Friday, May 27, 2011

Great vintage!

As in vintage CRYSTALS.  I know I blogged about these a long time ago, but since I just brought the unsold ones home from the gallery, and Lisa Crone over on A Bead A Day is talking about Swarovski crystals, I thought I would reblog about them.
It's fairly easy to FIND vintage crystals.  Most antique shops will carry a few, and they'll probably be pretty inexpensive.  However - they probably don't envision them being used in quite this manner.  And when you add mostly seed beads and a few other sparkly Swarovski bicones, they really aren't as heavy as you would think.  Keep the top portion light - and watch the LIGHT bounce off your new vintage crystal inspired necklace.  The same look can easily be attained by substituting the vintage crystal for a genuine Swarovski one -
This is the Swarovski Navette focal - in Amethyst.    I got my vintage crystals at The Little Red Schoolhouse during the time I had my bead store booth there.  The last time I stopped by, they still had many available, in different shapes and sizes. 
Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope I'll have the time (and content) to blog about something this upcoming holiday weekend.  I have absolutely nothing on my calendar other than the arrival of my snowbird parents.  And I aim to keep it that way, since it is my LAST free weekend until our NEXT holiday - the 4th of July!
Peaceful beading,


Courtney Breul said...

I do love these necklaces!!!!!

coolmoon said...

Thanks Courtney - I sure wish my customers did. Maybe the art markets this summer!