting with selling on the internet, I was expanding my bead shop, doing more shows, and I somehow totally blanked on it.  I vaguely remember putting the items out there (and sadly - all three still exist, even after all this time).  So.  Now the question is - do I expand upon what is there and give it another go.  Etsy is totally NOT working for me, and I'm hearing things about them that lead me to believe they don't care about ethics or honesty - they're just in it to make those listing fees.
Hm.  Something to think about. And do I really want the extra work.   I've committed to SIX shows this summer - the once monthly Art Market that I did so-so at last year (glutton for punishment?  We shall see).  I'm also participating in an off shoot of THAT show called the Art WALK coming up in just a month.  And with the weather continuing to stay March like instead of May like, that means I could be in for disappointment.  Even though I got in early enough to get an indoor space, if it's cold and nasty no one's coming out, period.  Not only that, but my little space at Coyote is going gangbusters!  She gave me a HUGE check yesterday - it was as big as some I had had at the Schoolhouse space in the past.  I think she's excited, too, that I did so well during my first full month there.  And people ARE asking me for things - but, just as with the situation at the Schoolhouse, because I am not there every open hour of every day, it will be difficult to fulfill some of the requests.  Such as SINGLE beads.  I know many bead stores do it, but my case is a little different.  I try to sell shorter strands, sometimes splitting the 16" strands in half - or even thirds.   I don't know.  Gotta give that one a bit more thought....I also really, REALLY want more room.  Just a little bit.  In a corner.  Where I can LIGHT the rack.   I hope to be able to talk to her about that after the 90 day trial.  I think I proved my popularity in the first month, though!  Yowza!  And just in time, cuz momma needs some brand new clothes!
Be back later with Bead Table Wednesday.  But sadly - not much on it right now.  You can even see the table...~sigh~
Thanks for 'listening' to me babble.  I really should change the name of this blog to "Thinking Out Loud".  Because that's what it is, really.   Me putting my thoughts, and ideas, and the voices in my head at 3:30 am down in print.  And I appreciate that you made it to the end!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Crazy for Daisies

I had forgotten how much fun - and how versatile - those little seed bead daisies could be.  And then, after doing the top two, I got the idea to add and substitue polymer clay daisies for the real thing.  SO CUTE!  I got so carried away on the bottom one (purple and green) that it will be an ANKLE bracelet.  I may even have to make a second one, but only have about 10 of the purple daisies left.  As luck would have it though -I have an order for something else to send in anyway, and I can get the daises, as well as butterflies, and roses and just about everything else of the polymer persuasion  - from the same place.   And who knows what I'll find at the Rings N Things show here in town on Saturday.....

I made the committment today to do SIX summer shows - all of which will be dependent on the weather.
I'm staying positive, staying 'in the vortex' that all will be fun, people filled, beautiful and successful.  That's the only way I will allow myself to see them from this day sanity depends on it!
Peaceful beading everyone. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blank canvases....

Both inside and out.  Ready for new projects on both the bead table - and in the yard.
 I LOVE how the garden arbor/arch turned out.  It was getting pretty ratty looking and weather worn, and I didn't like where I had it positioned.  THIS is where it will now remain - and I hope to have 4 oclocks, or maybe another Clematis climbing it by summer's end.  Now all I need is redwood mulch, and flowers, flowers, and more flowers....
THIS is my blank canvas outdoors.  It will be filled with a 10x10 tent, patio set, plants, chimes and ME.
I've always wanted a pretty, romantic, shady outdoor living space - and will try hard not to NAG my husband to get it done for me.  I think it's going to look wonderful - and will allow me to sit, relax, eat, read and BEAD outdoors. 
THIS is going to be a great summer....
And in case you were wondering - the open house at Coyote Wisdom went wonderfully.  Many visitors, many "ooooh, yay, beads" comments, and some sales too.  I'll be rockin' the shopping mall this week! 
The new hairdo turned out well too, and I hope to have an updated profile photo here and on FB very soon.  I'm a little worried about the amount of purple highlight color that went down the drain after my shower tonight though - let's hope there's still some in my hair!
Peaceful beading everyone,