Monday, May 30, 2011

Stormy Weather

Yesterdays round of serious storms reminded me that I still haven't sold this bracelet - "Stormy Weather" chunky charm bracelet - available at Coyote Wisdom (or by contacting me) $45.00.  Pretty gray glass pearl nuggets (hail), freshwater branch pearls (lightning), small freshwater pearl strings (raindrops), and some nice deep purple Sugilite (stormy sky). 
We'll be making the trip out to Mason today to survey the damage, and take photos of my parents mobile home, which was quite damaged in the storm.  They still have no power, so having just arrived here from Florida HOURS before the storm hit, are still a bit dazed and confused.  Can't unpack, can't buy food, they are at this moment driving about looking for someplace to eat breakfast that also wasn't damaged or without power.  They may end up here, or at least in our little town.  We're all ok here.  Spared again.  Thank you Spirit....
Hope there's no storms where you day!

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