Monday, May 23, 2011

That old Black Magic

I had no idea that there really WERE black flowers.  I found these at Everlastings yesterday.  Along with some pretty Batwing Begonias, and cool, feathery Coleus.  These are named - appropriately - Black Magic Violas.  Voila! 
The midwest storms that caused so much sadness and devastation managed to bypass our area once again - just a thunderstorm with little lightning or wind.  I am thankful to Spirit this morning that we are all safe and sound - and pray to Spirit at the same time to bring comfort and swift care to those ravaged by her sister spirit, Mother Nature.
Looking forward to beading with the Judy group tonight.  That's MY official name for them, whether they 'get it' or not....(4 Judy's in a group of 10 beaders should simply not be overlooked).  I think I'm going to take my latest cab piece - still untitled - still unphotographed.  Beautiful autumn colored goddess piece.  Haven't done a face piece in awhile.    Still not quite sure most people around here appreciate the symbology.  I know I won't be wasting table space with them at the first of the 6 shows I'm doing this summer - in a little less than 3 weeks.  And I'm already ready.  I don't leave anything for last minute on purpose, and will probably 'layout' the inventory on the dining table this week just to see the flow.  Probably have way more than I can possibly display - but you just never know when you might sell so much that you need more inventory to compensate.  (It's never happened to me so far - but a girl can dream!)
Have a beautiful, peaceful beady Monday,

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