Monday, May 2, 2011

Crazy for Daisies

I had forgotten how much fun - and how versatile - those little seed bead daisies could be.  And then, after doing the top two, I got the idea to add and substitue polymer clay daisies for the real thing.  SO CUTE!  I got so carried away on the bottom one (purple and green) that it will be an ANKLE bracelet.  I may even have to make a second one, but only have about 10 of the purple daisies left.  As luck would have it though -I have an order for something else to send in anyway, and I can get the daises, as well as butterflies, and roses and just about everything else of the polymer persuasion  - from the same place.   And who knows what I'll find at the Rings N Things show here in town on Saturday.....

I made the committment today to do SIX summer shows - all of which will be dependent on the weather.
I'm staying positive, staying 'in the vortex' that all will be fun, people filled, beautiful and successful.  That's the only way I will allow myself to see them from this day sanity depends on it!
Peaceful beading everyone. 

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